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  Your thoughts on the Middle East Extra
Updated 30 June 2004, 19.04
Violence in the Middle East
The Newsround team travelled to the Middle East to make a special programme about the issues there.

There has been conflict in the region for a very long time.

Newsround talked to the children who live there to find out more about their lives.

It was a very powerful programme.

Tell us how it made you feel.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI feel really sorry for the Palestinian children. I'm a Palestinian and I can't go to my homeland because of the warclosing quote
Wala, 14, Leeds

opening quoteI feel so sorry for the children suffering They should have a normal child's life-playing with friends and enjoying life, not suffering.closing quote
Kirsty, 14, Great Yarmouth

opening quoteImagine if we were those people, how would we feel? I feel really sorry for them, and I really hope things improve for them.closing quote
Jasmine, 11, London

opening quoteI think it is horrible what children around the world have to go through.closing quote
Amanda, 15, Taunton

opening quoteI feel SO sorry for the poor kids living there... closing quote
Jess, 13, London

opening quoteIt is so awful but as you said, the future depends on the next generation. So how can it be any better when the kids have been taught to hate and fight each other?closing quote
Jenny, 12, Stoke-on-Trent

opening quoteIt is awful what is happening in Israel. I hope one day things will be better and people will live in harmony.closing quote
Jamila, 15, Surrey

opening quoteI was horrified when I saw the show. The adults were too busy hurting each other to care that innocent children were being punished for following their religion. If the people from both sides could meet and discuss the problem sensibly things would be a lot better!closing quote
Erin, 11, Enfield

opening quoteI feel upset for all those innocent people who have to cope with it. I'm just glad I'm not one of them.closing quote
Josie, 13, Javea

opening quoteI feel so sorry for those poor children. It's upsetting to think that we don't act as grateful as we should be as we have a life like a king or queen compared to them.closing quote
Casey, 10, Kirkby

opening quoteI can't believe what those unfortunate kids have to go through, I didn't even know that things like that could happened in the Middle East. I just hope our Government will do more to resolve this issue!closing quote
Jade, 14, London

opening quoteLife must be so hard for those children. I'm grateful we live in a peaceful country.closing quote
Jo, 15, Berkshire

opening quoteWhat is happening in Israel is disgraceful. I'm a Jew, and I'm ashamed of both the Palestinians AND the Israelis. I can see that both parties find deep meaning in the country, but why they can't just live together in harmony, I don't know. Some day, I will be able to visit my family in Israel in peace and without fear, but until then, all we can do is pray. closing quote
Abigail, 13, Berkshire

opening quoteI hope that the road map would be settled. Thank you Newsround for showing us groundbreaking events dealing with issues :) . closing quote
Mel, 17, London

opening quoteI can not believe that some people just won't agree on something. When you really think about it is just like an argument in the playground.closing quote
Hannah, 10, Bristol

opening quoteIt's so good to finally see an unbiased report on the Israeli/Palestinian crisis. I felt so moved after this programme and motivated to do something. I really pray the politicians will get their act together and help those children.closing quote
Sam, 17, Birmingham

opening quoteI think it is stupid when each side says they hate each other. They only hate the people who cause the war. closing quote
Reemi, 13, Slough

opening quoteIt must be really hard for them, I'm grateful our wars are somewhere else.closing quote
Steph, 10, Birkenhead

opening quoteI think it is terrible what these innocent people have to deal with. I feel very strongly about these issues and I think there should be someone who can sort out these problems and stop this for all mankind.closing quote
Danielle, 13, Wolverhampton

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