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  Is your pet named after someone famous?
Updated 19 October 2004, 09.33
Cute doggie!
Newsround Press Packer Jamie adopted a puppy from the RSPCA and named him after his fave rugby player, Shane Drahm.

We want to know if you've named your pet after someone famous.

Maybe you've got a cat called Kylie, or a hamster called Orlando?!

Or do you think it's silly to name your pet after someone famous and prefer more usual animals names, like Spot?

Let us know how you came up with your pet's name!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteWe named my cat Sirius, in tribute to Harry Potter's godfather. It suits him because he is an all black cat!closing quote
Alison, 12, London

opening quoteMy dogs called Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We didn't name her because the breeders named the whole litter after Buffy already. We wanted Angel but he was already sold so we just chose Willow.closing quote
Toby, Lincoln

opening quoteMy two rats are named Pippin and Arwen because my sister and I are mad Lord of the Rings fans!closing quote
Tanya, 13, Orpington

opening quoteI have three goldfish called Billy-Joe, Mike and Tre, after all the members of Green Day!closing quote
Sarah, 14, Exeter

opening quoteI called my cat Daisy after Daisy from S Club 8 and the name suits her cute little innocent face. She's so cute.closing quote
Nicola, 14, West Midlands

opening quoteMy cats are called Merry and Pippin. We named them after the characters in Lord of the Rings.closing quote
Ruadhan, 11, Gravesend

opening quoteMy fish is called Lenny, he wasn't supposed to be named after Lenny Henry but some people call him that!closing quote
Maddie, 12, Lincoln

opening quoteNo - my cats are called Dinky and Smudge! I don't think celebrity names would suit them.closing quote
Rachel, 12, West Sussex

opening quoteI have a black Labrador called Phoenix after Joaquin Phoenix cos I think he's a great actor. closing quote
Mireille, 13, Reading

opening quoteI have two cats and one dog but my dog is extra special because he looks like the twin of Scooby-Doo so I called him Scooby-Doo. closing quote
Lauren, 12, Northampton

opening quoteOur cats are called Felix, Arthur and Merlin, our dog is named Harvey and my sisters hamster is called Houdini but my old hamster was called Tigger, my new one is Candy. We have never named our pets after someone like Kylie or Britney. Besides, if you grow out of that person you might try to change the name or worse. closing quote
Kirstie, 10, Hastings

opening quoteHey, my cat's called Orlando! Sad, I know, but we all call him Olly so it's ok I guess. We got him just after Pirates of the Caribbean came out so I was little Orlando obsessed at the time!closing quote
Vikki, 15, Ipswich

opening quoteMy fish are called Speckle and Speedy. I was going to call them Britney and Christina but I changed my mind they are my fish and I don't want to be reminded of celebs all the time!closing quote
Leanne, 12, Coventry

opening quoteI've got a pet dog called Ronaldo because I'm just mad on him. And we also have 4 gold fish called Snape, Malfoy, Siruis and my favourite called Lizo!closing quote
Shelly, 14, Spain

opening quoteI have a hamster called Ruudy. I named her after Ruud van Nistelrooy.closing quote
Laura, 14, Gosport

opening quoteMy cat's named after Simba in the Lion King! It means 'lion' in African.closing quote
Maha, 13, Islamabad

opening quoteMy dog's name is Orlando. We named it that cos Orlando's stray dog that he found in Morocco looks just like him.closing quote
Becky, 13, Reading

opening quoteNo! I don't have anything against naming pets after famous people, it's just I prefer original names. My family's puppy is called Dotty because of the spot on her back and on her tail. My friend has a dog called Griffy and a cat called Tickles. They are all original and that is what is best about names I think.closing quote
Tilly, 11, Bexhill-on-Sea

opening quoteWe called our Guinea-pig Wizzo after Kelly Holmes won the gold medals in this years Olympics. All my friends think it's really cool.closing quote
Kayte, 14, Swansea

opening quoteMy two cats are called Zig and Zag! I don't think they were named after those puppets from The Big Breakfast show but we just so happened to call them the same cos we liked them!closing quote
Louise, 14, Woking

opening quoteMy dog is called Ozzy, after Ozzy Osbourne because he is so crazy.closing quote
Theo, 13, Leeds

opening quoteMy cat's called Ginger because that's what colour he is. We were going to call him Garfield, who's kind of famous, but it didn't suit him.closing quote
Adam, 10, London

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