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  Do endangered animals need more help?
Updated 27 May 2004, 18.46
Black rhinos are endangered
Black rhinos are an endangered animal species - should we be doing more to protect animals like this?

If you think we should, what do we need to do?

Do we need to breed more animals in captivity then release them into the wild?

Or should we introduce more global bans on hunting more animals?

Or are we trying to solve the problem too late?

E-mail us now with your ideas!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI think endangered animals need more help because there are lots of hunters who kill animals so there is less population.closing quote
Mandy, 13, Manchester

opening quoteAnimals have just as much right as we do, and although animals get killed for meat, we should do EVERYTHING we can to save endangered animals.closing quote
Sophie, 10, Henley

opening quoteI think the world needs to realise that without our help and awareness these animals WILL be lost forever. We don't help these animals out of pity, it is our responsibility. We need to put a stop to poachers and illegal trade!closing quote
Emma, 15, Belfast

opening quoteI think we should do more to help endangered species. They are all being wiped out because of us.closing quote
Zoe, 12, Skipton

opening quoteI think the government is too busy thinking about him and the human beings. He should help the animals by setting campaigns for people to breed them in captivity and then set them free and also ban completely the hunting of these animals and all the ones in the world. I think the government thinks that they have to kill animals so there population goes down, but what if the animals start to kill us!closing quote
Cristina, 12, Spain

opening quoteI think they do. It's just not fair the government are not really protecting them. I also agree with Sophia and Adam, they should help endangered animals.closing quote
Sandi, 11, Leicester

opening quoteYes they should help the endangered animals, because how would you like it, being extinct?closing quote
Holly, 13, Dartford

opening quoteI think that animals are gradually disappearing and that they all might be extinct. So please help these poor animals!closing quote
Lindsey, 10, Shrewsbury

opening quoteEndangered animals do need our help because who else will help them? We're the most powerful animals on this planet!!!!closing quote
Jenny, 14, Bristol

opening quoteI think the government should have much harsher punishments to anyone killing endangered animals. They should breed more animals in captivity, and let them mate with animals in the wild and set the babies free.closing quote
Kayley, 13, Essex

opening quoteI think that the rhinos need to be taken care of better because in years to come our children won't know what a rhino is!!!! They deserve a better life and I think they need to be bred in captivity for a while then start letting them back into the wild. I also think that poachers are horrible nasty people!closing quote
Lisa, 14, Solihull

opening quoteI think that people are mainly hurting animals because they do not know of the damage that these actions can cause. In my opinion, an educational campaign would be the first step towards action.closing quote
Alexandra, 14, USA

opening quoteI think there should definitely be more done to help endangered species. Look how many spectacular creatures we've lost in the past for whatever reasons. If we keep going the way we are with rhinos, turtles, any other endangered animal then we'll soon be the only things on the planet and other generations won't be able to see the fantastic wildlife around us. It is selfish how we take these beautiful creatures for granted in our worldclosing quote
Ruth, 14, Burton on Trent

opening quoteI think it should b banned completely. If the government don't do anything then all that will be left in the world could be your pets at home.closing quote
Carinne, 13, Merseyside

opening quoteI think poachers should leave animals alone even if they make money. It should be stopped by governments. closing quote
Elise, 13, Bedworth

opening quoteYes! They need help NOW! I can't believe the government is barely doing anything to help!closing quote
Lucy, 11 Ashford

opening quoteI feel so sad when I see innocent animals getting hurt or even killed. Some people think that just 'cos there not humans they don't have any feelings. Well they do! The UK should breed more endangered animals. They deserve to live.closing quote
Anna, 12, Manchester

opening quoteI think we should build animal homes for the wild that are endangered. They would be like safari parks, only they are not zoos and are animal homes. The tigers, pandas and rhinos really need to be looked after!closing quote
Elycia, 12, Stevenage

opening quoteEndangered animals do need more help because species like the tiger are wiping out quickly and may become extinct. More action needs to be taken to help save these poor animals!closing quote
Zoe, 13, Dundee

opening quoteI think they need much more help. No one seems to care about them now a days!closing quote
Leona, 11, Macduff

opening quoteI think we are solving the problem too late and people need to stop cutting down rainforests and ruining savannahs in Africa. Global bans should be introduced.closing quote
Jill, 13, Worcester

opening quoteI think hunting the rhinos is horrid and it should be illegal ,I think they are so cute!closing quote
Stacey, 14, Newcastle

opening quoteI agree with Sophia. But I feel strongly that instead of spending money on weapons and things more should be used to help endangered animals.closing quote
Adam, 12, Stoke-on-Trent

opening quoteI think the UK should breed more endangered animals in the UK then re-home them where they originally came from.closing quote
Sophia, 12, St Ives

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