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  Do you have an unusual name?
Updated 05 October 2004, 18.30
Brooklyn and Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham with Brooklyn

A woman in Sweden has been banned from calling her son Superman, because officials thought the boy would be bullied later in life.

Do you have an unusual name?

Are you ashamed of it? Do you get teased about it?

Or are you proud to have an out-of-the-ordinary name?

What's the most bizarre name you've come across?

Let us know!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI like my name a bit but it really annoys me when people call me posh just because my name is Victoria.closing quote
Vicky, 11, England

opening quoteMy second middle name is Mayall, which is pronounced; male. Some of my friends laugh at it, so I only use my first one!closing quote
Peter, 13, Cambridge

opening quoteMy name is Katyre, and I haven't met anyone else with the same name! I think it is a Latvian version of Kate! I think it's really cool.closing quote
Katyre, 14, Cardiff

opening quoteLoads of people I know can only just spell my name! Which is irritating when you say "my name is Yvette" and they spell it E-vet! I kind of like my name! It's different and it's French!!!closing quote
Yvette, 12, West Midlands

opening quoteMy sisters are called Normandia and Fairy!closing quote
Natalie, 14, Manchester

opening quoteI don't think my name is that unusual, it's Irish for fair shoulder and that's a sign of beauty - go mum for naming me that!!!!! My twin's name is Niamh, pronounced neeve and it means saint in Irish, she was misnamed!! Only jokingclosing quote
Nuala, 14, Northern Ireland

opening quoteI like my name even though it is quite unusual. It fits my personality and it's unique.closing quote
Stormy, 13, Oxford

opening quoteKelai just speaks for itself!closing quote
Kelai, 10, Shropshire

opening quoteI have quite an unusual name, it's Xenia and my middle name is Fleur, but that one isn't so strange. I have only ever seen one girl with my name Xenia and that was on a NR story.closing quote
Xenia, 11, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI think my name is a bit unusual. It's never pronounced properly. It's supposed to be My-All-E but I get everything from May-Lee to Melly. I love it though, I would never change it.closing quote
Maeli, 15, Manchester

opening quoteI love unusual names sooo much. I'd love to have been given one. If I have two girls as children when I grow up, I fully intend on calling them Liberty and Sahara. I don't like to blend in and love names that are original like me. Shame about my name though (no offence to other Claires!)closing quote
Claire, 14, Cheshire

opening quoteMy name means luminous in Arabic. I'm actually really proud of it! closing quote
Nowrin , 10, Nottingham

opening quoteMy name is Sky. I guess that is pretty unusual but I also know someone called Rainbow. closing quote
Sky, 12, Birmingham

opening quoteMy mom thinks it's cute but I know someone with a dog called that. closing quote
Tigerlily, 12, Canada

opening quoteMy name is quite unusual -Clementine Lavinia! closing quote
Clemmie, 12, Chalfont

opening quoteMy name isn't traditional, it's just something my parents made up, but I quite like it even if it sounds strange to most people. closing quote
Semanrish, 13, London

opening quoteMy name is a Persian name and I am proud of it. It has a special meaning as it means unique and only one. closing quote
Yeganeh, 15, London

opening quoteMy name is Bushra Merenikey Saraya Rudahma Ul'khan-hussa - I like it but not many people can say it. It's Arabic. closing quote
Bushra, 13, London

opening quoteI think I've got a unusual name but I like it. My names Xanadu and my best mates jus call me X.Z. I LIKE my name cause it suits my personality. closing quote
Xanadu, 15, Sheffield

opening quoteMy name isn't really weird but lots of people don't get it right. It is Sian but when I got to the hospital or we have a new teacher, they sometimes call me Si-anne or Sean - I'm like, no it's SIAN. Sian is welsh for Jane. closing quote
Sian, 13, Northern Ireland

opening quoteEveryone I know thinks Wolf is a cool name. Outta-dis-world names rock! closing quote
Wolf, 15, Harrogate

opening quoteI I am named after a character from the Chronicles of Narnia. I don't really care cos everyone calls me Casp. closing quote
Caspian, 13, London

opening quoteMy name is Nastasja. Sometimes people call me Natasha or Anastasia but at school everyone calls me Nastasha. My friends call me Nasty when they want to annoy me!closing quote
Nastasja, 15, Malmö, Sweden

opening quoteMy name is of Russian origin, but even there that name is rare!closing quote
Taisia, 12, Naperville

opening quoteI'm Imogen and my sister is called India, I suppose hers is a bit more unusual. I think different names are cool, they make you individual. My friend is called Sarah and there are loads of Sarah's at my school, so she gets really annoyed when someone calls her, but are really talking to someone else! :( closing quote
Imogen, 15, Nottingham

opening quoteMine is a strange name as no one in my school has got the same name. Taymar is a river so it's quite a cool name. I do not like the name that much though as it has the word mar in and makes me sound old. I am called Tay which sounds much better.closing quote
Taymar, 13, Portsmouth

opening quoteAlmost ALL the time when someone asks me my name they can't pronounce it properly, I can't shorten my name so my friends have to call me by my full name. My name is has quite a nice meaning, it either means silk or happiness and joy. Everybody, even some of the teachers know I'm from different country from my name. I'm not a ashamed of it but sometimes people have a laugh at it which is quite irritating. But Rudaina is a very rare name, I sometimes think I'm the only Rudaina in the country.closing quote
Rudaina, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteI suppose that Taryn is a bit unusual, and one of my middle names (Devon) is uncommon as well, but my other middle name is Elizabeth and that's normal.closing quote
Taryn, 15, Oxford

opening quoteMy name is Orla. It's gaelic for Golden Lady. Majorly embarrassing, I know!!!closing quote
Orla, 10, London

opening quoteNo-one can seem to pronounce my name which is a bit annoying, so I'm just Fi to everyone, much easier!closing quote
Ffion, 15, Norwich

opening quoteA boy in my class is called Boniface Dumasami, but we just call him Boni.closing quote
Michelle, 13, Huddersfield

opening quotePeople always think my name's strange because it's not common. I don't like it either!closing quote
Yvette, 15, Kent

opening quoteMy first name is Yolande, and I don't mind it. My friends call me Yolle.closing quote
Yolande, 12, Norwich

opening quoteMy name is pretty normal but I know a girl named Montana California, and my best friend's name is Louisiana Virginia.closing quote
Alexa, 13, US

opening quoteMy name is Klyonne Whannica Mari Vicentina Dela if that isn't unusual I don't know what is...closing quote
Klyonne, 13, Philippines

opening quoteMy middle names are a bit out of the ordinary - they're Lerwin Baldwin!closing quote
Alex, 13, Cardiff

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