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  Is no more king-size chocolate a good thing?
Updated 30 September 2004, 11.10
What do you think about no more king size chocolate bars?
Some food companies are thinking about withdrawing their king-size chocolate bars in a bid to tackle the problem of obesity.

But do you think getting rid of bigger portions will make much difference?

Do you think it could mean people just end up buying two chocolate bars instead?

Or do you think that it would help as people would eat less if the option of a king-size isn't there?

Whatever you think, e-mail us let us know.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteWhat's the point. If we get rid of king size then they will get rid of small and soon we won't have any chocolate left. We do need to have some junk food!!!!!closing quote
Sharron, 10, Bolton

opening quoteNo more king sized chocolate bars nnnnnnnnnooooooooooo!!!!! They are the only thing that cheers me up when I am feeling really depressed! Bring back the Kingsizeclosing quote
Leanne, 14, N Ireland

opening quoteI think it's a good idea because when I eat them I feel sickish.closing quote
Amelia, 10, Salisbury

opening quoteI think it's a really good idea, with so many obese kids nowadays, every little bit helps.closing quote
Florence, 11, Rugby

opening quoteWell, this is a 50/50 answer it might help with the problem with obesity! But then again people would feel like they have to buy 2 normal size chocolate bars to make up for king size!! In my opinion I think they shouldn't have brought in King size!!closing quote
Louise, 12, Ireland

opening quoteBleh! People shouldn't want so many sweets! Sweets just cause cavities and health problems. If you really want some candy get something small or have some fruit.closing quote
Micki, 12, USA

opening quoteThere isn't any points of getting rid of king size chocolate bars, in my opinion. People would just buy two of three small ones to just make up for it!closing quote
Hannah, 13, West Yorkshire

opening quoteWe love choclate, and getting rid of the king size is the most pointless thing we have ever heard of. People will just buy two bars now instead of one, which, in grams, is more than one king size, and more expensive. It's all so chocolate makers can make more money! BRING BACK THE KINGSIZE.closing quote
Kat and Kate, 15, Newcastle

opening quotePeople would just buy two-three chocolate bars instead of a king size bar. Companies do this to give a good impression, not to solve problems. No-one has the right to take food away from us and it won''t work anyway. Besides, two smaller chocolate bars will add up to around the same price as a king size, so I don't see the point.closing quote
Sophie, 12, Wales

opening quoteI don't really see the point in banning king size chocolate bars.People will just spend even more on two chocolate bars instead of one, and they have two wrappers when they've finished, which they might just drop onto the floor, which doesn't help the environment! closing quote
Natasha, 12, Liverpool

opening quoteIf you wanted, you could just buy two normal bars instead.closing quote
Rachel, 11, Edinburgh

opening quoteI think that they should be banned because why should they make things bigger, is normal size not big enough that they have to stuff their faces with more?closing quote
Nik, 13, Manchester

opening quoteWhy would they ban king-sized chocolate bars? Instead people would simply buy two small ones. It wouldn't help with the obesity problem either.closing quote
Thidarat, 13, Hastings

opening quoteIt's just a way of making more chocolate sound like less. Although it might sound like more with the king-size later, on you could say I had a chocolate bar even if it was equivalent to two. It doesn't make you feel as guilty. They are a bit excessive and you should get rid of them. No one needs that much.closing quote
Harriet, 13, Suffolk

opening quoteI don't think they should get rid of them. Personally I never buy them because I don't want to get fat. People who are obese and want to loose weight should just not buy chocolate. People's personal issues shouldn't affect the rest of the population.closing quote
Emma, 14, Canada

opening quoteTough question. But, if you take advantage of the treat that is huge chocolate bars, then obese children and adults will increase. But, for the people that exercise and eat sensibly - treat yourself to one!!closing quote
Lou, 11, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI like king-size chocolate bars even though I don't eat them very often. I think king-size bars should just be made more expensive so hopefully people won't buy them as much!!closing quote
Kirsty, 12, Falkirk

opening quoteIt would not make a difference if you get rid of king-sized chocolate bars, people would just buy more which will cause them to have more!closing quote
Caroline, 12, London

opening quotePeople could buy multi-packs of chocolate bars, or buy a huge bar. Getting rid of the king-size will not make a difference, people who really want more chocolate will buy more, it's like an addiction.closing quote
Jess, 14, London

opening quoteI think that having king-size bars is a stupid and greedy idea. It encourages people to eat more and it looks really greedy. I can't see why people can't just be happy with the normal size.closing quote
Briony, 13, Portsmouth

opening quoteIf king-size aren't available, people would buy 2 smaller ones and there'll be more litter as its 2 packets instead of 1.closing quote
Nancy, 13, Cambridge

opening quoteYeah, I think people would buy some more chocolates instead of the king-size bars. But the thing is, they would pay even more.closing quote
Hamza, 11, Dubai

opening quotePeople shouldn't blame king-size snacks for being overweight, they should blame their lack of self-control and lack of will power to get fit and lose weight!!closing quote
Lacy-ann, 14, London

opening quoteWell I think it is a very good idea because when I go into a shop I will buy the king-size chocolate instead of the little one because it is cheaper which is the problem for my obesity. It will help me lose weight!closing quote
Hajra, 15, Leicester

opening quoteI agree with Jack, people will just buy two instead of one massive one!closing quote
Ross, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteI normally buy king-size chocolate when I have a sleepover because I will look even greedier buying three bars! King-size's shouldn't be stopped because sometimes I have a bar of chocolate and sometimes have a second, but king-size's don't make me feel greedy.closing quote
Adeola, 13, Mitcham

opening quoteIf people buy king-size chocolate they will make more of it. People are greedy, everyone wants bigger and better, now we have it we're told it's bad.closing quote
John, 11, Cambridge

opening quoteTHEY SHOULD NOT CUT DOWN ON KING-SIZE! Just 'cuz some silly people don't exercise, their eating habits doesn't mean we should all suffer.closing quote
Kavita, 13, London

opening quoteMaybe...and maybe not, but I think that if people don't see a king-size chocolate in sight they may just decide to pick up two-three normal sized bars, some may just get one due to the amount they may have to pay, but some will just increase the amount of bars they buy. So maybe we should just make "low fat" chocolates!closing quote
Kalsoom, 13, London

opening quoteI don't think getting rid of bigger portions will make much of a difference but I suppose it's a good start and people may start eating more healthily soon.closing quote
Helen, 12, Isle of Wight

opening quoteNo, people will keep buying normal chocolate bars instead of king-sized ones, chocolate is too addictive.closing quote
Chris, 12, Belfast

opening quoteYeah, I think it is a good idea to ban them. One chocolate bar is enough for you if you eat them often and people who eat king-size bars often are putting their health at risk.closing quote
Chloe, 11, Lisburn

opening quoteWhat's the point in that? If king-sized chocolate bars are not available, then people can still eat two or three chocolate bars. It's not the heath people's choice, its the people's. The health people have no right in trying to change what people eat, because they have nothing to do with it.closing quote
Hannan, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteYeah as people would feel greedier buying two chocolate bars and so would have one normal size, instead of a king-size.closing quote
Jack, 10, Lincoln

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