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  Are you a text addict?
Updated 06 May 2004, 19.03
James Trusler has become the world's fastest texter after entering a complicated sentence into his phone at lightening speed.

James reckons he sends more than 100 texts a day - so we want to know if you're a text addict.

Could you not last a day without sending one? And do you hardly use your phone to talk anymore?

Maybe your thumbs hurt from texting so much?!

E-mail us if you're a text addict and tell us your story.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI can't control myself! When I have credit I'm txting like, ALL the time. But then stupid me ends up with absolutely no credit for me to call my mum when the bus doesn't turn up!closing quote
Kate, 13, Aylesbury

opening quoteAll my friends are text addicts, but I don't get the catch!! I have a phone and hardly use it. I think texts are a waste of time. Why take a long time to write out a message and wait ages for it to be answered? Just quickly phone them and get over with it!!closing quote
Hannan, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteI can't believe this! I send about 0-3 a day. Normally 0.closing quote
Jemma, 12, Purley

opening quoteI hardly ever use my phone for texting. Even though I've only just got my phone, I don't see the need to send 10 a day, that's just a waste!closing quote
James, 13, Chesham

opening quoteI think I am. As soon as I get started then I can't stop. I don't know how much I send a day.closing quote
Jenny, 14, Bristol

opening quoteI just got a new phone so I never leave it alone! I send about 10 text messages an hour.closing quote
Amy, 10, Leuchars

opening quoteI think that texting is bad because people write things the short way like waz and end up spelling things the wrong way in lessons like English. closing quote
Sophie, 12, Northamptonshire

opening quoteI only use my mobile to text hehehe...only use it to ring for emergencies when I REALLY HAVE TO... I send approximately 20-25 texts a day. I got a text package so I don't need to worry about the cost until AFTER I go over my limit!!closing quote
Shabnam, 14, Preston

opening quoteNot really, I once lost my phone for a month and I wasn't really bothered.closing quote
Karen, 13, Sutton

opening quoteI decided to go on contract because I was using up so much money on texting! I send about 4 a day, which I suppose isn't that much - it's just so much easier than phoning!closing quote
Amy, 15, Winchester

opening quoteI send so many a day!!! I rinse my free txts in days. I'm really fast at typing but not faster than my mate Krish!!! I would be lost without my phone - it's my favourite way of communicating with other people.closing quote
Sukhvir, 15, Leicester

opening quoteI love texting I think it's way better than phoning and I'm always texting friends and family but I'm not an addict I would send roughly about 5 texts a day depends on who I'm talking to. I'm not as bad as my friend - she wasted 50 on her phone in 2 days once.closing quote
Margaret, 13, Belfast

opening quoteI send about 20 a day.closing quote
Louise, 12, Wain

opening quoteOn some days I send 5 texts, but that's only because I have a text package. I don't use my mob much- I probably wouldn't even notice if I didn't have it. But it does mean my parents let me go out more!closing quote
Jess, 15, Newton Abbott

opening quoteUsually I send between 20-30 texts a day but when I get down to about 1 credit I try not to use my phone so much...just emergencies.closing quote
Naz, 14, Preston

opening quoteI send about 10 texts a day. I don't think that's loads, but if I was without my phone for one day I'd probably go spare! closing quote
Danni, 13, Kent

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