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  Do you have an exam lucky charm?
Updated 06 May 2004, 18.08
With SATs starting this week and loads of other exams looming around the corner, some of you may get a bit stressed.

We want to know if you have a lucky charm you take into exams with you for that extra bit of good luck.

Do you have a special teddy that sits on your desk? Or maybe you bring in some other charm with you?

And do they work?

E-mail and let us know what lucky charms you use.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteWho needs luck when you have nails. I mean if you bite them it gives you all the stuff you need to be successful in exams. It worked for me in KS2 SATS.closing quote
James, 12, Richmond

opening quoteI use a lucky pen and wear a lucky sweatband. As far as I'm concerned, it really helps and boosts my confidence.closing quote
TK, 14, Woking

opening quoteI'm doing my SATs and I have a little smooth purple amethyst stone which I hold in my hand. It makes me relax into the questions.closing quote
Katie, 14, Shropshire

opening quoteWhen I had my SATS I had a lucky charm because it made me feel better because it reminder me of the good times and always brings me luck.closing quote
Zoe, 12, Leatherhead

opening quoteI wear my lucky necklace and pants in exams. So far I've have been really lucky with results so maybe they work!closing quote
Amy, 11, Beith

opening quoteIt sounds really gross but.... I have a pair of lucky knickers that I wear when I want luck, the gross part is I haven't ever washed them!closing quote
Emily-Jane, 14, Berkshire

opening quoteMy friend Jo sent me this little guitar shaped leather charm with good luck inside a horse shoe and on the back it says it was made in 1918!closing quote
Amy, 13, Pontypridd

opening quoteI have a pair of keyrings - one a clover {four leaves}, the other a cat.closing quote
Chelsea, 12, Coventry

opening quoteI don't go to an exam relying on luck-I do all the revision I can and hope I've worked hard enough! Although I do carry a big lump of blu tac which I've had for over 4 years! I find it a comfort for stressful times!!closing quote
Ryan, 15, Enniskillen

opening quoteI have a little toy that my mum made when she was younger! I bring him out of habit really, and I just try my best. What happens in the exam only you can change! Good luck everyone in the rest of the SATS!closing quote
Reggie, 13, Wimbledon

opening quotewell this is stupid but, during the whole exam, I keep a small picture of my fave Man Utd footballer (Cristiano Ronaldo) tucked in my hand...I know that won't bring me any luck (good or bad) but his pic just gives me confidence.closing quote
Jess, 13, London

opening quoteI bring in a key chain with a rabbit's foot on the end. My dad brought it in to his tests when he was younger too!closing quote
Saskia, 10, Stockport

opening quoteHolding a certain object isn't going to make you any cleverer.closing quote
Mena, 12, Edinburgh

opening quoteI have a lucky mascot, well it's a keyring, but I use it every year during my exams. When I am stuck on a question I squeeze it and I suddenly know the answer! Is it my mascot who helps me or is it my brain?!closing quote
Harriet, 10, London

opening quoteI have a lucky necklace. I got it given to me on my third birthday and I have worn it for everything that I needed luck in. I think that it must work because I've always got the highest mark in every test that I've ever done!closing quote
Arianna, 14, Reading

opening quoteI have a lucky pencil. It's red blue and green. I used them while doing my maths test and my English one. And I've passed them both while using it! So far so lucky! :)closing quote
Leona, 11, Macduff

opening quoteI have a lucky Lord of the Rings Evenstar necklace. It's worked for me so far, so fingers crossed for the year 8 exams.closing quote
Lorna, 12, Waterlooville

opening quoteDon't believe in luck really I just revise and hope it's paid off.closing quote
Jaz, 13, Kent

opening quoteI have a lucky necklace that my great gran gave me before she died. I don't think it really works but I wear it to all of my exams because it's almost like she's there helping me sometimes.closing quote
Rachel, 14, Preston

opening quoteI just have some lucky words written on a piece of paper in Arabic...My friend tried it and she said it works. So I believe her...It's just that I have to memorise it because then the teachers would think I'm cheating.closing quote
Alisha, 13, Leicester

opening quoteLoads of people I know have lucky necklaces, or teddies, but I don't have anything. I prefer to think that I make my own luck. closing quote
Lily, 14, London

opening quoteI have a lucky teddy which I keep attached to my bag on a keyring (it's only small) so if I get stressed I can look at it and feel just a tiny bit better.closing quote
Ruth, 14, Burton-on-Trent

opening quoteI always bring my tiny lucky model goat. It always brings me good luck!!closing quote
Lizzy, Blackpool

opening quoteI have a lucky necklace...I got told off for wearing it today though and had to take it off...I ended up doing rubbish today!closing quote
Ashlie, 13, Atherton

opening quoteNo I don't have anything! Oh well the SATS seem to be going ok-ish...!closing quote
Becky, 14, Kent

opening quoteI used to have a lucky everything. A lucky plate, a lucky pen, a lucky t-shirt, a lucky bracelet. None of them worked, so I decided to quit!!!closing quote
Hannan, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteLots of people at my school have lucky teddies and things like that but we're not allowed to take them into exams because teachers are worried we can use them to cheat.closing quote
Rosie, 14, Didcot

opening quoteI have a lucky pair of red socks I wear to every exam and use a lucky pen. I don't know what I'll do when it runs out!closing quote
Lee, 14, Harrogate

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