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  Do you care about enlarging the EU?
Updated 05 May 2004, 17.35
Poland is a new country to joint he EU
Ten new countries joined the European Union on 1 May.

Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia now join the 15 old members.

But do you care about the enlargement of the EU?

Do you think it affects you at all? And if it does, what does it mean to you?

Email and tell us your view.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI do care about the EU because it's what England is part of.closing quote
Thomas, 10, Gatley

opening quoteI don't think that they should enlarge the EU because people like it the way it is.closing quote
Mark, 11, Edinburgh

opening quoteThe enlargement of the EU is a good thing for the countries joining who have unfair laws and have to agree to the new EU laws.closing quote
Anthony, 14, Hertfordshire

opening quoteI don't mind as long as it does not effect my everyday life, many people would complain if it did.closing quote
Adam, 13, Southam

opening quoteI've known about it for about 2 years. I think it's good for the new countries, but I hope the EU leaders remember to keep their countries' customs and culture intact.closing quote
Claire, 15, Ireland

opening quoteI think it was done to create a unity within the countries but seeing as different countries have different amounts of money and different views on legal rights, it seems fairly pointless.closing quote
Danielle, 14, Reading

opening quoteI think foreign languages will be more important, and more people will be able to speak them. I think that would be great!! I hope they will become very close and help each other out loads. closing quote
Hannan, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteIt doesn't affect me and I don't care. But people like Brid from Dublin, Katie from Stoke-on-trent, Elisabet from Estonia, Alex from Estonia and Danielle from Stoke-on-Trent think it will be good. Brid thinks that it will benefit people which is good and Danielle thinks the same, so all I can say is go for it!closing quote
Sumaiyah, 12, Leicester

opening quoteIf not for seeing about it on NR, and one thing in the paper, I honestly don't think I'd know! It hasn't affected me at all. I'm sure there'll be something about it in assembly on Monday, then we'll all forget about it.closing quote
Louise, 13, Banstead

opening quoteIt doesn't affect me, we don't really learn about it in school so I don't really care to be honestclosing quote
Karen, 13, Sutton

opening quoteI think it is good because we will have a relationship with more countriesclosing quote
Rosie, 9, Reading

opening quoteThe EU has done more damage to Newcastle than it has done to help. We used to be able to fish and make a living out of it, and now they're stopping that. The Spanish fisherman are taking all our fish and over fishing and thus endangering species, but the EU pretends that it isn't happening. I want to be ruled by a government we elected, not by a group of foreigners who ignore the laws that they make.closing quote
Jane, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteI think it's a good idea but I think we should be careful that they don't damage Europe economically.closing quote
Greg, 15, London

opening quoteI think that the enlargement of the EU will bring the countries closer together. I think it will help keep peace between many countries as well.closing quote
Bethan, 15, Caerphilly

opening quoteIt affects me because I live in Estonia. The EU and the enlargement is a big deal for us, it opens plenty of new opportunities.closing quote
Elisabet, 13, Estonia

opening quoteMy country just joined - I'm glad we've joined. Better rules!!closing quote
Alex, 12, Estonia

opening quoteI think it's really great that the EU is getting bigger. It will help countries get along with one another better, being joined together as one.closing quote
Juliette, 13, Cardiff

opening quoteI am not quite sure if enlarging the EU is a good idea. Countries should have certain standards before joining, like a strong economy.closing quote
Alyssa, 13, Surrey

opening quoteThe EU doesn't really have so much of an affect on day to day lives, at least not to me. But I hope that expanding the EU will mean that we will be able to learn a lot more about the Eastern and Central European countries like Latvia, because they are sure to have a rich history and culture. And hopefully the EU will include all of Europe...closing quote
Srinjoy, 14, Abingdon

opening quoteIreland need this trade from the new EU countries. We are learning all about it in school. Britain also needs the same thing!closing quote
Cate, 12, Belfast

opening quoteThe EU affects all those in it, in many ways, from whether we can move to another country in it, to the equality we all get. The enlargement of the EU means that millions more people can get all the rights the original 15 countries have.closing quote
Hazel, 12, Cambridge

opening quoteI hope this means that the less off countries can be helped by the more well off ones such as England. I think that equality is very important. I also feel that this will reduce wars and help the leaders of each country to think twice before going to war with others.closing quote
Katie, 12, Stoke-on-Trent

opening quoteI think that the EU being larger will make it more difficult to get a majority of agreement within the 25 countries and there will actually be more arguing than before!closing quote
Sophie, 15, Birmingham

opening quoteWell because I need to learn all countries in the EU for my exams, yes I do care!! Other than that, I think that we should be more involved with other European countries, because it really does help in more ways than one.closing quote
Fatemeh, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteThis is brilliant! Enlarging the EU is exactly what Europe needs. I have been to the Czech Republic and was surprised to see how less well off they are. I feel that this is going to help them a lot.closing quote
Danielle, 12, Stoke-on-Trent

opening quoteThe new countries will create a larger drain on our economy than the EU already does! We can still hold close relationships with other EU countries but honestly if you heard some of the stats about the EU, like the fact that our EU membership has cost us more than 11 BILLION pounds so far, plus all of the other costs that their restrictions put on us and the debts of other countries.closing quote
Jenny, 15, Repton

opening quoteI do care because most of these countries are in the same position as Ireland were once. EU funds will help these countries become more prosperous and benefit them hugely.closing quote
Brid, 15, Dublin

opening quoteI don't really care about the EU, and I also think it doesn't affect me at all. But I hope that the UK gets more friends and there will be no more warsclosing quote
Nikki, 12, Dumfries

opening quoteI don't really care because I'm not part of the ten new countries. But if I was I would care a lot.closing quote
Leona, 10 (nearly 11), MacDuff, Scotland

opening quoteI think it will help the UK and we'll be able to travel to those countries easier.closing quote
Sophie, 11, Gosport

opening quoteI didn't even know the EU was thinking about enlarging! When I read about it on Newsround I was just like "What?!" Why don't people tell me these things?!closing quote
Kate, 13, Aylesbury

opening quoteNot really. I don't understand properly what the EU does or how it helps to be part of it.closing quote
Tesni, 14, Bath

opening quoteNOTHING!!!!!!closing quote
Emma, 9, Oxfordshire

opening quoteI hope this means that the UK will have a better relationship with the new member countries in the future.closing quote
Tom, 13, Bristol

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