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  Do you believe in horoscopes?
Updated 22 September 2004, 18.35
A new survey has found that more young people believe in horoscopes than what's in the Bible.

So are you hooked to your star sign, or do you think it's a load of made-up rubbish?

Maybe you have to check your horoscope before you make a big decision about something?

Is it possible to be religious and still believe in your star sign? E-mail us now!

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opening quoteI think they're stupid, I mean how an earth can you tell your future from the stars, there are millions of people with the same star sign as you and they can't all have the same things going on in their lives as you do!closing quote
Harriet, 13, Suffolk

opening quoteThe last time I read my horoscope it turned out to be totally true!closing quote
Melissa, 10, Barnet

opening quoteHoroscopes are a load of rubbish! It's just some people trying to make money by predicting stuff. Plus there's a good chance some are going to happen anyway - e.g. "you will feel happy today" - well, duh, don't most people?closing quote
Sarah, 15, Oxfordshire

opening quoteI think that there is no right or wrong answer because you either believe in them or not!closing quote
Tara, 13, Norton

opening quoteThey are a con. People down my road phoned a number to find out their full horoscope and the call cost ten quid for two minutes!closing quote
Clemmie, 12, Chalfont

opening quoteYes, I have a book for my star sign. Horoscopes for this year 8 out of 10 times it's true!closing quote
Heather, 14, Malvern

opening quoteI do kind of believe in them. I read about my star sign (Pisces) and it really did sound like me. I read them in magazines. Sometimes I compare them in different magazines and sometimes they are nearly the same.closing quote
Hannah, 15, Chester

opening quoteNo way of course I don't.closing quote
Rhys, 9, Sunderland

opening quoteI don't really know if believe in those things, but it's exciting to think about all the things that could happen if it did come true. I haven't got a religion or anything because I just believe the science. But it could be true that people especially girls believe in these things more than in the bible.closing quote
Alba, 12, Perth

opening quoteI definitely don't believe horoscopes. How can one thing apply to millions of people who have the same star sign. It's ridiculous!!!closing quote
Jenny, 15, Bristol

opening quoteNo I don't believe in horoscopes as it never comes true. When I read my horoscope I get exited if it is something good but it never happens.closing quote
Stacey, 14, Preston

opening quoteI do believe in horoscopes as they give me confidence about myself and it makes me think about doing things.closing quote
Kerry, 14, Preston

opening quoteI don't really know if I believe in horoscopes or not, but when me and my mates read them in magazines for a laugh they usually come true.closing quote
Rionach, 11, Belfast

opening quoteI do believe in horoscopes, I just do not know why!closing quote
Marnie, 8, Rowner

opening quoteI don't believe in horoscopes. I read one once that said "you've been working hard so now it's time to party" on the day before my b'day, but I still don't believe in it. Of course I was going to party soon!! All Libra's b'days are around the same time!! Duh!!!closing quote
Emily, 15, Kent

opening quoteReal horoscopes? Yes. The rubbish they print in teen magazines? No. I can see why more people believe in them than the Bible, though. For a start they don't expect you to believe that water can be turned into wine, or dead people come back to life. closing quote
Amy, 13, London

opening quoteI am quite a devoted Christian and am disappointed about what this survey has shown. I like to read magazines and like to believe that horoscopes are true, but I would never believe a horoscope more than my Bible!!! It's nice to hear that something nice is going to happen to you. But take it from a person who knows horoscopes DO lie. Believe in God not horoscopes. Look what he's done for me. I've never been so happy :-) :-)closing quote
Kirsty, 13, Ormskirk

opening quoteI like horoscopes, they're fun. It doesn't always come true, but it can. Plus whenever I wear my Pisces charm necklace I'm always lucky!!!closing quote
Katarina, 10, Muswell Hill

opening quoteWho would believe in them? It's just all made-up.closing quote
Thidarat, 13, Hastings

opening quoteI don't follow my horoscope regularly but if I get a new mag I'll check it up. I do believe in horoscopes but I don't argue with people who think they're rubbish. People can think what they want - I'm Capricorn by the way!closing quote
Natalie, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteKinda, there's always freakishly something I can relate to.closing quote
Ashley, 13, Canada

opening quoteNo, if there is something that happens in my life in my horoscope it is a coincidence. How can a star sign categorise all the people born at a certain time in the year!closing quote
Amy, 13, Coventry

opening quoteNo way! How can somebody know me inside out, what I'm thinking or what I'm going to feel. It's downright freaky. And about it being more popular than the Bible. Well, that just says where religion is heading...closing quote
Rupinder, 14, Reading

opening quoteWhen I read my horoscopes, there's often something in it that's true, but not everything, because it would be impossible to work out the day of millions of people with the same horoscope. (By the way, today's horoscope for me said that someone who pushes me too far will regret it, so watch out!)closing quote
Hazel, 13, Cambridge

opening quoteI don't believe in horoscopes. It's just guess work, and the readers believe in what they are reading as a phrase may be true to them, but there are millions of people with the same star sign, and everyone is different.closing quote
Sophie, 15, Peterborough

opening quoteIn a way your horoscopes come true it's just people relate it in different ways!!!!closing quote
Jodie, 12, Hull

opening quoteI think they're just a big scam to get our money. I think they should get banned unless they are proved to be correct the majority of the time.closing quote
Terri, 12, Winsford

opening quoteI don't believe in them but they're still fun to read :-)closing quote
Laura, 12, London

opening quoteI think it's a load of rubbish really... Although it did say my lucky day was going to be June 24th... My birthday!closing quote
Hannah, 12, Hailsham

opening quoteI really believe that your star sign shows your personality. I've read about these and compare them with my friends and myself and it's all SO true. Though, I doubt about every day horoscope or prophecy. It would be weird that so many people have the same kind of day.closing quote
Maarja, 15, Estonia

opening quoteI do believe in horoscopes, most of mine have come true, Spooky!closing quote
Danielle, 10, Frinton

opening quoteI don't believe in horoscopes at all! I enjoy reading what it has to say about me but nearly all the time it's wrong, I'm a Scorpio, I'm meant to be all energetic and stroppy which I am not. Well maybe a bit stroppy... but isn't everybody sometimes?closing quote
Catherine, 11, Shrewsbury

opening quoteI wish my horoscopes would come true! But they don't. One time in a horoscope it said "Richness will come from a Thai curry". I didn't have one!closing quote
Rose, 11, Glasgow

opening quoteHoroscopes are definitely made up. But they're really fun to read and laugh about...OK, sometimes they become true, but that's because we want them to, so we try as hard as possible for them to happen...closing quote
Elle, 13, Plymouth

opening quoteI completely disbelieve in horoscopes- they are ridiculous in my opinion, the same as superstitions. The only time I read horoscopes is for fun, to see what they come up with. I think it is awful to read a horoscope and actually believe in it - they could ruin relationships, etc! closing quote
Alex, 14, USA

opening quoteI think horoscopes are a load of rubbish. How can everyone born in the same month have the same things happen to them. They write them so they are very vague and then people believe that they are true. Also, if you look and horoscopes for the same star sign, on the same day in different magazines they are totally different!closing quote
Emily, 14, Sevenoaks

opening quoteYeh I believe in horoscopes sometimes they come true on me (sometimes).closing quote
Fiona, 11, Belfast

opening quoteHoroscopes are a load of rubbish. I believe God is the only one who knows the future. Every month there are loads of different horoscopes which all say different things so they can't all be true. It seems to far-fetched that when you were born, and how the stars are positioned can make any difference to what's going to happen in your life. closing quote
Jess, 15, Halesowen

opening quoteI believe in horoscopes I read mine everyday and it depends what you think about them. if you think it's a load of old cobblers they won't come true but if you believe in them they usually seem to work!closing quote
JHT, 12, Hartlepool

opening quoteI believe in horoscopes 100%! Loads of my horoscopes have come true! My horoscope said "A great success today" and I got top marks in my SATs! Spooky or what?!closing quote
Kirsty, 14, Neath

opening quoteI kinda believe in characteristics of my horoscope but if everyone of that horoscope was like that, everyone would be the same and that's not possible. But the things about what's going to happen to you and stuff ain't true in my mind because it's hardly going to happen. Mainly it's all guess work and stuff like that. Sometimes when they do come true it's because people read their horoscope beforehand and when it comes to that day that something is going to happen, that person believes it so much that they try hard to make it happen without realising it.closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteHoroscopes sometimes come true, but that's just a coincidence, but most of the time nothing happens! I can relate to my starsign very well, but horoscopes are just rubbish.closing quote
Naomi, 12, Ewell

opening quoteI really have a mixture. Sometimes I believe them, sometimes I don't. I normally look at my friends' horoscope and read them out of a mag.closing quote
Sophie, 11, Newport

opening quoteHoroscopes are just stuff that would happen to anyone anyway. None of it is a real prediction!closing quote
Damaris, 12, Sidmouth

opening quoteHoroscopes are just a load of old rubbish. It's strange how people believe in them.closing quote
Charlotte, 9, Knutsford

opening quoteI believe in them and always look at mine, my friends' and my family's but some are completely fake. And I'm not a Christian so I don't read the Bible.closing quote
Katy, 13, London

opening quoteYeah totally! As I am an Aries, I read my column on day and it said that I would have a great success. The next day I got my exam marks back and they were really good!closing quote
Lou, 11, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI think horoscopes are a load of rubbish and if I ever look at them it never happens. I would sometimes like my horoscope to come true but that is only a dream. It may be a coincidence that it happens, but they are made up, they are all different in different mags.closing quote
Jenny, 10, Burrington

opening quoteThey aren't true but people enjoy reading them. I think that we don't take much notice unless they sound good! They're just designed to make you feel positive and to keep you buying the magazine to find out what will happen to you.closing quote
Emily, 12, Surrey

opening quoteAlthough horoscopes are sometimes true mostly I think they aren't. I think it's guess-work only, though I enjoy reading what they say.closing quote
Maha, 13, Islamabad

opening quoteI love astrology if I meet someone I don't ask their star sign I get to know them first then when I find out the star sign it nearly always fits their personality.closing quote
Rhian, 12, Wales

opening quoteI don't really believe in horoscopes. It's just when I'm looking through a magazine and I read through my horoscope I can sometimes relate to what its saying, which is kinda freaky. It feels like someone knows what's going on in your life.closing quote
MK, Stoke

opening quoteI believe in dem and always turn 2 da horoscope page first in a mag coz there usually true. It sometimes depends on the age limit of da mag, but der true m8.closing quote
Sophie, 11, Kent

opening quoteI read my horoscope, but I don't believe them. It's just a bit of fun, really, isn't it?closing quote
Sophie, 14, London

opening quoteIt's insane. How can stars millions of miles away determine what you do. That's something only you can do. Nothing else.closing quote
Joanne, 15, London

opening quoteI have all the characteristics of my star sign, but not everything I read in my horoscopes is always true, but sometimes it's spooky!closing quote
Bibi, 12, Stoke

opening quoteI don't believe in them at all! They're a load of rubbish, and I can't believe people think they can tell us what's gonna happen! It makes me laugh! closing quote
Ruby, Sevenoaks

opening quoteI half believe in horoscopes because sometimes they come true but then other times they don't. When I read the description of my sign I can relate to it, but then the things that are supposed to happen don't. I would like my horoscopes to come true because they always sound pretty good.closing quote
Smithy, 12, Belfast

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