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  What are the teachers like at your school?
Updated 01 May 2004, 13.40
Maths teachers have been named the 'most evil' and science teachers the most boring, in a poll by Bliss magazine readers.

Kids also said the most disgusting teacher traits were body odour and nose-picking.

We want to know what the teachers are like at your school.

Are they deathly boring? Or maybe you have a teacher that's really cool?

E-mail and let us know what your teachers are like.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteHow can maths teachers be horrible? Teachers are only teaching how they were taught and if that means being strict and cruel then blame it on the teacher's teacher!closing quote
Steph, 14, Manchester

opening quoteThere are a few really nasty teachers in my school but other than they aren't too bad. I see my maths and science teachers as my least favourite because they teach me my least favourite subjects but that's only natural.closing quote
Sarah, 14, Wales

opening quoteThe teachers at my school aren't boring, especially our maths teacher, but they've all changed and become much scarier and putting loads of pressure on us recently because of SATS!closing quote
Joanna, 11, London

opening quoteMy history teacher is such a freak - he sings and makes weird noises in class. I don't think he realises just how much of a fool he is making out to be. My English and drama teachers are really nice, but my science teachers are horrible.closing quote
Sasha, 14

opening quoteIt's always the younger teachers who are nicer because they can relate to us most. The older teachers are usually grumpy and try to do things like they did in the army!closing quote
Tamia, 14, New Jersey

opening quoteOur science teacher isn't mean at all! She is really young and always tells us girls about what she bought when she went shopping at the weekend. She's wicked!!!closing quote
Bekki, 13, Nottingham

opening quoteSome teachers are OK, but some are just plain boring. Last year, my science teacher didn't do anything but talk, and my current technology teacher talks and acts like a robot. He teaches woodwork, and we're not allowed to do anything without asking! But my favourite teacher is my art teacher, who lets us listen to the radio during lessons!closing quote
Kelly, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteWe have a few funny teachers but all the others watch are every move and don't let us do any thing exciting and fun. closing quote
Johnny, 11, Wilmslow

opening quoteWe had this one French teacher who was ancient! And she didn't teach ANY French - just talked on and on about her cat... worst French GCSE results ever but at least the students got a good rest in her classes!closing quote
Alyssa, 13, Oxford

opening quoteI like all my teachers, I highly respect all of them. If any teacher is horrible/evil they do it for the best interest of you getting a good job.closing quote
Jon, 15, Newcastle

opening quoteTeachers are really weird as they're really cruel and strict in school but out of school they're really nice to you!!closing quote
Stephanie, 15, Northants

opening quoteMy PE teachers are fab they are so cool! They are all young and are into the kind of music that we listen to. They are just like all the kids. My PE teacher is the best by far.closing quote
Elly, 13, Orpington

opening quoteI really like my welsh, English and art teachers, though my science teacher is really nice. He's a bit odd, but can take a joke unlike most of the teachers at my school. He seems to think he's Elvis Presley though.closing quote
Juliette, 13, Cardiff

opening quoteToday, we had a supply teacher for history and he was the worst excuse for a teacher I have ever seen! He sent me out of the classroom for...... COUGHING! I've never been so outraged in my life!closing quote
Olivia, 13, Birkenhead

opening quoteOur maths teacher is TRULY EVIL! Coz I'm good at maths I help my friend with her work, but if she catches me talking, she starts SHOUTING!!!closing quote
Jess, 13, London

opening quoteI've got quite a cool fun teacher but now the SATS are getting closer another teacher has come in to help us revise. She's the most evil boring scary teacher in history. She got hold of my friends and shook it around till my friend felt sick and she hit one of the boys around the head with a ruler and when he started crying she just called him a wimp. She's at least 300 years old and I can't wait till SATS are over so I'll hopefully never see her again!closing quote
Emily, 11, Middlesbrough

opening quoteThe teachers at my school are OK, but no matter how nice they are, you're never gonna actually like teachers are ya??closing quote
Liz, 13, Merseyside

opening quoteWe have a really cool science teacher, he's really funny, even though he is quite old.closing quote
Katy, 13, Nottinghamshire

opening quoteOur teachers are ok, apart from my science teacher who always shows off when his footie team wins. And my old teacher got his legs waxed for charity! Ouch!closing quote
Karen, 13, Sutton

opening quoteMy teacher is a dragon - she shouts at you for no reason but there is one teacher who teaches maths - he's so funny!closing quote
Simon, 13, Stockton

opening quoteMy maths teacher is funny, she does seal impressions and climbs on tables and filing cabinets. Her greatest ambition was to be a long distance lorry driver.closing quote
Rosie, 14, Oxford

opening quoteThe teachers in my school aren't too bad. I had a maths teacher one year whose voice just droned on and on. Physics is particularly boring, but I suppose it's not entirely the teacher's fault for being unable to make the subject interesting.closing quote
Lisa, 15, Caerphilly

opening quoteThe thing that I love about attending a secondary school, is that the teachers look at you as a lot more grown up, so you can have a really good conversation with them. All the teachers at my school in Gloucester are really friendly and kind. You don't go one day without doing something fun. I also love maths, and our teacher is really fun and kind!closing quote
Amy, 13, Cheltenham

opening quoteDepends what teacher you have whether they are good, our music, and geography teachers are sooo funny (mainly why I like the lessons) but our French, maths and my tutor are all horrible and boring.closing quote
Rachel, 13, Hurtworth

opening quoteI know this sounds really silly, but most of our teachers are great! And contrary to the survey, science is probably one of the best taught subjects. Yes of course we have the odd evil one but none of them are extremely mean. Except of course when they hand out homework....closing quote
Beeta, 13, Surrey

opening quoteThe teachers at my school are mostly boring. There are teachers which try to make their lessons fun but they turn out extremely boring!!!closing quote
Priya, 14, Hayes

opening quoteMaths teachers are ok because the life around you is maths - but I hate my teacher.closing quote
Thomas, 12, Leek

opening quoteOur teachers are alright apart from one who is like 50 years old.closing quote
Sophie, 13

opening quoteI love maths and I don't think that maths teachers are evil at all.closing quote
Abbs, 12, Trowbridge

opening quoteMy friends are so lucky cos they get a German teacher that loves games, never gets angry and very cool, whilst I get a super-strict-always-giving-detention sort of teacher.closing quote
Fara, 12, Muscat

opening quoteI have great teachers!! All of them (even the old ones) have their special way of twisting up a boring old lesson and turning it into the most fun thing ever!! My science teacher is 25 and he's probably the youngest. But they're all fun!! They chat like normal and treat us like normal people, its great!! closing quote
Hannan, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteWe once had a substitute, who picked his nose and then wiped his finger under the chair he was sitting on. Nobody has sat on it since, except the other teachers, who of course - don't know!closing quote
Jagger, 14, Denmark

opening quoteI think the teachers at my school are cool in there own way but our science teacher is really cool she's only 10 years older than meclosing quote
Francesca, 14, Preston

opening quoteTeachers are horrible - they act different in class than in front of other teachers!!!closing quote
Shanelle, 12, East Ham

opening quoteWe have one cool teacher, but that's because he's about 10 years younger than the rest of the staff - who are all old and stuffy!closing quote
Vikki, 13, Oxford

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