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  Your views on bullfighting NR Extra
Updated 24 September 2004, 11.33

Newsround travelled to Portugal to find out more about bullfighting.

Laura met children training to be matadors and went to see a bullfight for herself. She also met a Portuguese girl who thinks it should be banned.

What did you think about the programme?

E-mail and let us know your view.

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opening quoteBullfighting is disgusting. It's just another feeble excuse to be cruel to animals. The people of Spain have no right to kill and torment the bulls they use for the fight even if it is a tradition there. I would say it was even worse than fox hunting and that is saying a lot.closing quote
Darcey, 12, Montrose

opening quoteI'm from England but I now live in Spain. I don't think bullfighting is cruel - bulls don't actually get hurt all they do is chase a red flag but I think it's wrong to teach children to do it- it should be their own choice when they grow up.closing quote
Emma, 12, Spain

opening quoteIt's tradition, but it's so cruel that you cannot let it carry on! We are in the modern day and age and should know better! Tradition is not as important as the welfare of the animals. It wouldn't be legal to do that to humans in the ring so why animals.closing quote
Elanor, 14, Loughborough

opening quoteBullfighting is wrong. It's barbaric and there is a reason that it's band. People get fined for mistreating animals but this, what's much worse - these people find it FUN!! Well if killing animals is fun then you are really sick!!! I'll be one of those fighting against it.closing quote
Maja, 13, Amsterdam

opening quoteHumans wouldn't like it if they were locked in a small space and chased by animals who were hurting them, so it is the same for the bulls. My mummy says she can't believe this still happens in this day.closing quote
Kylie, 9, Altrincham

opening quoteI think bullfighting is cruel and unpleasant. It sounds like something out of the dark ages, not something that the modern world would even think about doing.closing quote
Milly, 13, Fareham

opening quoteI love bullfighting! I watch it on TV and my cousin in Spain is training for it. My sister hates it but she never says anything 'coz she says it's traditional and we all agree it should not be banned.closing quote
Kyle, 10, London

opening quoteI think bullfighting is wrong and cruel - how would you like being put in a ring with loads of people waiting for you to die? When I was in Spain visiting family, my dad wanted to go and see a bullfight but I persuaded him not to.closing quote
Bunny, 13, Hampshire

opening quoteBullfighting is cruel and barbaric. It should definitely be banned though I don't think it will be for a long time as too many people in Spain and Portugal support it for a ban to go through.closing quote
Zoe, 12, Skipton

opening quoteBullfighting is cruel and barbaric, totally unnecessary! Where is their compassion? We are all living creatures and humans should know better... and treat all animals with respect. The world has enough violence and teaching children this horrid tradition is sickening in the 21st century. Ban it throughout the world!!closing quote
Laura, 14, Wolverhampton

opening quoteI had just turned to your programme and couldn't believe my eyes!!! I used to think they just chased a bull and waved red flags but it's made me realise it's much worse than that. THEY KILL IT!! It's horrible to think something like this is still going on and I wish Barbara GOOD LUCK!closing quote
Rachel, 14, Hitchin

opening quoteBullfighting should be banned. It is something that you would expect to see in prehistoric times, not in the 21st century! I don't know who thought of the idea in the first place, but whoever it was, they must have had no heart.closing quote
Monica, 14, Leeds

opening quoteI think that bullfighting is absolutely disgusting! I was in tears when I saw the NR Extra report. I don't understand how people can clap or cheer to such barbaric behaviour. It is awful to treat innocent animals this way. I think there is no excuse for the governments to allow it and for people to do it. I know that it is totally WRONG!!! GO BARBARA! closing quote
Xenia, 11, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI've never liked bulls myself but after watching NR Extra I felt so sorry for the bulls. People love watching bulls and people put in the spotlight and made a fool of. When I think of bullfighting I think of the person in there with a bull as the most sorry, then when you see it in a bull's eyes its much more different. It's terrible and I hope it gets banned.closing quote
Isabelle, 11, Staffordshire

opening quoteBullfighting, like fox hunting should not be banned it is part of a country's culture and it should be left alone.closing quote
Rosie, 15, Didcot

opening quoteI can't understand how anyone would want to do that to any animal. I couldn't watch the bull fight, I had to change channel. closing quote
Rachel, 11, Edinburgh

opening quoteBullfighting is their tradition and I think that they should still be allowed to carry on this tradition. It is like our tradition of fox hunting, I feel this also shouldn't be banned.closing quote
Matthew, 15, Ballymena

opening quoteI think the story on bull fighting opened my eyes to the cruelty in the world of sport. I was disgusted and upset.closing quote
Katherine, 15, Birmingham

opening quoteI think bullfighting is wrong you do not need to kill animals just for entrainment.closing quote
Sophie, 13, Llandrindod

opening quoteI think bullfighting is horrid. All sports that include killing animals, fishing, fox hunting and bull hunting, should be banned. How can anyone hurt an animal?closing quote
Katy, 11, Scotland

opening quoteI felt physically sick and I nearly cried. How can people enjoy watching a defenceless bull being MURDERED?closing quote
Sarah, 15, Birmingham

opening quoteBullfighting is wrong and unkind - my mum went to a fight and said it was horrible. I'm glad we don't bullfight in England.closing quote
Laura, 12, Letchley

opening quoteI think bullfighting is so cruel. Bulls mightn't be everyone's favourite animal but that is no excuse to go treating them like that. It is sick and unbelievably mean and anyone who takes part in this unfair treatment should be totally ashamed.closing quote
Joanne, 14, Belfast

opening quoteIt is cruelty, but tradition is tradition, just like fox hunting to country people in England, it's something we have been doing for along time.closing quote
Heather, 14, Malvern

opening quoteI have watched a bullfight on TV. There's no way this can be called culture or a sport, it is pure cruelty. These poor bulls are tortured in a bull ring, in the name of entertainment. It doesn't matter how long it's been going on, it's nothing less than barbaric.closing quote
Daniel, 14, Coventry

opening quoteI think that bullfighting must seem ok if that's what you do for a living. An outsider like me thinks it's unacceptable and that the bulls shouldn't be tormented in such a way.closing quote
Katie, 14, Liverpool

opening quoteI think bullfighting is wrong because at the end of it the people who do the show stab sticks in the bulls and kill them. That is cruel because bulls have lives as well as humans!closing quote
Alex, 10, Bolton

opening quoteI think bullfighting is cruel and it's very bad in Spain killing the bull right in front of you. I'm writing to the government to help get it stopped!closing quote
Tessa, 11, Stoke

opening quoteI think that bullfighting is a tradition and it should be kept alive. the government tries to ban everything to do with tradition, e.g. fox-hunting. It is a bit cruel but the bulls would be eaten anyway.closing quote
Laura, 15, Andover

opening quoteI think it is very nasty to hurt any type of animal. So I think it should be banned.closing quote
Raq, 15, Blackpool

opening quoteFrankly, this is sick and inhumane yet if you look from other people's view, it's almost a way of life. Change will be very hard to bring about.closing quote
Rubinda, 12, Birmingham

opening quoteI think that bullfighting should be banned as it is a cruel sickening show and I cannot believe that anyone would want to watch it. Also good luck to Barbra and I hope her group get bullfighting banned and made illegal.closing quote
Kate, 13, Cleveland

opening quoteWell, from what I know bullfighting seems a barbaric sport, but then how can I judge a sport I have never really witnessed properly, or don't know much about? It's probably a well-loved tradition in Portugal, even though this tradition seems a bit OTT. closing quote
Kate, 12, Sunbury-on-Thames

opening quoteBullfighting is barbaric and is a cruel way to treat bulls. They are just doing it for entertainment. It is also wrong to teach children to bullfight. I don't care about tradition so why should anyone else. I hope Barbara gets her way!closing quote
Daisy, 10, Dublin

opening quoteI think it's really cruel! And it's not like the bulls have a say in all this, they can't speak their mind like we can, can they!closing quote
Hannah, 12, Hailsham

opening quoteI think bullfighting is sick and barbaric. It's just cruel. I can't believe people pay to watch a bull being tormented and hurt so badly. It's just wrong!closing quote
Charlie, 13, Cheshire

opening quoteI think bullfighting should be stopped. I don't care if it is a tradition. It's evil!closing quote
Nikki, 13, Cleveland

opening quoteBullfighting is unacceptable even if it is a tradition it is such a shame on the poor animal. I feel very strongly about this issue and I hope something is done about it!!closing quote
Heather, 12, Dundee

opening quoteI think bull fighting is a cruel sport. It's wrong to be born to die.closing quote
Izi, 15, Sheffield

opening quoteBullfighting is so mean. People who enjoy it should stop and put themselves in the bull's shoes, and see how they'd feel.closing quote
Amy, 12, Morden

opening quoteI think bullfighting should be banned in all countries even if it's tradition. Think of the bulls going through all that pain and humiliation just for people's pleasure. It's sick and barbaric.closing quote
Amy, 12, Wimbledon

opening quoteI think it is sooo cruel to do this to the bulls and even can kill 30,000 bulls a year was so evil!! But you need also to appreciate them who think that it is their tradition. closing quote
Savitri, 12, London

opening quoteJust like fox hunting, I think that bullfighting is terrible. That people could inflict such cruelty on animals for entertainment is so wrong.closing quote
Joan, 12, Orpington

opening quoteBull fighting is wrong and there is a reason that it's band I mean people get fined for mistreating animals but this is much worse - these people find it FUN!! Well if killing animals is fun then you carry on but I'll be one of those fighting against it.closing quote
Kerry, 12, Northampton

opening quoteI saw the NR Extra programme, and nearly burst into tears, I was so disheartened at what I saw. My family have been farmers for 5 generations and have always had bulls on the farm, they are so gentle. I can't believe that someone would behave so barbarically. I'm disgusted - GO BARBARA!!closing quote
Sarah, 15, Leek

opening quoteBullfighting is wrong. I have no sympathy for the bullfighters when they get injured, it is their own fault. What do you expect, of course a bull will charge at you if you provoke it. I can't believe people can find it fun to see a distressed animal being tormented!!closing quote
Emily, 15, Wellesbourne

opening quoteI think that bullfighting is wrong. How can people clap and cheer when animals are in torture. I was so upset when I saw a bull being teased and stabbed in the back. It is so cruel. closing quote
Rosie, 10, Cuckfield

opening quoteI think bullfighting is wrong as well as dangerous not only for the people who take part but the bulls as well. Also I think people who enjoy it won't for long because I think it should be banned everywhere!closing quote
Amy, 12, N. Ireland

opening quoteI think bullfighting is disgusting and cruel. I don't know how people can be so unpleasant to animals. I think Barbra is right and I'm glad she's doing something about it.closing quote
Rachel, 13, Surrey

opening quoteI burst into tears when I saw the bull being stabbed. I don't see how anyone could enjoy watching that. I know it's culture, but can't it stop? GOOD LUCK, BARBARA! I WOULD DO THE SAME!!!!closing quote
Emily, 11, Ipswich

opening quoteIt is very cruel but then you have to remember it is tradition and culture and I am sure no one on the planet earth would like their culture butchered.closing quote
Kavita, 13, London

opening quoteIt makes me sick to think that this sort of 'sport' is still legal. The program was great and really highlighted the cruelty, it was fantastic to see Barbara so supportive of banning the sport, its good to know that there are people fighting for an end to it.closing quote
Abby, 15, St Albans

opening quoteYes, bullfighting may be a tradition in some countries but that doesn't make it right, people should understand that bulls are living things too and they should respect that!closing quote
Tara, 13, Norton

opening quoteI think bull fighting is horrendous and should be stopped straight away.closing quote
Shaun, 11, Nottingham

opening quoteI think bullfighting is a barbaric sport. It includes the killing of innocent bulls for the entertainment of us. It makes you think about how evil humans must be to kill an innocent animal. Humans have already caused global warming and destroyed half of the world's forests but killing innocent animals is too much. Who cares if it is a tradition. So is fox hunting and that was banned. So bull fighting should be banned as well. This is a subject I feel really strongly about.closing quote
Grant, 12, Shrewsbury

opening quoteI think bullfighting is a tradition to Spain & Portugal. It's like every tradition (eg. fox hunting) you won't understand it unless you see it or experience it first hand. How can people in Britain say it should be banned when most of them will never have seen it live? We should try to understand different traditions & only learn to judge them if we are positive that it is the right choice.closing quote
Deborah, 11, Penrith

opening quoteI only saw a bit of this news story and my god. This is even worse than fox hunting, bulls are a living animal. Why do we have to treat animals like they have no feelings?closing quote
Lucy, 12, Ashford

opening quoteMany people in my family love bullfighting and think it's amazing, but I think it's cruel. I'm really happy that they have been banned in Barcelona. I hope some day they will be banned in all the world.closing quote
Patricia, 14, Madrid, Spain

opening quoteIt is very gruesome I'm all for tradition but I think this tradition went a bit far.closing quote
Emily, 11, London

opening quoteBullfighting is wrong, it always has been, it is sickening and I can't believe people actually enjoy watching someone spearing a disorientated bull.closing quote
Chantal, 14, Sevenoaks

opening quoteIt is cruel the bull does not know what is happening it just does it and runs. closing quote
Bridie, 9, Sheffield

opening quoteI think that bull fighting is barbaric and should be stopped, how would you feel if you were being chased around and then stabbed in the back? I wouldn't feel honoured I'd be ashamed. Good luck to Barbara!closing quote
Lizzy, 11, Stanford

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