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  What are the roads like in your area?
Updated 09 September 2004, 19.01
What are the roads like in your area?
Children have been asked to nominate the most dangerous road in their area by environmental group Transport 2000.

So what are the roads like in your area?

Are they busy and the reason for lots of accidents?

Or are there things to help, such as 20 mile-an-hour speed limits, speed bumps and cameras?

Whatever your area is like, e-mail and let us know.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteIt really depends on where you are on the island. Most drivers are sensible and are polite, others won't always give way when they are supposed to and some won't even stick to the traffic light rules. That means sometimes it takes absolutely ages to get across the road!closing quote
Helen, 12, Isle of Wight

opening quoteUsually the roads are ok, but seeing as I live next to Epsom downs it' very busy on derby day and meetings!!!!closing quote
Sally, 14, Surrey

opening quoteSome of the roads where I live are often very quiet, but there is a very big busy one just by my nan's house which is just round the corner from my own house.closing quote
Natasha, 12, Liverpool

opening quoteThe road I live on is really dangerous... the most accidents occur just outside the hospital on the bend where people drive 60 in a 30 zone. We've tried writing to the council but hardly anything has been done.closing quote
Natalie, 14, Ipswich

opening quoteI live in the countryside and the roads are tiny and these great big lorries come on the roads and the road's got loads of cracks in it!! But the council won't do anything about it! I thought that was what the taxes were for?closing quote
Alex, 13, Pulham St Mary

opening quoteOurs is not as bad as it could be but I think more children should be taught more road safety and I think more should be done to stop drivers speeding!closing quote
Emma, 12, Manchester

opening quoteThe roads aren't that bad around where I live. I live on the very edge of Cardiff where roads are quiet, except for a few hours a day when people travel to and from work. It never takes more than a minute to cross the busiest of roads.closing quote
Juliette, 13, Cardiff

opening quoteLuckily, where I live, the roads aren't too hard to cross. There are pedestrian crossings and zebra crossings. But, there is one road which can get really busy - which has no crossings, near to me.closing quote
Danielle, 14, Doncaster

opening quoteI live in a village near a main road coming out of the M4 and one of the biggest roads in Swansea and it never seams that busy especially on the weekend, it's like a ghost town then!closing quote
Craig, 15, Swansea

opening quoteSome of them, mostly residential roads can be quite quiet but all the main streets are busy, especially at school times. Also cars are forever breaking the speed limit and rushing along at unbelievable speeds, it's a wonder we don't get hit often!closing quote
Kate, 12, Sunbury-on-Thames

opening quoteThe road in front of my school is really dangerous before and after school but the road doesn't have any safe crossing areas either so it's an accident waiting to happen.closing quote
Terri, 12, Winsdord

opening quoteWhen I'm walking to school I have to cross a busy road, which is ok, seeing as there are zebra crossings, but not everyone stops. But then I have to cross another road, which is a nightmare 'coz there are cars parked all the way up the road, busses trying to get to and from the bus park, and cars trying to drop off school children. And then there's little old me trying to actually cross this road and stay alive at the same time!closing quote
Kate, 13, Aylesbury

opening quoteI live in Brussels and since I have to take the freeway to get to school it takes so long especially during rush hour! I can't stand it 'cause when we have to go far we take the "ring" (freeway) and it's always blocked!!closing quote
Laurence, 13, Brussels

opening quoteI live on a main road but it isn't busy - people speed though. There's no traffic lights for about 10 miles so it isn't safe. By the cinema you have to wait about 7 mins to cross because it is between Huddersfield and Leeds so it is very busy.closing quote
Michelle, 13, Huddersfield

opening quoteOur roads are horrible. People speed round corners and down hills and there is quite a bit of joyriding too. My sister, Tiffany, got knocked down by a car speeding round a corner. She's okay, but the accident could have been avoided.closing quote
Zoe, 13, Dundee

opening quoteI live quite near the Hagley Rd and know how impossible and dangerous it can be. Some of my friends go to school on the road and it's a nightmare plus I nearly got run over today!!!closing quote
Laura, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteYou just have to be so careful because the cars just appear out of no where, one minute it's quiet and the next there are a dozen cars zooming through the street. People just don't think of the dangers they're putting themselves in plus other people's.closing quote
Sofia, 11, Norwich

opening quoteYou have to be so careful. I was hit by a car last year speeding through our village - I was lucky not too have been killed.closing quote
Adam, 11, Devon

opening quoteI live near London, and literally right next to the M25. There are loads of main roads where I live, so it's quite noisy and polluted, and very busy. I like it, though. And as for the smaller roads, there are loads of accidents on them all the time. Crossing the road where I live is a big risk. There's danger lurking everywhere. It is exciting though, and I like living somewhere so busy.closing quote
Liz, 13, Swanley

opening quoteIn the summer the roads are jammed with thousands of tourists who are swerving all over the road and stopping at odd places. We live in such a small place that sometimes traffic is backed up from one end of town to the other. Most people avoid going out if they don't have to.closing quote
Jessica, 15, Alaska

opening quoteOn the way home from school there is a lollipop man for the primary school kids but he still helps us cross and that is good for me.closing quote
Jenny, 15, Bristol

opening quoteIt's not a road but it's my street. There are sooo many cars down my street and every time you come into it or out you have to stop for another car and sometimes they go too fast and nearly crash.closing quote
Louise, 14, Woking

opening quoteThe roads where I live aren't very safe... the traffic lights are badly organised, so you never know when to cross.closing quote
Jess, 14, Leicester

opening quoteNobody at all sticks to the speed limit. It's really dangerous the speed some drivers go.closing quote
Rhian, 14, Aberystwyth

opening quoteYou really have to look out the whole time and be careful because cars just come out of nowhere in our village.closing quote
Didi, 13, Somerset

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