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  Do celebs have a right to private lives?
Updated 13 April 2004, 19.00
David and Victoria Beckham
The papers are full of more rumours about David Beckham this weekend.

Do you think celebrities have the right to privacy?

Or did they give up that right when they became famous? Is it part of their job?

Or are you bored of reading gossip about the private lives of the rich and famous?

Whatever you think let us know now.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI think that it is really tight when you become famous - you expect to be talked about but it's not fair that the press are in your life 24/7. But I think the Beckhams are strong and will bounce back from this.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Cardigan

opening quoteI think everybody deserves a private live. Unfortunately we find gossiping about our favourite celebs interesting and we are sometimes very nosy. I think not having much privacy comes in the same package as being a celebrity.closing quote
Claudia, 9, Burton

opening quoteI think celebrities should have a private life. It's weird that if celebs do something perfectly normal newspapers spin it into a story. It never happens with ordinary people. I wish people would understand that there are more important things than celebs private lives, like wars!closing quote
Amy, 12, Morden

opening quoteI think some celebrities deserve the intrusion because they parade themselves as celebrities but others such as David Beckham have a right to complain because at the end of the day his job as a footballer has attracted the attention and not him wanting to be a celebrity.closing quote
Julie, 13, London

opening quoteI think famous people should have a private life, but when you become famous, you should know that you will be talked about and people will spread fake rumours and stuff like that.closing quote
James, 12, Hereford

opening quoteIf you're famous you have to know that some people admire you and some hate you.closing quote
Sophie, 12, Bradford

opening quoteCelebs totally have a right to have a private life. They're human too, aren't they?closing quote
Spencer, 12, USA

opening quoteYes, I do believe that everybody should be allowed to have a private life. If you are a celeb you are going to get talked about, but I think the press overdo-itclosing quote
Charlotte, 13, Liverpool

opening quoteI think that the papers shouldn't dig for stories and then sensationalise them. It should be up to the celeb if they tell the papers.closing quote
Rosie, 14, Didcot

opening quoteI think that if you decide to become famous you have to take the consequences.closing quote
Vikki, 12, Bedford

opening quoteAny celebrity knows perfectly well that when they are famous the press are gonna try and dig out all the secrets from their private life, but I do think that some things should be private because we are all human! closing quote
Vicki, 13, Oxfordshire

opening quoteI know one thing about the Beckhams - they are strong what ever you throw at them it will bounce back and it just makes them stronger. closing quote
Jo, 11, Northampton

opening quoteI think celebs have to expect the press to scrutinise their lives but they still have the to shun the limelight when they're not working as much as anyone else has the right to forget about their jobs or school on their holidays! closing quote
Julia, 13, N Ireland

opening quoteI think some parts of a celebrity's private life have to be kept from the public or else the whole myth and legend of their fame will be ruined. Take David Beckham for example. The rumours have wrecked every thought of him being a saint on the football pitch and in his family life. These stories are hurting fans and those who idolise him. It would be better if they had not come out. closing quote
Charlotte, 14, London

opening quoteI reckon that if you know that there is a chance that you are gonna make it big then you have to be 100% certain you can deal with the consequences. Celebs know before they become famous that there is a chance they will be in the public eye a lot. closing quote
Arianna, 14, Reading

opening quoteEven if you are celeb and even if you are a normal person you should always have privacy. Privacy is something that you don't see very often in magazines. A lot of time when someone's privacy is exposed it can lead to gossip and problems. Everyone is entitled to privacy no matter what circumstance. I am sure that the Beckhams will work out the problem between themselves in the way that they feel is right for them. Everyone should keep to themselves. Oh, and enjoy there Easter eggs. Happy Easter closing quote
Josie, 14, Clapham

opening quoteYes celebs do have the rite 2 have a private life! If they do have one, they have 2 know what they r getting themselves in for. Their private life will b talked about and will b in the newspapers and magazines!!! But u need to cut the line somewhere!!! closing quote
Hannah, 11, Kent

opening quoteIf you're a celebrity, everyone talks about you whether it's good or bad talk. If you have a private life and you're a celeb, you shouldn't expect it to stay hushed up. Magazines and television shows are always eager for a bit of juicy information, like who's going out with who. closing quote
Ruby, 10, Sevenoaks

opening quoteCelebs should realise what they are getting themselves into - I mean if you are a celeb, who's not going to nose around you??? closing quote
Sorcha, 10, London

opening quoteI think celebrities have as much a right to have a private life as much as any non-famous person does. Although, they shouldn't be too surprised when people do start making gossip or start taking pictures of them. closing quote
Vicki, 11, Canada

opening quoteI think that celebrities gave up private lives when they became famous. However, reading gossip about some celebrity or another is really boring to me.closing quote
Hazel, 12, Cambridge

opening quoteYes I do think famous people should have private live coz some of the public do not want 2 know what is going on with famous people.closing quote
Bobbie, 12, Dorset

opening quoteYes! You should have your own privacy! I feel very sorry for David Beckham right now. I bet the media is making it worse for him.closing quote
Hadeel, 14, London

opening quoteIf the stories are true then it is fair to tell the nation.closing quote
Chris, 10, Weybridge

opening quoteOf course they have a right to privacy but more people are curious about their lives so having loads of people wanting to know about your life basically comes from being famous cos more people will know who you are!closing quote
Chrissy, 12, Chichester

opening quoteA celebrity knows that if you want to be famous the you're likely to get a lot of media attention, they have to expect it, it's their fault if they don't like it.closing quote
Hannah, 15, Manchester

opening quoteI think famous people have a right to have some private things in life. I mean how would you like all your secret crushes or thoughts spread around the nation, it wouldn't be fair.closing quote
Abigail, 9 and a half, Chandlers Ford

opening quoteWell if you're famous you do have to be talked about but people shouldn't spread untruthful or unkind rumours.closing quote
Lucy, 11, Birmingham

opening quoteI think that it seems a bit unfair that the press are too hard on the celebs. Some celebs just want to sing, or act, not be a red-carpet walking person. They're just doing something that they really love as an activity and are so good that they are famous for it. closing quote
Hannan, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteI agree with Robert but they should have a private life! I'm sick of the papers going on about Posh and Becks. Hello? There's more important things in the world than rich celebs using publicity stunts to increase there fame!closing quote
Josie, 11, Southend-on-Sea

opening quoteI do think that if your famous you know what your getting yourself in for, you know that your private life is going to be up for discussion. But I do think that they should be allowed some privacy! There has to be boundaries!closing quote
Lucy, 15, Norwich

opening quoteI think you have to expect to be talked about if you're famous. closing quote
Robert, 12, Chudleigh

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