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  Seal clubbing: your views
Updated 13 April 2004, 14.38
Hundreds of thousands of seal cubs are to be clubbed to death in Canada over the next few weeks.

Trade in seal fur and meat is legal in the country and has been going on for years.

Animal campaigners say that the seals are being killed in a cruel way and want the Canadian government to ban the clubbing.

But seal farmers also say that as there are so many seals, it's threatening fish stocks.

We want to know what you think about it.

E-mail and let us know.

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opening quoteI think seal pups should not be killed just because there's a stupid fashion for wearing their fur - they have a right to live. I say they should stop. closing quote
Daniel, 8, New Longton
opening quoteI have a friend in Canada who asked me to send this. She said that even though she lives in Canada she still thinks that seal clubbing is WRONG!! She hates people who do this to the seals, which is hard for her, as her step - father is one of the people trying to sell the meat from seals. I think it is a wicked and cruel thing to do to these defenceless animals who have never done anything to us. closing quote
Sarah, 13, Essex

opening quoteI don't care if it's their culture, it's sad. I bet the people who do it wouldn't like it done to them, so why should they do it to small defenceless animals. closing quote
Laura, 10, Birmingham

opening quoteI think it's terrible what is happening to the seals. Even if they are eating fish it's wrong to kill them. What are the seals supposed to eat anyway? It is cruel and wrong.closing quote
Colette, 10, East Kilbride

opening quoteI think killing seals is wrong because they have just enough right to live as we do. It is a really cruel thing to do. if they have to do it, at least do it in a less painful way.closing quote
Emma, 11, Kent

opening quoteI absolutely hate the idea of killing seals. If people can't find enough fish there look somewhere else. We kill fish, cows, pigs, sheep and chickens for food why shouldn't seals be allowed to kill fish. What have they ever done to us? Stick them in a zoo if people don't want them around. It is unfair on the seals and unfair on the people that like seals. Everyone knows that fish are in many food chains. Kill sharks for they eat many fish too. Please stop the killings they will get extinct and the killings will be regretted and all those people who love the seals will never see one again!!!closing quote
Romy, 10, Epworth

opening quoteCan anything be more cruel that this? It may be a living for Canadians, but surely they must have some shred of dignity and actually believe that they are hurting animals and wildlife? The poachers wouldn't like if they were the ones being hunted, so why hunt innocent animals? And they say it is because the number of fish has gone down because of seals, but that is just a way of life and they should not stop that.closing quote
Gilly, 12, London

opening quoteI think it is wrong to kill animals just for their fur, if the animal is eaten and then the fur is used it isn't so bad. I do think it is cruel to kill the pups by clubbing them to death and that the Canadian government should ban this method of killing. I think it should be made illegal for pups to be killed for fur, humans have no write to kill animals for their fur. I don't think that they should be killed because they are threatening fishing because the animals have as much write as humans to eat from the sea. I think killing them for fur is cruel.closing quote
Jessica, 13, Hadleigh

opening quoteI think it is a sin to kill seals for our fashion. It should be a world law not to hunt animals. Maybe it's just Canada's culture. But it's still cruel!closing quote
Hibah, 11, Glasgow

opening quoteMy auntie lives in Canada and never knew what was happening until I told her! I think it's disgusting and it should be banned straight away!!closing quote
Mark, 5, Darwen

opening quoteI don't think it is very nice but there are far worse problems in the world such as people starving and having no water. They are only animals and, no matter what people might say, they don't think and feel like we do.closing quote
Kate, 13, Mansfield

opening quoteSeals are my favourite animal so I think that killing seals just has to be STOPPED. People in Canada do need food and clothing but the number of pups that are getting killed need to decrease.closing quote
Kelly, 11, Todmorden

opening quoteI don't understand why they can kill them, even if it is their culture. They are so innocent. Our parents want us to grow up so why can't the seals grow up? If they are trying to endanger them, they're doing a good job.closing quote
Alison, 14, Salisbury

opening quoteI think the seal clubbing should be banned in all countries because it is mean and it is bringing the population down of the seals for the future.closing quote
Zoe, 12, Livingston

opening quoteI think that it is terrible that seals are being killed let alone clubbed! But we kill and eat chickens every day and that is normal in our country, so I suppose we can't say that we can eat one but not another! I just think they should be killed in a painless way and not so many of them should be killed.closing quote
Hollie, 12, Hertfordshire

opening quoteI really love animals and I would hate an animal to get hurt. This should become illegal. People are so selfish because they are just thinking of fashion and they should think of the seals as well. Please help the seals! closing quote
Nicola, 11, Northern Ireland

opening quoteI don't think its a good idea because in 10 years time they could all be gone forever. It's a way of life for the Canadians but its not fair on the seals they don't deserve to be killed they haven't done anything wrong have they ?closing quote
Louise, 13, Edinburgh

opening quoteThese people are cruel and malicious. How can they use fish as an excuse to kill seals? They are poor, innocent creatures when we have more luxuries then they do. Canada need to get their act together, how would they feel if they were clubbed? Can't they just leave the wildlife be?closing quote
Elycia, 12, Stevenage

opening quoteSlaughtering seals is wrong more should be done to stop this from happening as soon there will be none left. I will try to do all I can to help prevent this from happening.closing quote
Carmen, 14, Manchester

opening quoteSeal culling is HORRIBLE!! How could anyone want to wear these beautiful animals for fashion -fake fur looks just as good. If they must be killed to save fish they should be killed in a uncruel way!!closing quote
Rebecca, 12, Southampton

opening quoteI think that the way the seals are killed is horrific. I don't know how the hunters can sleep at night after killing defenceless baby animals in such a barbaric way.closing quote
Laura, 15, Chester

opening quoteI think that it is disgusting! The fact that these people are killing innocent seals for their fur is barbaric!!! Maybe it has been going on for a while but it still doesn't warrant the killing of innocent seal pups.closing quote
Benjamin, 16, Sheffield

opening quoteEven though I live in Canada I don't think that killing seals is right, even though they kill the fish and make us have a little less in that area, people could fish in another area or capture the seals and place then in zoos instead of killing them! What have they done to us to deserve being killed? They should have the right to grow up and become fully grown seals!closing quote
Meaghen, 11, Canada

opening quoteDoing this to helpless seal cubs just proves how evil the world can be! Killing any animals for fur is evil anyway! Have you heard of faux fur it looks just the same? As for the way they are killing the animals that's just evil! If they really do have to kill them please do it a way that is kinder towards them!!!closing quote
Laura, 13, Wolverhampton

opening quoteI think that it is wrong to kill the seal pups at all, but if it must be done to keep levels down then they should find a more humane way of doing it. I also think that killing them just for fashion is wrong as we are killing innocent animals just for our own pleasure and greed.closing quote
Helen, 14, Northamptonshire

opening quoteI realise that clubbing seals is cruel but you don't have to bash us so hard. It's only in the North West territories and Nunvat that clubbing seals exists because that's one of the only places in Canada that seals live!closing quote
Alex, 12, Toronto, Canada

opening quoteWe're judging it by the values of our society but if it's legal in their's - so be it. It's none of our business although I personally believe it is wrong.closing quote
Sian, 13, Leicester

opening quoteI have never even HEARD of seal clubbing and I LIVE in Canada! Yes, it's cruel and should be done in a less painful way but I guess it's necessary. Over population is bad for humans and the seals suffer for it too. I don't consider this part of our culture if no one knows what 'seal clubbing' is! I don't think the rest of Canada should be associated with something so barbaric.closing quote
Mackenzie, 14, Winnipeg, Canada

opening quoteI hate it. They should ban it straight away!closing quote
Thomas, 14, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI think that it is evil to kill such rare and wondrous creatures in such a barbaric way. Also, the reason the fishermen gave for clubbing the seals seems insufficient, because the fish are the seals natural food and the fishermen just want to kill the seals to get more fish for humans, which is selfish. Killing any creature is horrible, let alone killing them so slowly and painfully. Anyone doing this should be stopped.closing quote
Emily, 15, Midlands

opening quoteSeal clubbing is just disgusting. It's so horrible. We know that it's cruel to club our dogs - why should we feel any different about seals?closing quote
Derek, 13, London

opening quoteI live in Canada, and frankly, I didn't realize this was going on until I read this article. I disagree with it and I don't think it's part of MY culture (this may be because I live in Saskatchewan and there are no seals here, only wheat). But anyway, I just wanted you to know that not all Canadians support or agree with this harsh treatment of seals.closing quote
Brittany,1 4, Canada

opening quoteIf seal culling is necessary a less brutal method needs to be found. But is the motivation more to do with the fur trade?closing quote
Sian, 12, Bedford

opening quoteKilling the seals is cruel but it is sort of like us killing cows, sheep, pigs and other animals for food. But if the seals are in danger of extinction then it should be banned.closing quote
Elizabeth, 10, Newcastle

opening quoteI am RAGING! Seals are my all time favourite animal and they do not deserve to be killed. It is totally barbaric. The way they are killed is totally shady and I think the amount of seals being killed should be reduced increasingly. What is up with the people in the world today wanting to kill animals so they can wear them 4 a while then get sick of them.closing quote
Ali, 12, Inverness

opening quoteI think killing animals is cruel, FULL STOP. However, if these seals do need to be killed then it should be done in a quick and painless death.closing quote
Marc, 13, Worthing

opening quoteI believe that killing seals for their fur is alright and their just animals, but I also think they shouldn't be killed in such a painful way.closing quote
Pearl, 14, Bristol

opening quoteSeal culling should be banned. It may be part of the Canadian "CULTURE" or it may not, but it's wrong. It should be stopped. I love animals and can't stand to see animals been hurt on purpose. closing quote
Kelly, 14, York

opening quoteI really don't think it is right for people to do this, because they are decreasing the number of seal pups. They are doing this for themselves.closing quote
Amy, 9, Somerset

opening quoteIt may be a way of life in Canada but it doesn't make it right to kill innocent seals. I think they should at least put a restriction on the amount of seals killed each year or even better make it illegal. closing quote
Amy, 13, Stevenage

opening quoteEven if it's part of Canada's culture it's BARBARIC! Besides killing young animals just for their skin is only a step closer to getting them extinct.closing quote
Phonvillai, 15, Belgium

opening quoteI think that it is really horrible how someone could kill such an innocent creature. It's not like they have done anything wrong.closing quote
Hayley, 13, Greenford

opening quoteI live in Canada and here it is a way of life for us. If we didn't cull some of the seals there would be no fish left. We live off seal culling and without it we would die.closing quote
Crystelle, 13, Canada

opening quoteI think that seal hunting is an awful thing to do. Humans are using their power and brains to do really evil things to other animals and it just isn't fair to them because they have no natural defence against us.closing quote
Jon, 13, Hull

opening quoteI have studied seals at school and from what I have learned, seal clubbing is completely legal, and right. But I don't believe that, I think it is cruel and it should be banned. closing quote
Jennifer, 17, London

opening quoteSeal clubbing is horrible and completely unnecessary. I can't understand why Canada think this isn't cruel. What makes it even more sick is that it is being done for people's pleasure and their fashions.closing quote
Vicky, 12, Poole

opening quoteI think that it's just wrong. The seals are so young and they haven't done anything to us. How come it's illegal for us to give a dog a little tap on the nose when they have done something wrong but it's okay to beat the life out of a baby seal? closing quote
Jessica, 12, Scotland

opening quoteIf seals are threatening fish supply they should be killed but the government should have stronger rules on killing them for fur and meat.closing quote
Grace, 10, Coseley

opening quoteI wonder if these seal farmers can sleep at night knowing they've killed innocent seals! Yes they may be harming the fish stock but they don't deserve to be killed in such a disgusting way, and most of it is for the sake of fashion, IT MAKES ME SICK!closing quote
Zoe, 14, Doncaster

opening quoteI can't believe the government let killing seals be legal. If they do stop killing seals, it'll be the same routine that they will kill another animal for fur.closing quote
Georgia, 9, London

opening quoteI don't think it is right or fair what they are doing to the seals. We don't need the stuff from seals like fur coats.closing quote
Elliott, 7, Plymouth

opening quoteI think it's cruel. Fake fur is just as good as real fur so why do they have to kill baby seals?closing quote
Rebecca, 11, Bristol

opening quoteIt is pathetic that such a beautiful creature should be killed for their fur. There should be a protest and this should result in a law being passed to protect the rights of animals who can not protect themselves.closing quote
Heather, 12, Liverpool

opening quoteIt's so cruel. They should just move them to somewhere else. If the killing carries on, after a long period of time, they will become extinct. I know there are too many at the moment but the number of them is quickly decreasing.closing quote
Kate, 12, Otley

opening quoteI think it is sooo cruel to kill these innocent beauties !! In my opinion these comments and opinions being made will make no difference as it hasn't in the past as people cannot stop poachers because they are clever not to be caught.closing quote
Emma, 12, Stevenage

opening quoteI think that it should be banned because it is really horrible and that we should make clothes out of proper material and not animal fur!closing quote
Lucy, 12, Romsey

opening quoteMaybe seal clubbing is cultural in Canada so all our governments need to do is tell them it should stop.closing quote
Cammie, 11, Wycombe

opening quoteI know that seal culling is a part of Canada's culture but they should, at least treat the killing of seals with respect for other people.closing quote
Amy, 14, Crowborough

opening quoteIt's sad that nothing will be done about this by the Canadian government as money comes first compared to their nations animal welfare.closing quote
Jenna, 15, Maidstone

opening quotePersonally, I think we should concentrate on more important issues, such as starvation in the third world. Humans are dying, not animals who do nothing for the earth, and are totally pointless.closing quote
Paul, 15, Maidstone

opening quoteI see where the seal killers are coming from but this is not the way to deal with them. I think that the seal killing is wrong and they should stop this madness.closing quote
Michael, 14, Tamworth

opening quoteClubbing seal pups is so mean. Animals have rights too but they cannot speak for themselves. Although if fish stocks are going down it should be right to kill a few. Seals that are injured or sick should be put down so they do not have to go through pain. I am still certain that clubbing pups is wrong.closing quote
Nicola, 12, Netherlands

opening quoteI think it's disgusting! How would you like to be clubbed over the head? Especially when your under a month? Poor things. It should be stopped and that's it.closing quote
Bradley, 11, Stansted Abbots

opening quoteI think if they want to cull them they can - they are trying to earn a living.closing quote
Luke, 12, Hornsea

opening quoteFair enough if the seals are threatening fish stocks their numbers should be kept under control. But I think it should be done in a more humane way so as to cause less sufferingclosing quote
Rosie, 14, Oxford

opening quoteIt's horrific! How could anyone club poor innocent creatures to death? If they really are a threat because there are too many of them, can't they be killed in a kinder way or moved to a place where there aren't so many? Why are human beings so cruel?! closing quote
Lisa, 15, Caerphilly

opening quoteIt may be their culture but we're more civilised these days. It's barbaric and should be banned. They may say it's threatening fish stocks but people still go fishing. Who would want to hurt these cute creatures. SAVE THE SEALS.closing quote
Lorna, 12, Waterlooville

opening quoteIt's horrible, seals are my favourite animals it's like fox hunting, it should be banned.closing quote
Joanna, 12, London

opening quoteI think it's really cruel and harmful to the poor seals. I think the government should do something about it.closing quote
Nicola, 11, Barnet

opening quoteI'm sure there must be a more humane way of keeping the seal populations down. It does seem very cruel to club them.closing quote
Sarah, 15, London

opening quoteIt is awful. The excuse they are using is pathetic, that the seals are killing off fish, that is nature, that is how the world works. Clubbing them slowly and painfully to death is most definitely NOT a natural way of life and I can't believe anybody could do such an awful thing.closing quote
Arianna, 14, Reading

opening quoteThat is so sick! They could at least just shoot them or something, but no they have to use the most disgusting way in the world...clubbing!closing quote
Hannah, 10, Bristol

opening quoteI don't care if it's part of Canada's 'culture' it's a sick, and cruel thing to do. How can anybody do such an awful thing, in such a awful way, slowly and painfully torturing them to death? It makes me sick to my skin to think of it.closing quote
Rhiannon, 13, Windsor

opening quoteI think its awful. If the seal cubs have to be killed (which they may have to but I hope it's not for fur-trading) at least do it in a less painful and dragged out way.closing quote
Imogen, 12, Wolverhampton

opening quoteWell, in my personal opinion they shouldn't be eating so much fish anyway. Plus the seals need to eat. There would be a huge uproar if one seal accidentally hurt one of those farmers-yet they get away with what I call murder.closing quote
Elanor, 13, Loughborough

opening quoteSeal clubbing is evil. I don't think it's right at all. I think that fisherman should cut down on the amount that they capture that way it's better for fish and seals.closing quote
Jennifer, 13, London

opening quoteIt may seem barbaric to us, but if it's been going on for ages in Canada maybe it's part of their culture and they don't realise it's cruel.closing quote
Kim, 14, Dorset

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