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  Are you happy with GB's progress so far?
Updated 27 August 2004, 18.29
Matthew Pinsent has taken his fourth consecutive gold medal
After a slow first week, things are starting to look up for Great Britain in the Olympics.

With the coxless fours taking Britain to their third gold on Saturday morning, Team GB are progressing up the medal table.

At the last Olympics in Sydney 2000 Britain finished in 10th position with 11 gold, 10 silver and seven bronze medals.

So, do you feel positive that we can match or beat that?

And what are your medal predictions for the second week?

E-mail now and let us know!

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opening quoteI think Team GB are really successful this year they have had some failures but also many successful medals.closing quote
Emily, 11, Stubbington

opening quoteI think Team GB are doing reasonably well but we need more gold medals in most sports.closing quote
James, 10, York

opening quoteSo far Team GB have done great! But to improve the government needs to provide more sports centres for children and make sure everyone can have facilities like high jump, triple jump and the track available.closing quote
Kemi, 15, Belfast

opening quoteI hope we will do well because we're doing fine at the moment.closing quote
Amy, 13, Swansea

opening quoteThe Olympics are so boring! I'm not bothered whatever team wins, I just want it to end!closing quote
Saba, 11, Bradford

opening quoteI'm really, really, proud of Great Britain! I think we are doing brilliantly for being a relatively small country ! Go Team GB !!closing quote
Natalie, 15, Herts

opening quoteTo tell you the truth, I don't really care. I get fed up of things when people get to obsessive with them. Like Harry Potter. It's everywhere!!closing quote
Hannan, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteI think we're doing great, I just think everybody deserves a medal for actually getting into the Olympics because that is wonderful seeing Great Britain there - I'm really proud of them!closing quote
Sophie, 11, Norwich

opening quoteI think Team GB have done really well and I'm proud to be in the country because we haven't cheated!!!closing quote
Antonia, 13, Christchurch

opening quoteI think that Great Britain have done excellently during the Olympics especially in the rowing.closing quote
Elizabeth, 10, Bracknell

opening quoteYes they are doing brill! Come on GB you can do it!!closing quote
Zirka, 12, Halifax

opening quoteI think GB are doing okay considering we're a small country. But we've got to get more gold medals! We've only got 7. In Sydney we got 11.closing quote
Rebecca, 13, Essex

opening quoteGB is doing well with the bronze medals but we still need more silver and gold. I don't think we have done very well this year with the swimming and athletics.closing quote
Natasha, 14, Wiltshire

opening quoteYes I think they're doing great!! But I've heard people going on about that them not doing as well as China & USA. People have got to realise that they're bigger countries and the government support them more than they do here. They should be more opportunities for us kids to go to clubs, but just not football, it should be things like long jump, shot put etc etc.closing quote
Jodie, 12, Hull

opening quoteNot really, I thought we would do a lot better to be honest!closing quote
Gina, 11, Bristol

opening quoteIt's getting better and no one hates Paula- it's not her fault it's the weather's. She's done brilliantly so one disappointment won't hurt her reputation.closing quote
Jake, 12, Middlesbrough

opening quoteSo far team GB have done fantastic considering we are a small country! Of course USA and China are going to beat every one at everything! It's just a shame for Paula to end her marathon the way it did!closing quote
Zoe, 12, London

opening quotei think Team GB are doing their best but a lot of the athletes don't like the heat, especially for Paula. no one can blame her most people couldn't run a mile in that heat. closing quote
Louise, 15, Mansfield

opening quoteWe are doing excellent in the rowing team so keep it up Britain!closing quote
Charlotte, 12, Reading

opening quoteTeam GB are doing their best and that's fine for me!closing quote
Katie, 13, Tavistock

opening quoteI'm happy for team GB because they have tried there hardest. And I think that some of the comments here are really upsetting, because you couldn't do any better! Also Paula Radcliffe would have got a gold because she was leading most of the way. And I don't think the Olympics should be held in hot country's like Greece!closing quote
Norwin, 10, Nottingham

opening quoteI think we are doing great. We have loads of medals and a lot more still to come. We did great on Saturday. Just think America has all those medals but think how many more people they have in their country than we do. So I think we are doing fab.closing quote
Jaimee, 13

opening quoteIt's not bad. I would expect a bit more from them. I think there's more medals to come from us.closing quote
Cian, 12, Cardiff

opening quoteI am very happy about team GB's progress! But it's a shame about Paula Radcliffe but you can't blame her she tried very hard and she did very well!!! COME ON GREAT BRITAN, WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!!closing quote
Rebecca, 10, Reading

opening quoteI think we are doing really good against what I thought at the beginning of the comp.closing quote
Terri, 12, Winsford

opening quote I'm really pleased with our progress in the Olympics, especially in rowing and badminton. It's a shame to hear about Darren Campbell and other athletes who have missed out on this "once in a lifetime" opportunity. closing quote
Laura Williams, 13, Bromsgove

opening quoteGB r not doing as I expected. closing quote
Jessica, 12, Surrey

opening quoteThey're doing the best they possibly can, and for that they should be congratulated, not condemned! It's not there fault if there's someone who's trained harder or just has a huge amount of natural talent. I know I couldn't do any better! closing quote
Ros, 14, Bournemouth

opening quoteI think that GB are doing there best and you hear people complaining about them not doing very well but they probably couldn't do much better. So keep going GB! closing quote
Terri, 13,Stoke

opening quoteI was expecting more of GB - but I suppose we have started to bring in the golds now. It's nothing spectacular though. closing quote
Sarah, 15, Oxfordshire

opening quoteI'm glad that England has made these good achievements in the Olympics. I might not enjoy sports, or tune in to watch the events, but I am still rooting for my country, and am well impressed and proud! GO ENGLAND, DO US ALL PROUD! closing quote
Natasha, 13, Essex

opening quoteI was so happy for Mathew Pinsent! Him and his team really deserved to win. Even with all the obstacles that were put in there way they still got there and got past that finish line before Canada. closing quote
Amy, 13, Pontypridd

opening quoteWe're so bad at swimming, so thank God for our sailors! closing quote
Gabriella, 13, Oxford

opening quoteI think team GB are doing really well! closing quote
Sara, 11, London

opening quoteI am not really happy withal GB's progress...I expected better.closing quote
Dawn, 9, Southampton

opening quoteGB r doing okay. I hope we do better this weekend so we can a few more medals. closing quote
Gemma, 12, Lincolnshire

opening quoteI think we are doing well. I know that we will not win (Maybe!) but we are secured a good position!closing quote
Eleanor, 11, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI think we'll do well in our running because we have fast runners. closing quote
Jose, 11, Plymouth

opening quoteCome on, Great Britain. We won so many medals last time, why are we doing so poorly this year?closing quote
Anne, 12, Orpington

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opening quoteYes! Great Britain should keep strong and get us more medals! Paula Radcliffe, get us a gold medal!closing quote
Zoe, 12, Dundee

opening quoteI was a little disappointed at the start but now we are beginning to get more and more and the athletes are doing our country proud:) They must be under so much pressure to win the event, but hopefully none will use drugs to help them win.closing quote
Harry, 12, Herts

opening quoteI was a little disappointed with the progress at the beginning of the week, but things are starting to take off! There is one gold medal opportunity today in the 1km cycling pursuit and Paula has a very good chance on Sunday. So hopefully this week will be more successful than last. Good luck Team GB!!closing quote
Nicola, 13, Houston, Scotland

opening quoteTeam GB are doing pretty well considering our performance in badminton and the kayak events where we have improved.closing quote
Vad, 13, London

opening quoteI think we'll do well this weekend with loads of medals in the water - sailing and rowing, building up to Paula on Sunday!closing quote
Neil, 13, Crawley

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