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  What would you expect from a party bag?
Updated 01 April 2004, 17.17
birthday party goody bags have gone up in value
Researchers have found that parents are feeling pressured into buying expensive items for kids' party bags.

Goodies like basketballs, cinema tickets and even gold chains are replacing balloons and a piece of birthday cake!

So what do YOU think would be acceptable to give or receive?

It's probably a while since you've had to provide one - but if you had to now, would you feel pressured to up the value?

Perhaps you're glad you don't have to anymore, as you'd be told 'no chance' by your parents!

Whatever you think, e-mail and let us know.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI am too grown up for party bags, but my sister just usually gets some coloured pencils, a balloon, a party popper, a mini game and some sweets! Not very much and VERY CHEAP!!closing quote
Samantha, 12, Harrow

opening quoteGold chains and cinema tickets?! That's crazy! It'll be diamonds and rubies next!!closing quote
Jenny, 13, Tilehurst

opening quoteI think that in party bags there should be things such as a piece of cake, some sweets, a few balloons, and a 50p toy from a supermarket. Not things like basketballs, cinema tickets and gold chains because it is really silly and some parents haven't got the time to go out and buy things like that.closing quote
Vishva, 11, London

opening quoteIn my opinion, you're supposed to remember the party by what happened, not by what you get given at the end!!closing quote
Rosie, 14, Nottingham

opening quoteI had a glamour party and my mum bought me some party bags online from Monster Parties and they had make up and things inside. My friends thought they were fab.closing quote
Emily, 12, Surrey

opening quoteI think a party bag should contain a piece of birthday cake, a little chocolate bar, sweeties and a little toy or something. Party bags aren't supposed to be expensive because people can't afford it.closing quote
Laura, 14, Lymington

opening quoteI'd expect nothing. Party bags are for little kids who want cheap rubbishy things and, anyway most older kids have discos where you win a prezzie for best dancer or something. That way it's more competitive.closing quote
Rebecca, 12 Huddersfield

opening quoteI'd just stuff the bags with cheap sweets, they taste good no matter what the price. and don't forget cake.closing quote
Katie, 14, Dudley

opening quoteI personally think that a party bag is just a little memento of the day, so there is no need to spend a lot of money on little gifts, and also many parents may have only just been able to afford the party never mind gold chains and things too!closing quote
Sara, 14, Leeds

opening quoteAt my last birthday I had a sleepover with a few of my friends. After the party I gave them all a ring and bracelet set, these were quite expensive, over 50 a set. I think it's ok to give expensive presents and receive them, it shows you truly appreciate them coming to your party!closing quote
Holly, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteI would expect a piece of cake, a balloon, a choccy bar, small toy and a small sweet - it's the usual.closing quote
Rowena, 11, Reading

opening quoteI used to love party bags with all the plastic rubbish and balloons that pop a day after you blow them up but I never ate any of the cake - I always used to give it to my mum. I am now into the free ten pin bowling tickets and the chains and key rings and stuff.!closing quote
Sarah, 11, Crediton

opening quoteWell when I was about 7 the party bags always had a few lose sweets, a balloon and a squashed piece of cake that was all we had, we didn't have any fancy things or gold chains! But now we don't have parties we just go to the cinema or hang out in the park!closing quote
Tanya, 12, Cardiff

opening quoteI think that you should not always expect loads of moneys worth in party bags because some people can't afford as much as you and other people.closing quote
Gemma, 12, Bridgwater

opening quoteThere's too much pressure on parents to buy expensive things anyway. It's not fair on the kids who can't afford it. I wish people would wake up and see that not everyone can afford what they want when they want it.closing quote
Julia, 13, Nottinghamshire

opening quoteI think that parents should maybe give the kids just some chocolate or something like that. I mean if they've already spent money on the party they shouldn't have to pay for an amazing party bag.closing quote
Oliver-James, 13, Cambridge

opening quoteWhat I do usually for my mates is buy them a tiny pot of perfume, or shampoo, or something that only costs around 2.00. When I was younger though, it used to be all the clip on earrings and tacky hair ties! I once gave all my mates in Year 2 a plant that died almost the instant you put it in the sun!closing quote
Kate, 13, Aylesbury

opening quoteParty bags are for 4 year olds!!! And what's up with this gold chain nonsense??? What would a 4 year old want with one of them???closing quote
Lucinda, 12, Ireland

opening quoteI expect a cheap toy, a piece of cake and a lolly.closing quote
Matt, 12, Worthing

opening quoteI would expect cake, a pencil, sweets and something a bit more unusual that's still cheap. Today, the parents probably end up spending more money on party bags than the child with the birthday!closing quote
Clare, 14, Essex

opening quoteA piece of cake wrapped in kitchen roll, some fizzy sweets, and a yo-yo or something. I that fails, a PS2 would go down nice :)closing quote
Hayley, 14, Manchester

opening quoteWell, I think that I'm a bit old for them now, but when I was younger I used to love the stupid little cheap toys that would break the minute you got them! It was stupid but when I look in joke shops I always see them and it reminds me of when I was younger.closing quote
Rhiannon, 13, Windsor

opening quoteOnly small kids give away party bags at parties and small kids aren't interested in gold chains and cinema tickets! They generally want sweets, cakes and little toys.closing quote
Holly, 13, Edinburgh

opening quoteJust a piece of cake and maybe a mars bar or something... if parents have already paid for the party they needn't splash out on glamorous and expensive party bags!closing quote
Gemm, 14, Nottingham

opening quoteI used to love animal toys, so I'd expect a miniature tiger! I'd also want a bit of the birthday cake, preferably a bit with icing on it, mmmmm ....closing quote
Matty, 14, Harpenden

opening quoteMy mum thinks pound world is a great party bag shop. She thinks cheap make up brushes are great, because my friends are bad at putting on make up!!!closing quote
Marie, 13, Jersey

opening quoteI think you only need cake, sweets and a balloon. I think adding gold chains and that is silly - party bags are supposed to be for just saying thank you for the present, because it's the thought that counts!closing quote
Megan, 13, Ellesmere Port

opening quoteI think a piece of cake and maybe a small gift like a bath bomb or something small like that. At some parties you get things like a plastic whistle, some penny sweets and a colouring book!closing quote
Fiona, 12, Sittingbourne

opening quoteI don't think that party bags should have anything fancy in them - I think they are a kiddie tradition, so you should get sweets, a bit of birthday cake and some little toys in them - expensive things just don't work in party bags!closing quote
Anna, 15, Edinburgh

opening quoteMy mum wouldn't agree with all the new stuff in party bags... she's very much a traditionalist!! closing quote
Atlanta, 13, Manchester

opening quoteFor my sister's birthday, we gave away candy and small games like those things you get at McDonalds! And everybody loved them!!!closing quote
Sara, 10, Bahrain

opening quoteI would expect the usual: a little toy, cake and a game. Just something little and cheap.closing quote
Vicky, 14, Burntwood

opening quoteI think that a party bag should have cake, sweets, lollies and little toys in it. It's not their birthday party so why should they have an expensive present!closing quote
Carys, 9, Pontypridd

opening quoteI expect......SWEETS! Lots of precious SWEETS! I personally don't care that much, as long as there's SWEETS!closing quote
Hannah, 10, Bristol

opening quoteI think a party bag should have a piece of cake and sweets and basically just goodies. I find it cheaper and easier just to buy a small gift for everyone that comes!closing quote
Ciara, 11, Sheffield

opening quoteGold chains! Come on this isn't the Oscars.closing quote
Alysha, 14, Liverpool

opening quoteI do not think that parents should even feel pressured into GIVING party bags...nobody gives them now anyway!closing quote
Kriti, 13, Essex

opening quoteBasically I just get any old thing that is like not expensive. Party bags are for little kiddies and older kids should have stuff like a cheap accessory or summit.closing quote
Elycia, 12, Stevenage

opening quoteI think I'd be in trouble if I had to give out party bags now as we can't afford to give away gold chains!closing quote
Katy, 13, Birmingham

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