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  What should you do with your chewing gum?
Updated 23 August 2004, 18.55
What should you do with your used chewing gum?
A council in London thinks that the price of chewing gum should be raised to 3 per packet to cover the cost of cleaning the stuff off the pavement.

Other councils have suggested different campaigns to stop people dropping their gum - like sticking it onto special walls or posters.

What do YOU think should be done with used chewing gum?

Is there a way to keep it off the floor and in the bin?

E-mail us your suggestions.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteMy school is plastered in gum. Everywhere, there should be gum bins. Like recycling bins for papers, metals and glass and plastics, there should be bins like that. And schools shouldn't ban it, as that is why the students plaster the walls in it.closing quote
Natasha, 13, Essex

opening quoteI think that 3 for a packet of gum is really expensive, and that poster walls are also a really bad idea as they make the place look a mess. I agree with Ciaran from Belfast that the money from bought gum should be used to clean up and to buy more bins if there's more bins around then gum won't end up on the floor _ SIMPLE! closing quote
Katrina, 13, Leicester

opening quoteThe best idea would be to put it up enough to put those who don't like it enough (and are probably going to be less responsible with it) off, but not so much that those who do (and are therefore generally more responsible with it) can't afford it anymore.closing quote
Hazel, 12, Cambridge

opening quoteWell, when it comes to me, I do the traditional swallowing of it or putting it in the bin - doesn't everyone else because I don't notice any gum on the streets!closing quote
Emma, 14, Belfast

opening quoteBAN IT! It's pointless stuff that only serves to be sat on or stuck on people's shoes! It's not very good for the environment, and you can't even eat it!closing quote
Zoe, 14, Plymouth

opening quoteLike speed cameras, there should be chewing gum cameras. If someone drops chewy or litter you can fine them!closing quote
Rachel, 12, Widnes

opening quoteI think this issue over chewing gum is important and special bins would be helpful, but the government should be trying to solve more important problems.closing quote
Harri, 11, Kent

opening quoteThe answer's right in front of us: chew it, then throw it in the bin, like we're supposed to.closing quote
Hazel, 13, Cambridge

opening quoteGood idea although it's not exactly what you would think art would be like if you are walking by and you see a poster covered in chewing gum. I would hate to look at that but still, at least it's not on the floor.closing quote
Gina, 11, Bristol

opening quoteThere are a couple of posters around my town centre where it says 'STICK IT, DONT SPIT IT' and it looks disgusting, just viewing it with other peoples chewed chewing gum on makes you feel sick!closing quote
Shanni, 14, Preston

opening quoteChewing gum is all over the place round here. But down town there are lots of bins.closing quote
Steffi, 10, Birkenhead

opening quoteI would recommend that we should use special walls or posters, just not raising the price to 3, 'cause I LOVE chewing gum!!!closing quote
Marlene, 12, Belfast

opening quoteWhy are streets the big issue? I think all gum related campaigns should focus on school; it's disgusting because it's all over the tables & chairs & benches, you can't even tuck your chair in!! I was sitting on the school bus & got loads of it stuck on my bag after it came of the seat. It should be TOTALLY banned in schools & special bins for the streets.closing quote
Sarah, 12, Stockport

opening quoteI think making special posters to put gum on is a good idea. I know it would be disgusting to put a chewing gum poster on the wall, but it would be better then treading on it and getting it stuck to your shoes!closing quote
Vanessa, 14, Larkfield

opening quoteI think used gum should be collected, compacted and be thrown in to the ocean making the water taste minty.closing quote
Vad, 13, London

opening quoteThey could make gum that you could swallow. closing quote
Martha, 14, Kent

opening quoteChew it and throw it in the bin......duuuhhclosing quote
John, 15, Derry

opening quoteI don't really notice the gum on the pavements, unless it sticks to my shoes, urgh! I think the gum posters are a good idea but hardly anybody uses them because there aren't many at all. People should be fined for dropping gum and litter but to help the problem maybe they could ask people to stick gum to special places to create art work or something.closing quote
Maisy, 14, Southampton

opening quoteT think they should keep chewy at the same price 'cos not evryone spits it on the floor!!!! If there were more bins around maybe no one would spit it on the floor so really it's the council's fault!!!closing quote
Emma, 14, Liverpool

opening quoteMaking the price of chewing gum really high is a good idea, but I have a better one: make it ILLEGAL. I HATE chewing gum. It would be ok if people put it in the bin but they NEVER do. It's foul and it's everywhere. It ruins the environment and costs a ton to clean up. Making it illegal would be no great tragedy, there are loads of other sweets you can buy.closing quote
Rowena, 15, London

opening quoteI don't chew gum myself, but I am always reminding my friends to put it in a bin, or back in the wrapper until they find one. If there were just more bins around then it would help a lot more.closing quote
Juliette, 13, Cardiff

opening quoteI think that someone should invent a chewing that you can swallowclosing quote
Lawrence, 10, Cardiff

opening quotePeople are going on about chewing gum getting dropped on the floor but what about cigarette ends - I see them all over the place.closing quote
Ben, 14, Manchester

opening quoteWell, I think that Faye, 14 from USA's idea is great, if you take your gum to a special bin and then a scratch card would come out! Obviously it wouldn't stop all gum being thrown on the floor but it would help! I think the poster thing is good, but only if it would be changed at least once a day, otherwise it would be gross!closing quote
Kelly, 14, Swansea

opening quoteI think they should have a box or something with the packet of chewing gum and you could put it in there and then put it in the bin once you've finished or you should pay a fine every time you spit it out on the street.closing quote
Axl, 11, Laffeyette

opening quoteIf you drop gum in my area, you get fined at least 50, and the streets look a lot cleaner.closing quote
Sophie, 12, Gosport

opening quoteI think that putting a special wall for chewing gum is a good idea. They can keep putting new ones up when it's full.closing quote
Hira, 13, Hounslow

opening quoteThree pound for a packet of gum is ridiculous! Why should we have to pay for people who put their gum on the floor and not the bin? VERY unfair to say the least.closing quote
Kirsty, 11, Wrexham

opening quoteThey should have special parts to bins like they do with cigarettes where you can put your gum so all the gum's together.closing quote
Sarah, 15, Birmingham

opening quoteMaybe you can have a machine in a local shop, were you put your chewing gum and get a token which you have to collect and exchange it with money or stuff from shops like: Next, H&M, Boots etcclosing quote
Zarqa, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteChewing gum is ILLEGAL in Singapore!closing quote
Michael, 13, Edinburgh

opening quoteWhy doesn't the government just BAN chewing gum altogether, and take it away from shops altogether if there is SO much fuss about it, SHEESH!closing quote
Joanne, 13, Edinburgh

opening quoteI think the idea of sticking it to a celebrity's face is a good idea, but it wouldn't be a nice sight! Maybe they could do mini bins with the celeb's face on?closing quote
April, 14, Old Colwyn

opening quoteI really don't think sticking them on posters is a good idea because it will make the street disgusting. I think there should be posters put up beside bins to remind people to put chewing gum in the bin or it'll be banned.closing quote
Zoe, 13, Dundee

opening quoteWhy don't people just put it in the bin or even better ban gum altogether it's pointless anyway. It's gross leaving it on the floor you wouldn't like it if you stepped on some or felt some under your desk.closing quote
Michelle, 13, Huddersfield

opening quoteI think that's a really good idea of sticking chewing gum to posters. It's really nasty when you find someone has stuck gum on the bottom of your desk.closing quote
Anika, 15, Leicester

opening quoteI don't think that sticking it on special walls/posters will be nice to look at. I definitely think that chewing gum is disgusting and at my school the teacher had this big crackdown on chewing gum and we get a detention if we even have it in school. In Singapore they are not allowed chewing gum and the streets are a pleasure to walk down. closing quote
Rubinda, 14, Reading

opening quoteMaybe they should make special bins for gum and when you stick your gum in the bin a 1 gift token could come out the side, or maybe a scratch card that if you win is a 1 gift token to something else.closing quote
Faye, 14, USA

opening quoteI think the government should use 50% of the money that people spend on each packet to clean up the u.kclosing quote
Ciaran, 12, Belfast

opening quoteI think the thing where you can stick your gum on famous people's faces is a good idea. And maybe if you press hard enough on the faces the voice of the celeb could say something?..closing quote
Charlotte, 14, Lincoln

opening quoteIt's totally pathetic to raise the cost! And to stick your chewing gum on a board is gross! What if you leant against it by mistake or something! I think you should get a little container free with your chewing gum and keep it in there. If you get caught dropping it then get fined something like 10!closing quote
Holly, 14, Halifax

opening quoteMaybe they could create a biodegradable gum? That's good for the environment?closing quote
Chelsea, 15, Whitby

opening quoteI agree they should do posters but I think they should come up with more ideas!closing quote
Josie, 11, Southend-on-Sea

opening quote3 is too expensive for a pack! Maybe they should just stop worrying about it all together - it's not much of a problem where I live.closing quote
Suzi, 11, Norfolk

opening quoteMaybe they could do a scheme where if you brought your used gum to one place, you could get money or more gum for it, like they do with bottles.closing quote
Ashley, 12, Sutton

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