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  Would you buy educational video games?
Updated 20 August 2004, 11.07
Computer games
A new video game is to be released to teach kids about world hunger.

It will involve the player completing missions like those in a Sim City type game to deliver food parcels and help a town.

But would you buy educational computer games?

Do you think they can be any fun or are they all about boring school stuff?

E-mail and let us know what you think.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteWhy do all these government people throw stuff at us that they think is best for us, and not what is most fun for us?? They have so called 'child experts' who say that if we merge video games with maths then that makes it fun. It does not. If they want a child expert, get a proper child!!!!closing quote
Laura, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteI don't think it would work, because the government are saying we are overweight so why are they thinking of giving us more things to do inside when they want us to go outside! They should invent educational 3d games where you get up from your seat next to your computer and move around!closing quote
Robert, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteOf course! That way adults can't nag at you for sitting in front of the PS2 for hours.closing quote
Kirsty, 11, Wrexham

opening quoteWell I would need to have a little go on the game before I buy it. So if in the game stores they put one of those tester things where you have a go, that would be good.closing quote
Gina, 11, Bristol

opening quoteI would only buy educational video games if I was holding back in school, but I'm not so no I wouldn't, even though I am quite dumb.closing quote
Faith, 10, Newcastle

opening quoteWell, it all depends on the game play - a good game is a good game - educational or not. But, I can't see them making a good "edutainment" game.closing quote
David, 12, Dundonald

opening quoteI think it really depends on the definition of "educational". If it was too similar to school then maybe not.closing quote
Frogmella, 14, Shefford

opening quoteI might but I would rather go outside and visit castles and learn about them, stuff like that I would do rather than sit down and play some computer game to help me learn.closing quote
Amy, 13, Swansea

opening quoteNo way!!! Education is DEFINITELY for school!!!closing quote
Nicole, 12, Ireland

opening quoteI think that releasing a video game about famine and stuff would remind people what is going on and upset them, for lots of reasons. It would upset me because I would think of the people who struggle to stay alive never mind us buying video games every five minutes. It could also upset us because we aren't doing enough about it!closing quote
Laura, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteYes, I would, unless it was like, those 'Let's Get Learning' games for preschoolers.. But yes, I would play that World Hunger game. It sounds cool and challenging. But since I'm a kid, plus, I know how to make games, I think I would be able to make a fun game kids can learn from.closing quote
Chris, 11, USA

opening quoteErm, no. How sad could you possibly get?! I'll stick to the Sims.closing quote
Cleo, 13, Sussex

opening quoteSome educational video games are boring but if you have the right graphics, cool characters and loads of fun levels then it can get fun and interesting!closing quote
Sarah, 12, Bradford

opening quoteI think that there would have to be a aspect of fun and educational. You have to get the point across that there are thousands of people in this world who are starving but you need to make this be fun for the gamer.closing quote
Harry, 12, Herts

opening quoteYes I would play educational games 'cause they get you learning and are just as fun as other games.closing quote
Molly, 9, Heston

opening quoteIt might be ok, but I think if it was marketed as educational I probably wouldn't buy it. I mean if they have to stoop as low as video games to educate us I think I might wonder if they believe we're stupid or something. And sometimes I just feel that games that are educational are just school creeping up on you.closing quote
John, 11, Newcastle

opening quoteI would buy it if was the right price for the game and if it looked any good.closing quote
Terri, 12, Winsford

opening quoteHow can education be fun? I'd have to give them a tester first but I don't think many people would buy them.closing quote
Donna, 12, Blandford

opening quoteOnly if they were set at a reasonable price and were fun to play. If they were over 19 I wouldn't buy any.closing quote
Stephanie, 11, North Wales

opening quoteIf the game seemed really popular and sounded really fun I would check it out at a mates house and consider buying.closing quote
Suzanna, 11, Norfolk

opening quoteNo, educational and fun do not go together and I'm top of the class and find the work easy!closing quote
Daniel, 10, Herts

opening quoteNot in a million years!!!closing quote
Victoria, 15, Oslo

opening quoteI recon I would as long as it's not one of those school learning games like maths or something.closing quote
Jess, 13, Riverside

opening quoteI would buy the game if I thought it looked good and if it was fun then I would carry on playing it. It would be good if I learnt along the way because if I'm having fun then I will take more notice of the lesson.closing quote
Nikki, 13, Somerset

opening quoteAbsolutely NO WAY! Why would you want to? It ruins the point of video games! To get away from school work!closing quote
Malachy, 12, Bedfordshire

opening quoteThe boys I know don't care about world hunger or anything like that. They wouldn't buy a game that doesn't involve guns or car chases and they especially wouldn't buy nothing marketed as 'educational'.closing quote
Amy, 13, Coventry

opening quoteI'm not sure... It doesn't really grab you and make you want to get the game. I would try it at school maybe but not at home because school things stay at school and I would rather be with my mates.closing quote
Charlotte, 14, Leicester

opening quoteI think it's a great idea! I have quite a few education computer games for my PC and I find them fun and you can learn a lot from them. If there are some educational video games as well then you can learn and be amused at the same time!closing quote
Micki, 12, USA

opening quoteYes, as long as it's presented in a good way so it's not school type learning.closing quote
Hazel, 13, Cambridge

opening quoteI wouldn't automatically pick one off the shelf but if you say it's like the Sim City games then I would give it a go. I wouldn't pay over 25 for one though.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Northwich

opening quoteI'd rather play normal games then educational games but if I had to choose from teachers or educational games I'd choose educational games.closing quote
Zarqa, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteI would, but it would depend on the game. If it was anything to do with maths then I'm out of here!closing quote
Eleanor, 11, Milton Keynes

opening quoteYes, It's a good idea. Kids can learn by doing something they love. It will help kids who don't like school.closing quote
David, 12, Cardiff

opening quoteIt seems interesting but I don't think it'll be as fun as other video games, besides we learn about issues like that in school and I think that's enough.closing quote
Layla, 12, London

opening quoteIt depends really- if they seem interesting and attractive they might be a good idea. I probably wouldn't pay for one myself though.closing quote
Elizabeth, 15, Edinburgh

opening quoteNah. In my experience, things that are set out to educate aren't very good.closing quote
Iain, 14, Scotland

opening quoteI think it's pretty bad if they have to educate us with video games despite them saying how we play too many games. But I would give it a go as long as it wasn't expensive. closing quote
Maisy, 14, Southampton

opening quoteI don't think it will work because kids will take world hunger like a computer game, not taking it seriously enough. And people want to be entertained, not taught.closing quote
Andrew, 11, Stavanger

opening quoteIf it's good why not! Teachers are more boring than the actual games!closing quote
Sally, 13, London

opening quoteIf it sounded very good and it wasn't boring, then I might give it a shot.closing quote
Shaun, 12, Bolton

opening quoteI don't know if I would. But there is a first time for everything so I might give it a try.closing quote
Simon, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteI don't know whether I would but I would give it a go for sure!closing quote
Daniel, 13, Newark

opening quoteI would try the demo or something so if I like it I might buy it, but if I don't, I wont.closing quote
Marie, 12, Derby

opening quoteOnly if I enjoyed it and it was reasonably priced-not like everything other game which is over 40 now.closing quote
Chantal, 14, Sevenoaks

opening quoteI don't know, I might have a go at it... depending on if it was fun. I wouldn't buy a game just for the educational benefit, it has to be enjoyable too. some educational games are fun, but usually the fun ones are very well disguised as educational games so they sell moreclosing quote
Kayla, 14, Lincoln

opening quoteYes, definitely. I have a maths and a spelling game on my computer. Something like that would be fun. :)closing quote
Lucy, 12, Kent

opening quoteI'm not sure - they don't seem that fun, but I'd probably give it a go.closing quote
Jon, 12, Chester

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