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  Who'd be your dream cast for Goblet of Fire?
Updated 26 March 2004, 19.01
Could Kate Winslet be Fleur Delacour in Goblet of Fire
It's been rumoured that Kate Winslet has been offered the role of a certain young French wizard in Goblet of Fire!

She's probably not the obvious choice to play the silvery blonde with deep blue eyes...

But if YOU were casting director - who would you get to play Fleur Delacour?

And while we're at it, what about Madame Maxime, Professor Karkaroff, Cedric Diggory, Rita Skeeter, Ludo Bagman, Mad-Eye Moody, Barty Crouch - to name but a few?

Whatever your ideas, let us have 'em!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI think they should cast Hillary Duff as Fleur as she is young and beautiful. As for Madame Maxine, how about Dawn French. I think Kate Winslet is pretty and a great actress but not for Fleur. She would be better as Rita Skeeter.closing quote
Chloe, 14, London

opening quoteWell all I can say is it's not going to be me!!! Keira is good dont get me wrong but I can't see her being Fleur (but i think she could be a good Tonks). Give Kate a chance you never know you might just be surprised. But I do think they should give some new talent a chance.closing quote
Rhiannon, 14, Abergavenny

opening quoteI have now moved back from the UK to Aus and miss it terribly so I would have any good British actor play the parts except those of Madame Maxime, Fleur and Krum who would need to have a French actress and Bulgarian actor behind the character, then again any professional actor who can pull off a French or Bulgarian accent should be allowed to audition.closing quote
Mel, 13, Geelong, Australia

opening quoteI think that Keira Knightley, Cate Blanchet, Reese Witherspoon or even Liv Tyler could get Fleur Delacour. I would like Frankie Muniz to get Cedric Diggory, he's about the age so he would be great.closing quote
Will, 10, Ilkley

opening quoteI think Hilary Duff would make a good Fleur because she is the same age and complexion. I also think Anthony Hopkins would make an extremely good Mad-Eye Moody!!closing quote
Jaspreet, 14, Leicester

opening quoteI think Britney should do it!closing quote
Mark, 14, Bristol

opening quoteI think they should cast Scarlett Johansson as Fleur. How about Geoffrey Rush as Moody and Eli Mariental as Cedric?closing quote
Genny, 14, New York

opening quoteEverybody says that Kate would be too old, but then again, Moaning Myrtle was played by someone far older than the character... I think Kate would do a great job!!closing quote
Addie, 15, USA

opening quoteMadame Maxime - somebody tall. Simon Cowell should be Karkaroff!closing quote
Nicola, 15, Rochdale

opening quoteI think Orlando Bloom should be Cedric or Viktor Krum. And for Cho I'd say...... ME.closing quote
Amy, 13, Limerick

opening quoteI think Marilyn Manson should be Mad-Eye Moody. Hilary Duff should be Fleur. And my deputy headmaster should be Ludo Bagman.closing quote
Hanna, 13, Peterborough

opening quoteKate Winslet is a bit too old - how about Julia Roberts for Tonks? And Fleur should be played by a blonde French actress, or by Keira Knightley, or Lindsey Lohan (Anna from `Freaky Friday`).closing quote
Lise, 13, Altrincham

opening quoteI think Kate Winslet is perfect, she is really beautiful and I don't think people are right in saying that she is too old to play Fleur, because she is pretty and when she acts she becomes the character and anyway they can make her look young just like they did to Elijah Wood in Lord Of The Rings as Frodo Baggins.closing quote
Sadie, 11, Leicester

opening quoteEveryone is saying Keira for Fleur... but she really doesn't look the part to me! Someone like Jodhi May or Alessandra Toreson. I just know that Keira is not right for Fleur!closing quote
Kayla, 13, USA

opening quoteI think Peter Andre should be Cedric and Dot Cotton from Eastenders should be Rita. That would be very funny and nice.closing quote
Amehra, 14, Luton

opening quoteI think Clémence Poésy from Gunpowder Treason and Plot would be the best choice ever!! She's French, really pretty and would pull off looking like a teen which she does already!closing quote
Maryam, 14, Middlesex

opening quoteI would love it if Orlando Bloom played a good role in the HP movies. I think he'd make a great Cedric Diggory but I'd be very sad at the end of GOF because of what happens to Cedric if Orlando bloom was chosen.closing quote
Beeta, 13, Surrey

opening quoteMadame Maxime - Lisa Tarbuck, Rita Skeeter - Lesley Joseph , Ludo Bagman - Bob Mortimer.closing quote
Pedro, 14, New Malden

opening quoteI think maybe Juliette Binoche for Madame Maxime, but maybe Kate Winslet could be Rita Skeeter?closing quote
Ettrick Valley

opening quoteMad-Eye Moody - Billy Connelly. Narcissa Malfoy - Joanna Lumley. Tonks - Jane Horrocks. Fleur - Clémence Poésy. Rita Skeeter - Meera Syal perhaps.closing quote
Mary, 15, Loughborough

opening quoteKeira would be a great Fleur, but what about Elisha Cuthbert? She's a mysterious young beauty. I think that Haley Joel Osment would make a great Cedric, Victor Garber off Alias would make a great Crouch, Ron Rifkin for Bagman, Hugh Jackman as Prf.Karkaroff, Geoffrey Rush as Moody, Sigourney Weaver for Skeeter!! I think that they need to let American actors have a part.closing quote
KC, 14, USA

opening quoteI think Joanna Lumley should be cast as Madam Maxime. She could do the character justice.closing quote
Josie, 13, Sidmouth

opening quoteImagine Johnny Vegas as Ludo Bagman!closing quote
Kass, 15, London
Toby, 14, Suffolk

opening quoteI think for Fleur either Keira Knightley, Anna Friel or Julia Styles, but only if they could carry off the accent.closing quote

opening quoteI think that Jane Horrocks should be Tonks! She'd be great! I agree with Eddy that Ludivine would be good as Fleur, don't you think that Jason Isaacs should be Karkaroff?! closing quote
Alice, 14, Worcester

opening quoteI definitely think it should either be Keira Knightley or an unknown French actress. Kate Winslet is pretty and all, but she's much too old to be playing a 17-year-old!closing quote
Ady, 14, USA

opening quoteFleur is French so I think it should be a French actress.closing quote
David, 15, Aberdeen

opening quoteI think a young 16 year old actress, who hasn't has a chance at fame yet. What about the girl who plays Wendy in Peter Pan, she is new and fabulous, there are so many talented girls out there who haven't been found yet.closing quote
Bekah, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteShe is way too old. I wouldn't cast anyone American or English because they haven't got a native accent. The casting directors should start the auditions now in France.closing quote
Jenny, 10, Cambridgeshire

opening quoteI would cast Cate Blanchett - she'd be perfect and I've always thought Colin Farrell would be a good Cedric - maybe?closing quote
Tesni, 14, Somerset

opening quoteFleur Delacor - Jenny from Atomic Kitten. Madame Maxime - Pam Ferris. Professor Karkaroff - Harry Judd. Cedric Diggory - Jamie Bell. Rita Skeeter - Jamie Lee Curtis. Ludo Bagman - George Michael. Mad-Eye Moody - Tim Henman. Barty Crouch - David Tomlinson.closing quote
Hazel, 12, Cambridge

opening quoteI can see where they got the idea of using Kate, as she is very pretty but I agree that she is too old. I think that somebody like Reese Witherspoon (although it would be hard for her to hide the accent) would be really good as Fleur.closing quote
Rhionnan, 13, Windsor

opening quoteHmm, probably Billy Connolly for Mad-Eye Moody, John Malkovich for Karkaroff and Guy Burnet, the one who plays Craig Dean in Hollyoaks for Cedric Diggory.closing quote
Loni, 12, London

opening quoteKate Winslet seems a bit too old doesn't she? I agree with Sarah - Keira Knightley would be funny as Tonks! Bernard Hill would be funny as Ludo Bagman though! He was Theoden in LOTR. Though it would be funny if someone was cast as Fleur and had a really tacky French accent!! he he that would be fun!closing quote
Maddy, 14, Dorset

opening quoteI'd definitely cast Billy Connolly for Mad-Eye Moody. I think Kate Winslet is a bit old though.closing quote
Emma, 13, Ayrshire

opening quoteI think Sarah was on the right path with Keira for Tonks. How about Mischa Barton (The O.C.) for Fleur?closing quote
James, 16, Wicklow

opening quoteI think the cast should include Piper Perabo, Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson or Naomi Watts. And the guys could be Orlando Bloom or Jude Law.closing quote
Kimberley, 15, Florida

opening quoteI would choose Ludivine Sagnier (Tinkerbell in Peter Pan), as she is French but can speak English and is a great actress too.closing quote
Eddy, 15, Blackburn

opening quoteI think Liv Tyler. She's a great actress and would suit a French wizard perfectly. Bring on the contract!closing quote
Lorna, 12, Hampshire

opening quoteI'd cast Kate Winslet. I think she's so pretty and I would definitely cast BUSTED! I'd also cast Sclub 8 and Hugh Grant - oh and Hannah Spearitt!closing quote
Josie, 11, Southend-on-Sea

opening quoteMaybe Kirsten Dunst for Fleur? She'd be great at it!closing quote
Sarah, 11, Shropshire

opening quoteI think that Kate Winslet would do a good job just I think she's a bit too old Fleur is meant to be 17 and Kate Winslet is something like 27 so I think that's just a little too old.closing quote
Margaret, 13, Belfast

opening quoteWell I definitely wouldn't cast Kate Winslet as Fleur! She's far too old!! I don't think I'd cast anyone who's known because they're all too old! I reckon Dawn French would be brilliant as Madame Maxime or Rita Skeeter - she'd bring a real comedic streak to them.closing quote
Sammi, 15, Eastbourne

opening quoteI'd cast an unknown actor and hold auditions all round the UK, see if Harry Potter can't make another star out of a normal kid.closing quote
Cat, 15, Glasgow

opening quoteBeth has a good idea about Keira for Fleur, but I think Keira would be much better as Tonks in OOTP! As for Cedric Diggory, I don't mind who they pick, as long as it's not Jack Rider!closing quote
Sarah, 14, Grimsby

opening quoteWell, Kate Winslet's a bit too old isn't she? I think Keira Knightley as she's much younger and sooo beautiful!!closing quote
Beth, 13, Glasgow

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