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  Should popstars be squeaky clean?
Updated 24 March 2004, 18.54
Flawless is out of Big Brovaz
Big Brovaz' Flawless is out of the band after being caught with cannabis.

So do YOU think that popstars should always maintain a squeaky clean image because they're in the public eye?

Do they have a responsibility to set a good example and not let their band or fans down?

Or do you think that as they're only human, they can sometimes make mistakes?

Whatever you think, e-mail and let us know.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI don't think we should expect popstars to maintain a squeaky clean image all the time, because when it comes down to it they are only human beings it isn't their fault that it's reported if they even look at someone the wrong way!closing quote
Brandi, 14, London

opening quoteI think that celebs should definitely think very carefully about their actions and the kind of message that will be sent out to public. They should definitely take their responsibilities of being a role model a lot more seriously than they do at the moment.closing quote
Kathryn, 14, Surrey

opening quotePeople are influenced more by the people around them than celebrities. Nobody I know would try drugs because a celebrity has. Sacking Flawless was harsh, and gives the message that people aren't allowed to make mistakes, everyone has to be squeaky clean... and that's going to cause a major problem itself. Famous people shouldn't have a responsibility to set a good example for the youth, that's down to the parents and teachers of children, not anybody else.closing quote
Vicky, 15, Letchworth

opening quoteNah. We need to remember they're human too. I mean, they shouldn't go around like shooting people or something, but they shouldn't be idolised as, like Gods or something.closing quote
Susan, 14, Wiltshire

opening quoteI think they should keep a clean profile because young people have idols to look up to and their influence on them should be good.closing quote
Vicki, 13, Stoke

opening quoteHow about we just let them sing and ignore what they do any other time?closing quote
Imogen, 13, Isle of Wight

opening quoteThis goes beyond just popstars. People shouldn't go around practising unhealthy behaviours. Popstars aren't any better than the rest of us, so they shouldn't do things the rest of us shouldn't do. Popstars aren't squeaky clean, because no one is perfect; but they know that if they mess up, that the media will show it to the rest of the world.closing quote
Anne, 15, USA

opening quoteNo, they shouldn't because if a non-famous person took drugs, the public wouldn't really care much but if a famous person took drugs, people would have a bigger reaction. I think people are just shocked because it's a person that we know so well.closing quote
Anne, 12, Bromley

opening quoteI think popstars should have a good reputation. If they don't, that doesn't set a good example to kids.closing quote
Sarah, 11, Shropshire

opening quoteAren't these popstars supposed to be role models? Being part of a huge band like Big Brovaz means that you have a responsibility, and you influence people to do a certain thing, etc. Will Big Brovaz still have the same reputation as before?closing quote
Sophia, 14, Essex

opening quoteOui! It gives them a bad reputation and puts their career in jeopardy.closing quote
Anwen, 11, Caerdydd

opening quoteNo way. People should be respected for their individuality. Shouldn't it be all about the music? Musicians should be able to live their lives normally, they don't have to be perfect to sell records. They shouldn't be something they're not.closing quote
Claire, 12, London

opening quoteNo other person would be let off with cannabis in their pocket, so he shouldn't get away with it. Especially as it had lots of press and fans at the premiere so he should of been setting a much better example.closing quote
Sarah, 12, Oxford

opening quoteIf famous people take drugs or smoke or do stupid stuff like that then kids (even if they know the consequences) are likely to follow the celebs. So yes they should set a good example.closing quote
Phoebe, 14, South Yorkshire

opening quoteI do think popstars should be squeaky clean because children look up to them in a way and they should set a good example.closing quote
Kimberley, 12, Sunderland

opening quoteI think popstars are humans like the rest of us and sometimes they mess up. I think that if they do it shouldn't be dragged through the tabloids.closing quote
Rosie, 14, Oxford

opening quotePopstars are constantly in the public eye and will always have young people looking up to them, and so mistakes they make could be copied. They have to be extremely careful, because they are setting an example. I think it was the right thing to do to sack Flawless, it shows to fans of the band that it was the wrong thing to do, and he'd been irresponsible and in the wrong.closing quote
Abby, 15, St. Albans

opening quoteNot everyone is perfect. I think he should still be in the band until Scooby Doo comes out so he'll get credit for singing 2 of the songs on the soundtrack.closing quote
Jenny, 10, USA

opening quoteYeah, because so many people look up to them and their behaviour has to influence people in the right way, not making it look cool to do drugs or things like that.closing quote
Judith, 13, London

opening quoteYeah, I think so as they should use their public influence in a good way and be more careful about how they conduct their private life.closing quote
Sally, 14, Bolton


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