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  Is wearing fur acceptable?
Updated 22 March 2004, 11.16
Coats made from hamster fur sparked outrage from animal rights groups and customers when they went on sale in a shop in Scotland.

But it seems the popularity of fur is on the increase, with celebrities like Beyonce and models on the catwalks wearing it.

But do you think wearing fur is acceptable?

Perhaps you think it's fine as long as the animals are not reared for their fur or endangered?

Or perhaps you think that it's no different to wearing leather?

Whatever you have to say, e-mail and let us know.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteNo because we eat animals, so why do people make a fuss about wearing them?!closing quote
Egbert, 11, Cambridge

opening quoteI hate the fact that animals are killed just for their fur because humans are selfish and feel they have to look good. Who cares? Other animals don't, so why should we? People seem to think that because animals can't talk, they can't feel pain.closing quote
Eleanor, 10, Leeds

opening quoteI think that it is wrong!! Very very wrong!! I mean how can anybody buy a coat made out of hamsters? I can understand about animal testing because there is actually a point to it but I can't understand the point of wearing a hamster coat!closing quote
Sophie, 13, Berkshire

opening quoteI think it is ok to wear the skin of an animal but only when its meat is used, because it is wasting all the benefits of the animal! The hamster story is horrible because you can't eat hamster meat so I do agree in wearing fur - but not endangered species or non-edible animals.closing quote
Liana, 14, Bournemouth

opening quoteI think it is really cruel. I have a fake fur coat and I let people know it is fake fur. I would never, ever wear fur. Leather is a completely different subject because the cows are killed for the meat so the leather is just made out of the extra bits that would be chucked away.closing quote
Jo, 13, Melksham

opening quoteIt's only hamsters.closing quote
Hannah, 13, Gloucester

opening quoteI think wearing fur is OK because if the animal is going to be killed anyway then wearing the fur is OK. Although I don't think that killing endangered species is fine, that's a terrible thing to do.closing quote
Natalie, 13, Canada

opening quoteOk...hamster fur is just cruel. But I don't really mind all other animals. I don't wear fur personally, but I'm not going to attack someone who does, and it does look nice. I do care about the animals but I'm 50/50 on this one.closing quote
Dee, 13, Canada

opening quoteI think leather is ok because the rest of the animal is used as well by humans as meat. But, when animals are killed just for fashion and used for nothing else - I think that is wrongclosing quote
Becca, 15, Maidstone

opening quoteIt's the same as wearing leather or having a leather bag, we all have something leather!!!!! Leather comes from an animal and so does fur so what's so different??closing quote
Hayley, 13, West Sussex

opening quoteIt isn't acceptable at all, I think it is totally wrong and should be banned completely, I even think leather is wrong.closing quote
Sarah, 15, Basingstoke

opening quoteI can't believe people saying it's not right to use animals as clothing because about 98% of them will be wearing leather shoes.closing quote
Amna, 12, New Mills

opening quoteFake fur is so much nicer. It's cheaper and animal-friendly, Also you can get it any colour you want! You don't see purple striped hamsters every day do you?closing quote
Natalie, 15, Lincoln

opening quoteIt puts humans to shame, why should animals suffer for us? It's not as if we need fur. Fur is nice but much nicer on living animals.closing quote
Emma, 12, Newcastle

opening quoteI think that wearing hamster fur is not acceptable. If it was dead before you took the fur from it might be ok but it's just as bad as wearing leather. I wear leather school shoes but no other leather.closing quote
Imogen, 15, Exeter

opening quoteI think wearing real fur is cruel. How would people feel if their skin was shaved off. It's not fair!!!!!!closing quote
Nicola, 10, Glasgow

opening quoteI think wearing any kind of fur or skin is absolutely horrible because the animals have feelings too. They can't say their opinion - that's why we have to.closing quote
Stacey, 11, Blyth

opening quoteCall me cruel, but I have loads of fur in my wardrobes. I don't see why people find it unacceptable if they wear leather, it's basically the same thing. Just because cows aren't as cute as kangaroos or chinchillas doesn't mean you can't wear their skins.closing quote
Lilli, 13, London

opening quoteI think it's sick that animals have to give up their lives just to make us look good. Who cares what other people wear? Leather and fur are wrong and no-one should wear them! It's sick!!!closing quote
Clare, 13, Pershore

opening quoteI don't think we should be so worried about the fur, there are plenty of other things animals are killed for that are much worse, but I don't agree with fur for fashion.closing quote
Molly, 12, Oxford

opening quoteI think it's wrong with all my heart. But even though it's the same as wearing leather, it still feels worseclosing quote
Florence, 13, London

opening quoteI don't think it is fair to kill hamsters just for their fur, it's just like the argument with elephants and tusks.closing quote
Michael, 11, Huddersfield

opening quoteI think it is so selfish. The hamster is an innocent creature which gets it's life stolen for some silly fashion fiasco. The celebrities are so wrapped up in looking good they don't stop to think that they are wearing a dead creature. The fashion won't last that long so all those animals were killed for nothing. It's an outrage.closing quote
Elycia, 12, Stevenage

opening quoteI think that it's really, really annoying when people say that they can wear fur because animals don't mind because humans are the only species who feel pain. Humans can't be superior to animals because humans are animals themselves. If anyone is superior, I'd say it was the animals!closing quote
Wolf, 12, Kent

opening quoteYes. It looks nice and it's not that bad.closing quote
Joe, 11, Manchester

opening quoteI think that wearing fur is totally wrong but leather is alright because the cows are eaten too, they're not just being killed for their skin.closing quote
Sophie, 11, Gosport

opening quoteIf you think about it, you can't make a long fur coat out of one hamster - you have to kill loads which is very wrong. Also people are killing endangered animals such as tigers which in my opinion is evil because tigers are my fave animal and need protecting.closing quote
Tanya, 14, Michigan, USA

opening quoteIf people want to wear fur, why don't they just wear fake fur? It seems pointless to kill innocent animals just for fashion.closing quote
Amanda, 12, Isle of Lewis

opening quoteNo, it isn't morally wrong as fur is acceptable as humans have been wearing it since the stone age. We need to control the amount of animals killed however but lets face it - the hamster isn't about to get extinct as they breed so often.closing quote
James, 16, Manchester

opening quoteMorally, it's no different to wearing leather but it is so unnecessary to wear hamster fur, and as for tiger fur etc, that is really bad because tigers are an endangered species.closing quote
Sophie, 13, Edinburgh

opening quoteI think that it's horrible to wear animal fur, especially when they're bred for that purpose. It's horrific!closing quote
Sarah, 11, Bridgnorth

opening quoteI think that wearing fur is horrid, just because animals can't talk doesn't mean they can be treated wrongly. I never try to wear fur, and no one else should!closing quote
Samia, 13, Brighton

opening quoteKilling animals for fur to wear is wrong and cruel. It shouldn't be acceptable and I find it disgusting that people wear fur or leather just because of fashion. closing quote
Becky, 14, Wales

opening quoteI think that any item of clothing should be banned if it is made out of fur! Some fake fur looks just as real and effective so why not just use that!closing quote
Michelle, 15

opening quoteI don't think so. Maybe it's no different to leather but it seems so much more lifelike and cruel which puts me off.closing quote
Jo, 14, Manchester

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