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  Do you support drug tests on kids?
Updated 20 May 2004, 19.13
What are your views on random drug tests in schools?
From this week, parents will be able to buy drug testing kits to check if you've been taking them.

Earlier this year the Prime Minister suggested that schools should test pupils too - and this already happens in schools in America.

How do you feel about it?

Will it stop kids taking drugs? And do you think it's fair that any child could be tested?

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opening quoteI don't know why everyone makes a fuss about privacy. It makes me feel safer knowing drug users could get caught before I get offered drugs from them.closing quote
Beth, 11, Nottingham

opening quoteI think the drug test is a good idea. because I have nothing to hide and hopefully this will stop young children taken them and harming themselvesclosing quote
Amy, 15, Bristol

opening quoteI think it is a useless idea coz it is their life and if they want to b stupid and take drugs then so b it!closing quote
Dani, 13, Crawley

opening quoteI think that drug tests are a good idea. It is easy for us to say that we don't want them, but they are there to protect us. If a child had been taking drugs and is caught, then it will be easier to stop him now then if he takes it for years and grows up to be an addict.closing quote
Ben, 13, London

opening quoteI'm sort of midway. It's good because they might be able to help people if they are on drugs but it can be offensive because it looks like that they think you could be on drugs.closing quote
Holly, 11, Great Missenden

opening quoteI think that it is a good thing but that it should be done in schools once a week on a random day at a random time so that kids don't know when it is and won't bunk off. Drugs are an increasing problem among young people in this country and so this would hopefully reduce the problem.closing quote
Charlie, 15, Devon

opening quoteI do support drugs tests in school because it doesn't hurt and you don't get expelled if you are taking them, plus they offer help and advice and I think this is the way forward.closing quote
Grace, 11, Cirencester

opening quoteI think that drug tests are a stupid idea and teenagers should have privacy. If their parents are concerned they should talk to them and help them with the situation. All this would do is result in bad relationships between the parent and the child.closing quote
Phil, 14, Harrogate

opening quoteWhy should I? I don't take drugs so I don't see any problems. I don't understand how it invades privacy. People who skip school the day off the test obviously have something to hide.closing quote
Juliette, 13, Cardiff

opening quoteI think that nobody should be tested for drugs with or without parent permission. It is an invasion into our personal privacy! If I were asked to take part in a drugs test at school I would probably refuse because I feel they have no right to ask such a thing and it would be accusing me of something. A person should only be asked by police if there is reason to believe that they have a drug problem. closing quote
Craig, 15, Liverpool

opening quoteIf you know you haven't taken drugs then you have nothing to worry about and the test should be no problem. It will make drug users worry and it will catch them out, so it is a good idea. It is not an invasion of privacy, it is just looking out for young people to keep them safe.closing quote
Alex, 16, Colchester

opening quoteI think it's a good idea and it will make children stop taking drugs.closing quote
Craig, 12, Liverpool

opening quoteI think that the drug tests are a brilliant idea as now parents can trust you to go out and wont have to ring you constantly and it will give us a bit more freedom to go out with our mates when we like without parents being suspiciousclosing quote
David, 12, Rugeley

opening quoteWell I think it's bad because it's invading our privacy and it's like people don't trust us.closing quote
Charlotte, 10, Burnley

opening quoteI think it is good and bad because it can help cut down the amount of drug users but it can also make us think that our parents don't trust us.closing quote
Amy, 13, Cheltenham

opening quoteI think it's a terrible idea. Schools shouldn't have the right to invade your privacy in any way, and students who do take drugs will just bunk off more and more if they think they might be tested.closing quote
Polly, 13, Norwich

opening quoteIt is a good idea to test children for drugs, because they are the people most at risk from them. But why not test adults too? Just because they're older doesn't make them immune to drugs.closing quote
Hazel, 12, Cambridge

opening quoteI think that parents and schools have a responsibility to make sure kids aren't taking drugs and are happy at school. Drug tests are a good idea because even if kids bunk off school they'll just have to take the tests when they return.closing quote
Amz, 12, UK

opening quoteI suppose it's o.k but if I have to take one I'll feel really annoyed. I don't see why they have to test innocent people. Anyway, what's it got to do with teachers what we do out of school? It's stupid taking drugs but it's none of their business, is it?closing quote
Anna, 12, Manchester

opening quoteIt is just stupid, we should be trusted sometimes and not always treated as if we are lying because not a lot of teenagers do drugs.closing quote
Patrick, 12, Trowbridge

opening quoteYes because it will hopefully reduce drug use in young people. Also those who take drugs can be given help to understand the dangers and quit.closing quote
Tesni,14, Somerset

opening quoteI think that kids shouldn't be tested, as in most cases, they have been given the drugs by someone else, and that someone else often hasn't taken any themselves. It's just a way to get children into trouble. Their drinks could have been spiked, or someone could have given them a drug pretending it was a sweet. It really shouldn't happen.closing quote
Catherine, 13, Chester

opening quoteI think it should not be done because it's an invasion of privacy. Adults can be very judgemental and believe that kids are all the same, but we all have our individual personality.closing quote
Sara, 13, London

opening quoteI'm worried that addicts who are caught will just be punished a lot. Expelling a student who is taking drugs because they are troubled will not make things any better for them. People who are caught should be HELPED, not punished, but I doubt the school would bother to do that.closing quote
Rowena, 15, London

opening quoteWell if you have nothing to hide then why should you be worried about the test, it's only the people who take drugs that should be worried because they might get caught.closing quote
Hannah, 15, Manchester

opening quoteI think this will cut down on the use of drugs in school, although kids will bunk off school when they know what day the tests are on so schools should not enable the right for children to find out which day the test is on...if you have nothing to hide then what do you have to be worried about! closing quote
Lauren, 12, Aylesbury

opening quoteI think drugs tests in school is a bad idea because it's up to them what they do in free time and I don't think that teachers should be spending their time dealing with this. It is their job to teach and it is up to people like councillors to deal with situations like this. All teenagers go through a rebellious stage and this is just part of life, they shouldn't be stopped, as long as the problems did not escalate.closing quote
Amy, 15, Hampshire

opening quoteI'm not too sure if it is only for suspected drug users, but if it is, then that's ok, if they have sufficient evidence. If it is like an all school test, no exceptions, it is a bad idea. It would be very embarrassing and if you don't do drugs, but the test made a mistake then that would also be a terrible idea to bring it in!!!closing quote
Chris, 14, Stowmarket

opening quoteI think it's a really good idea because more and more people are taking drugs, which is why I think it's a good idea for drugs tests in schools.closing quote
Ashleigh, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteI think it's a good and bad idea. I think that if pupils have nothing to hide then they won't mind taking the tests. Then again I think they shouldn't warn pupils because they might bunk off school.closing quote
Leanne, 14, Cardiff

opening quoteI don't think pupils should have to take the drugs tests. Pupils could easily have an allergic reaction to needles and could be scared of needles like myself.closing quote
Holly, 11, Upton

opening quoteI'm not too sure about the idea because what if they accuse some innocent kid that hasn't been taking drugs but then on the other hand they're invading children's privacy and us children do have rights.closing quote
Rachel, 11, London

opening quoteNo I do not think you should have drug tests in school - the problem is out side school - stamp that out first.closing quote
Edward, 11, Rugby

opening quoteI think it is a good idea as kids will learn something from it and stop using drugs.closing quote
Naz, 12, Wolverhampton

opening quoteNo, it's too extreme kids education will be affected 'cos they will skip school for long periods of time to miss a drugs test, this kind of thing shouldn't happen in schools, though it might cut down on the amount of people using drugs.closing quote
Eleanor, 13 Yeovil

opening quoteI think it would be partly a good idea and partly a bad idea. It might stop kids from taking drugs but it might cause problems like people skipping school and innocent people not being able to have as much freedom.closing quote
Jules, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteI think it is a violation of some students rights. Especially if the kids who are getting tested aren't the ones who will need to be tested. closing quote
Kat, 13, USA

opening quoteDrugs are becoming a major problem in our society and more children are taking drugs. Something drastic needs to be done to prevent this, after all drugs ruin lives. I'm not sure if testing in schools is the best idea but it could help, if a child is suspected of taking drugs then it should be done.closing quote
Lea, 15, Nottingham

opening quoteI think it is a bad idea because the teachers pick on individual pupils, and they could be innocent, and it is up to us what we do with our bodies, cos nobody owns us!closing quote
Cat, 13, Preston

opening quoteThey used to do that at my school for a while but they've stopped now. I think it's completely unfair and it's invading the children's privacy. It seems to me the UK is becoming quite close to a big brother stateclosing quote
Hannah, 14, Dublin

opening quoteIt is a good idea, at least people who take drugs are expelled so that they can't force others, but the tests should not be done in front of another pupil because if one pupil finds out, he or she will tell the others. They should get sniffer dogs instead!!closing quote
Safira, 13, Leicester

opening quoteI think that drug tests shouldn't be tried at school because the parents should take part in stopping under age smoking and drug taking.closing quote
Steph, 14, Ripon

opening quoteI think it's good because if there are children that are taking drugs they might be able to put a stop to it.closing quote
Bethan, 8, Portsmouth

opening quoteI think it is a good idea to bring sniffer dog into class, it will save more people from death!!! But the results would have to be confidential!closing quote
Luke, 10, Bridgend

opening quoteIf you've nothing to hide - what's all the fuss about eh? I think it's a brill idea.closing quote
Peter, 12, London

opening quoteI think that it is a really bad idea because it's got nothing to do with the teachers what we get up to and they have no right to go through our personal stuff.closing quote
Jo, 15, Horley

opening quoteI think you should be tested because drugs are serious stuff and they can ruin your life.closing quote
Ameena, 11, Birmingham

opening quoteI think it's a good idea, especially in some schools like mine as there are some problems with drugs. But I'm not sure how big an effect it would have on the problem and if it's really worth it.closing quote
Anna, 15, Edinburgh

opening quoteI'm strongly against testing teens because it is a total invasion of privacy and is quite hypocritical seeing as Tony Blair has backed the reclassification of cannabis but is now trying to crack down on drugs in schools. I think teachers will use it unfairly.closing quote
Frank, 14, Bristol

opening quoteI think it's wrong to test kids because kids aren't educated on drugs enough until later education. We're still only taught that drugs are bad. I only know about drugs because of my personal experience and researching myself.closing quote
Jim, 14, Chorley

opening quoteIt's a very good idea. Too many people are starting on drugs and ruining their minds. I just hope this happens in France soon.closing quote
Beatrice, 14, France

opening quoteThere's nothing to be scared of if you don't take drugs so I agree with the testing.closing quote
Claire, 13, Essex

opening quoteAt my school some people came in to teach us what to do if we are offered a drug - they even put on a short play. This is much better because I nearly threw up when they said the additives that they put in. I found this fun AND very effective it is much better than any tests!!closing quote
Gina, 12, Bucks

opening quoteIf they do this then it would make the school 'drug-cautious'! If someone is found with drugs then other students taking drugs will try and stop, to prevent themselves being caught!closing quote
Richard, 13, Hereford

opening quoteI do think it is a good idea, but there are some kids who don't want to give up drugs so they are going to bunk off school. I don't think they should take drugs. Drugs are bad so I do support the idea but I don't think that great results will come from it.closing quote
Katie, 13, London

opening quoteI think it's a great idea. True it's up to us what we do with our lives, but drugs don't do any good. I know people who took drugs when they were young and got away with it because no one knew or were able to stop them. Their lives have been ruined now. All it does is give you a chance to get away from your problems, but when you come off the drugs they're still there. I think this new testing will show students that they can't just get away with it and give them an idea of how serious it is. It will also prevent them from passing the drugs onto other people.closing quote
Saffron, 15, Doncaster

opening quoteI'm kinda 50/50 on this. It's good 'coz it will probably stop people on drugs taking them near school with the fear of their parents being told. But it's bad 'coz then these kids might just skip school in case they get caught with drugs. Also, this probably won't stop people taking them, as this is only during school time, so they could take them when they're not at school, so it won't fully stop drug takers.closing quote
Kate, 13, Aylesbury

opening quoteThe teachers in schools do say not to take drugs because they show you what happens to people who take drugs.closing quote
Mark, 11, Liverpool

opening quoteI live in the United States, and after reading Sally of Liverpool's comment I would have to agree with her. I have had my locker and bags checked by the police at my school because their dogs made a false "sniff". But anyway, I felt totally invaded and I don't think other people should feel that way.closing quote
Megan, 13, USA

opening quoteI think it's a great idea! Though people do say students will skip school, if the parents find out that they are doing this at least those people who bunk will be sectioned out. What's the point of education if you are restricted from learning because of addiction to drugs? I do believe that bag searching is a violation against our human rights but if people have nothing to hide by taking a drug test, why not take it?closing quote
Izzie, 15, London

opening quoteI think it is a good idea as the point will come across to those who take drugs. It will warn them they should take more care and be sensible by not taking hazardous drugs that can kill.closing quote
Aashina, 11, Essex

opening quoteI think it's a really good idea and could help kids with drug problems. If you've got nothing to hide then why would you be afraid of being tested?closing quote
Reeta, 14, Redditch

opening quoteI think this is a terrible idea. Our bags will be searched and it will restrict our freedom and personal space. We are just copying America. closing quote
Sally, 16, Liverpool

opening quoteI think it's a really good idea to have drug tests, some people in my year have all ready been excluded because of drugs. One of them tried to make one of my friends take drugs.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Southampton

opening quoteIt's a bad idea, children will skip school and it invades their civil rights and privacy, it might have its benefits but does that make it right?closing quote
Claire, 11, London

opening quoteYes I think it is fair that kids should be tested but they should not know when it will happen coz kids will stay away from school on that day if they have taken drugs which could affect their learning.closing quote
Ellen, 13, Macclesfield

opening quoteI think its a terrible idea - we live in a police state now where even the kids are treated as criminals! closing quote
Victoria, 16, Basingstoke

opening quoteI think it's a good idea because it would help addicts to become more open and it will also help other children to be more aware of their dangerous surroundings.closing quote
Pritha, 14, Heston

opening quoteI think it is quite a bad idea. If students know when the tests are they won't come to school on that day. What's more important, getting an education or having a test and missing lessons?closing quote
Sonia, 15, Waterloo

opening quoteI think that yet again it's a form of big brother. I agree that drugs are wrong, but school shouldn't just be able to test you, and hand the results over to random people, there would need to be strict guidelines, and parental permission would be a MUST every time the test is carried out, which would obviously be done in private away from other students.closing quote
Bex, 15, UK

opening quoteIt's so stupid I think coz all it means is kids will bunk more coz they know they will b caught out. How does it concern the school what u do in your social life, it's your life and your choice what you do, also will it lead to court cases like Dwain Chambers where the school pupils claim they r innocent.closing quote
Rosie, 14, London

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