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  What did you think of the Brits 2004?
Updated 22 February 2004, 13.59

The Darkness won the most gongs of the evening and gave a flamboyant performance.

And Busted, Justin and Dido picked up two awards each.

So what did you think of the Brits 2004?

Did the people you want to win get awards?

What did you think of the performances? Who was top and who just flopped?!

And do you even know who Duran Duran are?!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quotewhy did Beyonce and Outkast even bother to say they were doing a collaboration as they didn't even sing together?!! Justin really deserved to win those awards cos he was the best person there!! It would of been really gr8 he performed though!closing quote
Bekki, 12, Teddington

opening quoteI wanted busted to win! I can't believe the darkness won 3! It's not even as if they're good. They are also getting too big-headed and plain rude.closing quote
Anon, 13, London

opening quoteBUSTED ROCKED!!!!!! AND THE DARKNESS!!! Big up to Daniel and Dido too - well done guys. Outkast/Beyonce didn't collaborate, but I loved the brits!!! closing quote
Chris, 14, Cornwall

opening quoteThe Brits were fab!! The performance by Missy Elliot, Alicia Keyes and Gwen Stefani was amazing, The Darkness and Dido were true winners! Every bit was magic!closing quote
Siobhan, 13, Cumbria

opening quoteI only caught the last hour!! I was gutted! I was in Dublin so when we got back to the hotel I legged it up to the room so I could see as much as I could of it! I think it was good! The people who won awards deserved them in my opinion.closing quote
Fion, 13, Cardiff

opening quoteI thought the performance by Muse was amazing and couldn't compete with The Darkness although they were good. Muse should have won the award as The Darkness have too many!closing quote
Naomi, 14, Portsmouth

opening quoteDido should have turned up. I'm glad Daniel Bedingfield won best solo male because I think he is amazing and I feel so sorry for him because of his accident. Busted's performance rocked I think that they did pretty well for the first act on because Matt kept saying that he was really nervous. However how come Muse were not up for more awards because they were in best rock act and it was obvious they were not gonna win it as it was made for The Darkness! Muse's performance rocked! Glad that the Darkness stole the show they have really brightened up British music and taken us away from the pop idols! But I do not think they should crack USA as we need The Darkness - they're ours!closing quote
Lottie, 14, Bucks

opening quoteBusted deserved to win awards but the Darkness didn't because all they do is get up on stage in catsuits and sing horribly. Busted also should have beaten the Darkness in Best British Group!closing quote
Rachel, 11, Aberdeenshire

opening quoteThe Darkness saved us all with their amazing performance after the sick-making Busted yoodled away in the wrong key. The Brits defiantly did the best British band justice, the Darkness won 3 awards!!! YAY!!!!!!! This was a good year!closing quote
Genny, 13, Chorleywood

opening quoteWhat?! Excuse my ignorance, but I don't think any of the winners actually have any musical talent, please correct me if I'm wrong!closing quote
Judith, 13, North Lincolnshire

opening quoteBusted ROCK, great awards, great 'speeches' and great singing. The Darkness are total RUBBISH they can't sing they just squeal and shouldn't have got any awards, in my opinion anyway.closing quote
Frances, 11, Chorley

opening quoteThey need to make some new categories to credit the people who actually make good music. We need a 'best ska band/song,' best reggae, and best BRITISH NOT AMERICAN singer/songwriter. BIG UP TO DIDO, THE BEST SINGER/SONGWRITER THIS COUNTRY HAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!closing quote
SB, 12, South East

opening quoteomg! Busted are the best band ever and I love them to bits! I think they ruled the show and did the best performance! closing quote
Livvy, 14, Farnham

opening quoteI am really big Muse fan and I think they performed really well and deserved the award for best British rock band, but The Darkness are good too. A lot of people are saying Beyonce and Outkast weren't good but I thought they were fantastic. Alicia Keyes, Gwen Stefani and Missy Elliot were brill, so were Jamie Cullum and Katie, The Darkness were good too but Coldplay should have been up for something, and Muse. The Coral and The Thrills should have won something too. Justin has done well for himself and so has Beyonce. Over all the Brits was good but we need more MUSE!closing quote
Alice, 13 Wolverhampton

opening quoteWhy did Busted get any awards - they're rubbish. The Darkness rock - they should get all the awards.closing quote
Joanne, 13, Leicester

opening quoteThe Brits were good but not excellent. They could have improved it. Busted's performance was rubbish - that's all they do get on stage and jump. Alicia Keys, Missy Elliot and Gwen's performance was good. The Beyonce and Outkast was NOT a collaboration. Outcast was better than Beyonce.closing quote
Sukhvir, 14, Leicester

opening quoteI'm glad that Lemar won, and Busted, but The Darkness are rubbish and shouldn't have won anything. The Sugababes should have won Best British Group.closing quote
Sophie, 11, Gosport

opening quoteExcuse me, r u saying The Darkness won THREE awards!!!! Has the world gone deaf? They scream with voices that could crack a mirror and they show their hairy chests which disturbed me for months. Rachel Stevens should have won Best British single, and Darkness should be locked up 2 save our ears.closing quote
Bella, 16, London

opening quoteWhat is the point of calling it the Brits when most of them are Americans?closing quote
Gemma, 15, Kings Lynn

opening quoteI am very happy that Busted won two awards and I loved the duet kiss and I was surprised that Dido did not win best album but I loved it!!!closing quote
Debbie, 10, York

opening quoteI think some of the performances were great, but who are Duran Duran? Daniel Bedingfield should have won two awards, he totally deserves it! The Outcast and Beyonce collaboration was not good, I thought they were going to sing together! Well, to round it up, Last year's BRITS was better than this one.closing quote
Intisar, 15, London

opening quoteCat Deeley was a good presenter but how many times did she change her outfit!!closing quote
Tim, 15, Stock

opening quoteWhy does no-one prepare a speech for when they win. Everyone just says the same old stuff. Dido was the best.closing quote
Jamie, 8, Essex

opening quoteSome of the bands nominated were ones I have never heard of, eg. Lemon Jelly, Goldfrapp and Kings of Leon. How can they be nominated if they have no chart songs and no-one knows who they are?!closing quote
Holly, 13, Liverpool

opening quoteI couldn't be bothered to watch it. I turned over a few times to see what was happening, but the band that was singing at the time was singing so badly I couldn't watch anymore.closing quote
Flick, 16, Sussex

opening quoteI was happy that Busted won the awards that were voted for by the public! Especially the best Pop Act. That'll show some of the haters who think they are trying to be rock when they are not! They are pop and can now prove it! I didn't like some of the performances - the Beyonce/Outkast collaboration wasn't a collaboration and the Darkness' performance was so gimmicky and OTT it looked tacky.closing quote
Laura, 14, Essex

opening quoteI thought that the Brits were better than last year. The best bit was when Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys and Missy Elliot did the song Kiss together!closing quote
Sarah, 14, Bedfordshire

opening quoteI thought it was very good, but what about that 5 minute delay? That ruined it all! I'm glad Dido, Daniel and Busted won something!closing quote
Millie, 9, Codsall

opening quoteGlad The Darkness won, GO GLAM ROCK! And also, Beyonce deserved to win her award. And I loved her 10,000 dress!closing quote
Katie, 14, London

opening quoteI think that Jamelia should have got something as she deserved itclosing quote
Rachel, 12, West Sussex

opening quoteI thought the Brits was rubbish last night - half of the people didn't deserve their award. Beyonce shouldn't have got an award or The Darkness or Justin Timberlake - it should have been Dizzee Rascal and Misteeq. What in the world was that! And Cat Deeley was a bit of a copy cat, changing her clothes just like Christina Aguilera on the last MTV Award ceremony.closing quote
Jade, 11, Manchester

opening quoteI think Black Eyed Peas should have won at least one award. The Outkast and Beyonce song was rubbish - it was two different songs and they were never on stage together. All that fuss for nothing.closing quote
Joseph, 10, London

opening quoteGreat - I loved it! I wanted Will Young to win best British male but apart from that I thought it went really well! I loved Missy, Alicia and Gwen's version of kiss, and I thought the Jamie Cullum and Katie Mehlur thing was great! Much MUCH better than last year!closing quote
Sarah, 15, Middlesex

opening quoteThere were too many American stars - yes it's good they can make it there, but it's called The Brits!!!closing quote
Matt, 12, Poole

opening quoteKerry McFadden shouldn't have been on the Brits. She is so loud and annoying.closing quote
Tom, 14, Colchester

opening quoteI'm glad The Darkness won. But how can Busted win, when bands such as Muse and the Coral do not. Evanescence should have won international newcomer. I agree about the lack of collaboration between Beyonce and Outkast.closing quote
Helen, 13, Durham

opening quoteI thought The Darkness rocked at the Brits but the other bands were dreadful live, especially the Black Eyed Peas. Muse were rubbish.closing quote
Greg, 11, Welwyn Garden City

opening quoteBusted were the best performance and deserve the awards they got. What was the point in Beyonce and Outkast?! Cat Deeley was a great presenter and Justin seems to have a dead rat round his neck!closing quote
Claire, 14, Cannock

opening quoteAll the wrong people won awards. Busted, Lemar, The Darkness and Beyonce are all rubbish. Christina Aguilera should have won everything she was nominated for. Sugababes are the best band as well. The only good person that won was Dido.closing quote
Jules, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteThe Darkness got what they deserved 'cause they are the best band around at the moment. I would have preferred Evanescence to have won international breakthrough though. Darkness' performance - WOW!closing quote
Kirsty, 14, Edinburgh

opening quoteThe Brits did have good guests but overall it was unorganised and the seating arrangements were bad. People were standing up walking about and talking all the time. I prefer the MTV Awards.closing quote
Lauren, 14, Kent

opening quoteI think The Darkness are totally overrated! How could they win best rock act against brilliant bands like Feeder or Stereophonics? I saw Feeder live and they were amazing - on TOTP The Darkness weren't even playing live! And Best British Band? Coldplay should've been nominated! Coldplay are one of the best bands in the world! I think the music industry needs to sort itself out, lets go back to 1995! Bring back Alanis!closing quote
Natasha, 14, Barnsley

opening quoteI don't think Dido should have got 2 awards, there were much better people in the categories like Jamelia, who can really sing. I don't get Duran Duran? I've heard of them before but I felt like falling asleep during there performance. The Darkness deserved to win there awards after that great performance they did, pure 70's rock!closing quote
Raisa, 13, Spalding

opening quoteI think The Darkness were brilliant but I would have liked to see the Coral and the Thrills walk away with at least one award each.closing quote
Cerrie, 14, Halifax

opening quoteIt was alright. Not that great! I think the best bit was when Beyonce and Outkast sang. I'm glad Dido won awards. She is a great singer and it was a shame she couldn't be there.closing quote
Caitlin, 13, Hemel Hempstead

opening quoteDido should definitely have been there if she was in England which she was.closing quote
Lauren, 11, Altincham

opening quoteI'm glad Busted won awards, but what was up with the Outkast/Beyonce collaboration? They didn't even sing together!closing quote
Grace, 13, York

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