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  Do you think you do enough sport at school?
Updated 18 February 2004, 14.13

How much sport do you do at school?

Do you think it's too much or not enough?

Are you fed up of just playing netball and football all the time and wish you could play other sports too?

Do you think the government puts enough money into sport at schools?

And would we be better at competing in national and international events if kids spent more time out on the field or pitch?

Let us know your thoughts now!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteIn our school we have great facilities and teachers for sport. But we only have about two hours of P.E. in two weeks. If we had more P.E. lessons then it would help us stay fitter. If we have the facilities then it seems stupid not to let us have more lessons. closing quote
Fiona, 14, Peterborough

opening quoteI am incapable to do all sports and ever since sports became a big thing in schools I have found myself being put down by classmates and teachers. I think that fitness and health should carry on being promoted but sports should not become a compulsory form of exercise. I have nothing against exercise but competitive sports that result in people like me feeling incompetent and useless shouldn't be such a big thing. Sport should become an option like French or Spanish not thrust upon people who can't do it.closing quote
Portia, 15, London

opening quoteI think that Britain is way behind the majority of the western world when it comes to sport. I lived in Australia for 12 years and we had a much broader variety of sport to take part in like ten pin bowling and ice skating and this would take up half a day every week on top of our usual three or four PE lessons. Now I hardly get any exercise. closing quote
Rebecca, 14, Barnet

opening quoteOur school is a really good school. We have heaps of opportunities in sports. They range from orienteering to table tennis to netball and we're only a primary school so I can't wait for secondary school!closing quote
Abi, 10, Marlow Bottom

opening quoteWe do netball and football we have two lessons of PE a week we have a footy pitch and a netball pitch we're not allowed to play rugby. closing quote
Toby, Rachael and Hannah, 10, Bishops Stortford

opening quoteI think that schools don't do enough sports and don't have the facilities to do them. I do GCSE P.E. and we have to travel to a local leisure centre to do our practical activities. I love playing netball but there are no local netball clubs in the area. Please do something! closing quote
Gemma Martin, 16, Ebbw Vale

opening quoteAt school the days we pick to have sports are always wet ones! And also we only play sports like Danish Longball and Kwik - Cricket. We really want sports like rugby. But our school has a playing field but is all the way up in the village which means we have to walk up to there. closing quote
Richard Joyce, 11, Stonehouse

opening quoteLots of children collect sticker and cards to do with sport and know people's name's but know nothing about that person's sport. Also at my school we only do sports on two days for half an hour on one day and one hour on another day but some times are just games and kids don't have a say what sport they want to play. closing quote
Lucas Blake, 10, London

opening quoteIn our school we do 2 hours of sport each week, I don't think it's enough so I go to after-school clubs, like Cricket, Football and Karate. closing quote
Kavita, 12, London

opening quoteWe do two hours a week but we don't do any good sports. There aren't many clubs to join in or out of school! closing quote
Rebecca, 12, Maghull

opening quoteWe do two hours a week and don't do that good sport till we get to year 10. Such as basketball and that's my favourite sport same as hockey. closing quote
Ashley, 13, Lincoln

opening quoteWe do two hours a week and don't do that good sport till we get to year 10. Such as basketball and that's my favourite sport same as hockey. closing quote
Ashley, 13, Lincoln

opening quoteIn my school the facilities available are awful! As a public school it is difficult for the school to get money to develop the facilities yet a private school round the corner has amazing facilities for every possible sport! This is so common and seems to suggest the message that if you have money you have the chance to succeed in sport. closing quote
Beth, 15, Stoke-On-Trent

opening quoteWe do an hour a week. I wish we could play basketball or badminton too, but we don't have the facilities at our school.closing quote
Scott, 12, Herts


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