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  Time travel: where would you go?
Updated 12 February 2004, 19.03

Imagine being transported back in time to wherever you like.

You could see dinosaurs close up. Or maybe live in Ancient Egypt and see pharaohs and Egyptian queens?

Maybe you'd like to go back and see what your parents were like at school!

Scientists are using virtual technology to recreate historic buildings & people - like museums but much better!

So where would you like to travel back to?

Let us know!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteIf I could time travel, I would travel to the Shakespearian times so I could get to know the genius behind the works before he was famous and to take part in one of his plays - preferably the Twelfth Night for that's my favourite.closing quote
Annie, 13, Hartlepool

opening quoteI would like to see myself as a baby!! And also see what my TEACHERS were like at school - surely they weren't perfect!!closing quote
Natalie, 14, Ipswich

opening quoteIf I could go back in time I would like to see if dino's really lived on this planet.closing quote
Mahamud, 14, Watford

opening quoteI would like to go back to the Roman times. Then I could see Julius Caesar and see real gladiator fights. And I could hear people speaking Latin and could hear how it sounds to speak Latin all the time. Maybe they could help me with my Latin...closing quote
Sarah, 16, Germany

opening quoteI would like to go back in time to the day before September 11th, so I could try and stop it from happening, so loads of people didn't have to of died and there would be no need for war.closing quote
Sarah, 14, London

opening quoteIf I could time travel I'd love to go back and see the ancient Egyptians and be able to see the pyramids as they were being built.closing quote
Kat, 13, USA

opening quoteI would go back to see the beginning of the world and see how every thing was created.closing quote
Ben, 10, Nottingham

opening quoteI would love to go back to the Tudor times to see if it really was that smelly and if people really were that mean. It would feel horrible because they thought that women should work all day so I'd pretend to be a rich person. I'd like to meet Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.closing quote
Rebecca, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteI would like to go back in time to the Sixties to buy some really cool trousers.closing quote
Jo, 13, Christchurch

opening quoteIf I could travel through time I would go back to the dinosaur time because I think dinosaurs are brilliant. closing quote
Ethel, 15, Liverpool

opening quoteBack to WW2 to survive an air raid or the 1970s - groovy baby!!closing quote
Helena, 16, Northamptonshire

opening quoteI'd like to go back to ancient Egypt and see a pharaoh's mummification and burial.closing quote
Alexandra, 10, Brussels

opening quoteI would like to go back into the Victorian times to see the phone being made and see Queen Victoria crowned and married.closing quote
Bethany, 10, Oldbury

opening quoteI would love to go back in time to see the Big Bang. It would be an amazing sight to see!!closing quote
Amy, 15, Edinburgh

opening quoteI would like to go back to the Victorian times and be a posh lady and wear a pretty dress.closing quote
Katy, 12, Nottinghamshire

opening quoteI'd like to see what my parents were like at school. They're always telling me off for things....I can't believe they were perfect....closing quote
James, 13, Ipswich

opening quoteI would like to go back to Tudor times and see someone get executed!closing quote
Caitlin, 13, Hemel Hempstead

opening quoteI'd like to go back to Roman times and see a real gladiator fight!closing quote
Adrian, 12, Stevenage

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