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  Should headscarves be illegal?
Updated 12 February 2004, 18.56

A vote has taken place which means it is almost certain that pupils will be banned from wearing religious items while at school in France.

This means Jewish boys won't be able to wear skull caps and Muslim girls won't be able to wear headscarves.

It also applies to other religious items like crucifix necklaces that Christians sometimes wear.

But what do YOU think about this?

Do you think it should be a voluntary decision for the individual to make, not the law?

Or do you think it will help to improve relations for kids with different religious backgrounds?

E-mail and let us know what you think.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI totally disagree with the ban, it doesn't matter what people wear.closing quote
Jennifer, 12, Huddersfield

opening quoteI think that it is right to ban the headscarf, because in schools everybody is equal and religion should be private. If I were to go to a Muslim country such a Saudi Arabia I would have to follow their school rules, so in our county they should follow ours!!!closing quote
Kiran, 13, Grays

opening quoteIn France kids don't have to wear uniform, so really wearing a headscarf is no different to wearing a cap. I don't see the point in a ban.closing quote
Liz, 15, Cheshire

opening quoteI actually think it is fair. It will make ALL children in French schools equal. I think less children will be picked on because they will have no symbols that show their religion.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Harrogate

opening quoteI think it is stupid that headscarves may be banned. It is easier to improve relations between religions by making everybody get used to it. This will just cause a lot of trouble between religions.closing quote
Ben, 12, Penzance

opening quoteI think this can be a very positive thing as it can allow people to not just make friends with their religion but experiment with friendship as no one can really know if any one is from a certain religion. It may even stop some sorts of racism and will give them a chance of Freedom to some extent! It's good I like the idea!!closing quote
Lara, 14, Milton Keynes

opening quoteA Belgian politician, who is trying to get the bill passed in his country also, said that it is alright for people to wear religious garments in their private lives but not in 'the public scope', including at school. The vast majority of childhood is spent at school and so if that's not an unfair and discriminating decision to make for someone then I'm honestly not sure what is.closing quote
Christopher, 15, London

opening quoteI think it's unfair that people with certain religions are not allowed to wear religious clothing. closing quote
Louise, 10, West Sussex

opening quoteI think that it's absolutely ridiculous that they are even giving this a moments thought! If a group of people believe in something they should be able to follow their religion. It's pure RACIST!!!!!closing quote
Anna, 10, Manchester

opening quoteI definitely don't think this should be a law, you should be able to show your religion. I don't see how it can possibly help.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteWell I lived and went to French school for 7 years and I was the English kid but it was something to be proud about because you are different to everyone else. I think it wrong because everyone should have the right to wear what they like. It will distance the Muslim kids even more. After all, everyone should be friends no matter what they wear!!!!closing quote
Naomi, 14, Nottingham

opening quoteI think that it's a good thing. The whole point of school uniform is to make people look the same so kids won't be picked on, so why should people look different from others just because they're a different religion? I think we should all wear the same, whatever our religion.closing quote
Alice, 13, Folkestone

opening quoteI live in France and it's been a sort of law in France since 1882 that you're not allowed to wear religious signs at school. It's not a recent issue. I'm concerned and so are my Muslim friends. I'm not allowed to wear a cross at school but I never have so it doesn't bother me. As for my friends, they know it's in the school rules not to wear a headscarf so they don't. Just because I said all this doesn't mean I agree with the law. I don't think that Muslim girls should stop wearing the headscarf because it's part of the rules for their religion.closing quote
Jo, Chantilly, France

opening quoteIt should be done over here because then no one will be picked on because they wear something on their head.closing quote
Peat, 12, Harlow

opening quoteI believe that this is a very big act of racism. People should be allowed to express their religious beliefs and shouldn't be stripped of their right to their own religion. What has been done is wrong, and should be reversed.closing quote
Andrew, 14, Dulcote

opening quoteI don't think there should be headscarves because what if people can make fun of that person.closing quote
Daniel, 9, Glasgow

opening quoteIn schools everywhere we are being taught not to be racist but that is all that the French are doing. They aren't giving us a very good example.closing quote
Nikkia, 13, Isle of Bute

opening quoteHow is banning headscarves going to help the government? There should be more freedom in France to let people have a view on what they think. It's just another way of discriminating Muslims and other religions by telling them what to wear and what not to wear.closing quote
Ammani, 15, Glasgow

opening quoteI think that people should be allowed to wear religious items because it's there religion and they should be allowed to wear what they want - no one can tell them what to do. I wear a scarf myself, no one tells me I can't wear it. Why should the President of France be allowed to make such a decision like that.closing quote
Sara, 13, Nottingham

opening quotePeople should be proud of their religion and accept that not everyone thinks the same. It is important that you follow your religion and are allowed to do so freely.closing quote
Nicole, 11, Edinburgh

opening quoteI don't think banning headscarves and other religious symbols is going to solve any problems.closing quote
Asif, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteI think headscarves should be allowed because it is an act of the Muslim religion and Muslims in France don't have the freedom to practice their religion and also it is a personal thing which is very important to Muslim women.closing quote
Atia, 13, Bolton

opening quoteI think it is racist and unfair. If it happened to me I would wear my religious thing anyway.closing quote
Chris, 14, Southampton

opening quoteI agree that children should be banned from wearing religious items in school, because if a British Christian went to a Muslim country, they would be banned from wearing skimpy outfits. It seems unfair that people can come over to our country and not stick by the rules and complain about it.closing quote
Emily, 14, Surrey

opening quoteI think that this decision is awful. People have the right to worship in whatever way they wish. Wearing religious symbols does not hurt anyone.closing quote
James, 15, Manchester

opening quoteI think it wouldn't be right if they banned religious items. If they respect that religion they need to learn to respect their religious belongings too. What harm does it do? And if they don't respect the religion, we all know what that means right?!closing quote
Tejasvi , 14, Northampton

opening quoteI think headscarves and other religious items should be banned. People complain about being treated differently because they are a different religion, and that we all should be treated equally, so why should they get different rights? If I was to wear a hat or bandanna to school, or even a necklace, I would get it confiscated, so why should they be able to wear things like that? If they are that religious then they should go to religious schools. We all want to be equal and look the same, but they make themselves distinguished and different by wearing them.closing quote
Ellie, 14, Surrey

opening quoteHeadscarves are an important part of their culture which should be respected, a huge public protest is needed.closing quote
Charlotte, 14, Banff

opening quoteI think it's unfair. Muslim girls should be allowed to follow their religion.closing quote
Craig, 10, Dartford

opening quoteYes they should not wear headscarves, they isolate themselves more by wearing them. Why live in the west if you have to make a statement about your religion?closing quote
Paul, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteIn my school we have to wear uniform but the religious items that are worn at our school make uniform pointless. I don't know if it's the same in France, but I think they should introduce this into our country.closing quote
Danny, 14, Sheffield

opening quoteI think that the headscarf ban isn't right. All it will achieve is arguments and aggression. I honestly don't see the point.closing quote
Adeeb, 12, Manchester

opening quoteI go to a school where a third of the pupils are Asian and I am disgusted with the law that the French minister is trying to pass and I agree with the protests in France.closing quote
Jennifer, 10, Glasgow

opening quoteThis is totally unfair. It's part of their religion, and they're being disrespectful towards that. It should be voluntary for the child to decide.closing quote
Laura, 12, Yeovil

opening quoteJust because religion and the state are supposed to be kept separate doesn't mean that the French government should infringe their beliefs onto school children. Surely children should be able to make their own decision as to whether they should wear religious items or not? Isn't the entire point to stop discrimination against religions in schools? In my opinion, the French government are doing exactly the opposite.closing quote
Sophie, 14, Sutton Coldfield

opening quoteThat's not fair because I wear a headscarf, and if I go on exchange trips in France, I can't wear my headscarf! I think it'd cause more tension in the classroom 'coz people who previously wore religious items could stand out even more, and be laughed at.closing quote
Fatemah, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteI think it is fair to ban scarves and crosses etc because it makes people uncomfortable.closing quote
Bobby, 10, Scotland

opening quoteIt is wrong to make someone not able to follow their faith. It will make everyone go to their own religious schools, making everyone not communicate with one another. It's not fair for kidsclosing quote
Peter, 15, Walthamstow

opening quoteIf they ever ban religious symbols in England I'll come to school wearing a 11 inch crucifix and tell them to get lost!closing quote
Marcus, 13, Truro

opening quoteI think that the French are right because it's their country. It's different from the cross because we can hide it under our clothes.closing quote
Samantha, 12, Chatham

opening quoteI understand the point of stopping people displaying their religion, but it works out unfair on the Muslim girls and Jewish boys. Why not make everyone wear a headscarf? There's no way the ban can be done fairly, so people are best left to make their own decisions.closing quote
Rachael, 14, Hartlepool

opening quoteIt's just being racist to people that have to wear headscarves for their religion. I think it's a stupid rule and people should be able to wear what they like, whatever religion they are.closing quote
Heather, 12, London

opening quoteI think it's really sick to ban religious items. I think that if it is approved and it becomes law, then there will be a lot of trouble and children may stop going to school because of it!closing quote
Tanya, 13, Newcastle-under-Lyme

opening quoteHow daft! It is far too extreme and I feel sorry for those who aren't able to wear them. Religious people will be upset and it could make them protest or even rebel.closing quote
Anwen, 11, Cardiff

opening quoteIt seems a bit extreme and I feel sorry for the kids who will be forced to stop wearing one, but hopefully it'll work out a good thing.closing quote
James, 14, Sunderland

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