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  Can we do more to stop global warming?
Updated 11 February 2004, 19.32

Antarctica, the coldest continent on earth, is melting.

There's much less ice here than there was 20 years ago which means that the earth is warming up slowly.

But do you think we do enough to help the environment?

And if so what are your ideas?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI think schools can help us learn about the north and south pole and teach us how we can recycle things - and it's not really a big deal, you can recycle old things like old mobiles.closing quote
Yasmine, 12, London

opening quoteWe think that global warming is a very bad thing and people should do more about it. We got inspired by Newsround and have started a campaign about global warming. We are handing out leaflets and doing presentations in assembly. We think people should do things like this too!closing quote
Mehak and Sonal, 11 & 12, London

opening quoteI reckon we should stop global warming by charging more on aeroplanes flights: a flight from the east midlands to Edinburgh is just 1.49.closing quote
Joe, 12, Drayton

opening quoteI think it's our own silly fault it's turned into this. We should be more careful in future, since you can't go back in time!!closing quote
Harriet, 10, Reading

opening quoteI understand the fact humans are partly to blame for global warming but I can't be bothered to be careful what I do cause it's not like only one person can sort it - it takes at least half the world to stop pollution.closing quote
Amna, 12, New Mills

opening quoteI think global warming is a result of humans and nature. The earth warms up on it's own over thousands of years, but all of our pollution just speeds it up.closing quote
Sam, 14, Oxford

opening quoteI think that we should all do our best to stop global warming by doing just the simplest things like trying to use more environmentally friendly things. It would help if teachers started telling children the damages of global warming that could effect them, then they would probably try to protect our earth. closing quote
Kate, 10, Weymouth

opening quoteGlobal warming is natural and happens every 100,000 years or so this one is more complicated as it is also happening in a time when we are due for an ice age. Will this neutralise both of them? No one knows.closing quote
Adrian, 13, Winchester

opening quoteI've been doing about global warming in geography and science at school, and I think it's really important that everyone should know about it. Small things do make a difference. World leaders should think twice about the effect on EVERYONE, including plants, animals, the environment as well us themselves. The world's not going to be around forever, we should try to save as many species of animals and plants as possible, and not just think about the economy of our country. Less economically developed countries like India and South Africa can't afford to cut down too much on CO2 production so more economically developed countries like America and the UK need to reduce this to help everyone!closing quote
Helen, 15, Hertfordshire

opening quoteInstead of putting all our money into the wars why don't we use it for research into global warming?closing quote
Rachel, 11, Chatham

opening quoteI recycle plastic, glass, aluminium and clothes. At home we have a compost heap and a wormery. I'm in the environmental group at school and we all feel very strongly about pollution and global warming. People should be educated more on the topic at school. The problem is that trees and rainforests are being chopped down. In the past these exchanged most of the carbon dioxide in the air for oxygen. I think that there should be a law that if you want to cut down a forest or build on a field you must either have a garden on your roof or have a grass roof. If people protest against this they shouldn't be granted planning permission. Remember, without oxygen we have no plants, without plants we have no animals and of course without plants, animals, or oxygen humans cannot survive either.closing quote
Sinead, 13, Donegal

opening quoteNo I don't think we do. There are many little things we can do to help, for instance in school we can recycle cans and paper and put our litter in the bin. Sometimes people get too lazy and don't care.closing quote
Sukhvir, 14, Leicester

opening quoteWe need to do more to reduce global warming. EVERYONE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE however small the thing you do is. Even recycling one thing can make a huge difference. I think it's good that the government is raising more awareness of the problem. People should recycle more and be more environmentally friendly. A little goes a long way.closing quote
Mai, 15, Shropshire

opening quoteI don't think we do enough to help the environment. I do recycle everything I can but there is so much more that needs to be done.closing quote
Daisy, 11, Dudley

opening quoteGlobal warming is partly a natural phenomenon and it happens before an ice age, but yes humans are adding to the rate at which this occurs. Use cars less, as the CFCs they produce add to the cloud of gases which help heat the earth.closing quote
Leah, 17, Lincoln

opening quoteI really hate all this pollution, we should get our top clever people to make a petrol canister that doesn't hurt the environment. closing quote
Taylor, 12, St Layston

opening quoteIn my area, there is a bin supplied by the council for normal rubbish and another bin for recycle-able waste. But we don't have enough room for two wheelie bins at my house, so we had the recycling one taken away and I (no-one else in my house can be bothered) have to organise any recycling myself. I try and do take paper to the paper bank at the supermarket, but it's always so full that there is nowhere to put the paper. Britain could definitely do more to save Antarctica by recycling more. Only two countries do less recycling than Britain in Europe. A way to get people to recycle more is if all bins came with different compartments built in for paper, aluminium, food, etc.closing quote
Natalie, 16, Leics

opening quoteNot enough people know all the facts about global warming, I know I don't, that would help.closing quote
Rachel, 12, Balcombe

opening quoteI recycle everything I can. But I still think we should create less pollution by using bikes more.closing quote
Jamie, 11, Totnes


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