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  Are you fed up of the Beckhams?
Updated 21 January 2004, 11.26

The Beckhams are in the papers again - this time for building a church in their back garden.

But are you getting fed up of hearing about them all the time?

Now that David's playing for Real Madrid and Posh's music career isn't going too well, do you think we need to hear about them every week in newspapers and magazines?

Or maybe you can't get enough of them?

Whether you love them or loathe them, e-mail and let us know.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI think Posh and Becks are just a couple who are trying to get on with there lives. It's not like they begged to be in mags and newspapers. Don't get me wrong I HATE Posh's new songs and I don't think Becks is the best footballer in the world but I do feel sorry for their kids - imagine they'll probobly never have a private time to themselves.closing quote
Lianna, 10, Belfast

opening quoteThe Beckhams worked hard to get where they are but I wish that I could pick up the paper and not see their names on it.closing quote
Kat, 13, Oldham

opening quoteWill journalists just stop, it's ok talking about beck's footy but nothing else, what does he see in Victoria?closing quote
Rachel, 11, High Wycombe

opening quotePosh is ok, but David is a pain and changes his hair every second cos he just wants to keep up with other celebs. Overall, I'm SICK of hearing about both of them!closing quote
Jennifer, 10, Essex

opening quoteI think the Beckhams are ok! I love David Beckham but not to keen on Victoria Beckham as she can't sing to save her life!closing quote
Janna, 15, Bournemouth

opening quoteDavid Beckham and Posh are so famous for so little. And Posh can't even sing. I'm just fed up with them on the telly and the news for tiny things like buying a house. Everyone has got one.closing quote
Hassan, 12, Accrington

opening quote2 words, WHO CARES!! They're just a celebrity couple who are very rich. Next thing you know they'll be a new TV show like the Osbourne's called the Beckhams.closing quote
Lucy, 11, Brentwood

opening quoteI don't care what happens to the Beckhams. Next we will be hearing 'Victoria Beckham broke a finger nail'.closing quote
Nicola, 13, Sheerness

opening quoteThe Beckhams can do what they would like to do and the media should leave them alone to get on with football for Beckham and music for Posh.closing quote
Jennifer, 9, Forres

opening quoteThe Beckhams to me are just snobs, as Posh is trying to get back her career, even though she knows she can't sing! David changes his hair every day as he wants to set the latest fashion and wants everyone to know what his hair will be like next. You can't walk down the corridor at my school without hearing BECKHAM!!closing quote
Charlotte, 10, Bedford

opening quoteI think that they are too famous for their own good, because they were OK back when they lived in England, but now they belong to another country. Why continue their popularity if they don't live here?closing quote
Daniel, 10, Sutton-at-Hone

opening quoteI love the Beckhams and I would love to see more of them this year. I could understand why people could be sick of them though - leave them alone.closing quote
Hannah, 13, Widnes

opening quoteI think that the Beckhams are show off's. All they do is act stupid and look as if they have robbed a shop when they walk out there house but it's their life they're living if they wanna act like fools let them!closing quote
Mimi, Nottingham

opening quoteI am not fed up of them. but of the media following and printing boring things about them all the time. But I also don't like Victoria especially since she realesed her latest single. she can't sing and it's rubbish!closing quote
Sarah, 15, Bristol

opening quoteI don't think David Beckham is a 'Real' footy player. And Posh can't go out of her house until she looks about 1000 pounds worth!closing quote
Yasmin, 11, Taipei

opening quoteI don't really care. Never interested in them. I just let them get on with their life.closing quote
Hannah, 12, Woolpit

opening quoteYeah, I mean, come on. Beckham's just a publicity hound and Posh is just an ex-Spice girl trying to get her career back. closing quote
Holly, 14, USA

opening quoteBORING! There isn't one day that goes by that they aren't in the newspaper or in a news article. Heaven forbid they wear a certain outfit or eat a certain food, NO ONE CARES! closing quote
Trisha, 14, Surrey

opening quoteI think the 'Real' Beckhams are hugely publicised! Everywhere you go they are there! It gets on some people's nerves if they don't appreciate football. And Victoria is trying to compete with her husband so badly it shows! closing quote
Lisanne, 14

opening quoteI don't really think we should diss them because sooner or later they`ll just b yesterdays news its really not there fault either its ours for giving them the publicity closing quote
Sandeep, 11, Slough

opening quoteI am not fed up of the Beckhams themselves (I was never interested in them in the first place), but I am fed up of the newspapers building them up and tearing them down solely in order to sell newspapers, and giving the front page to any celebrity who scratches her nose in a public place (shock horror!) or (heaven forbid) a celebrity who DARES to put on a gram of weight and then eat something in a cafe (how dare they!!!). closing quote
Natalie, Leics

opening quoteI feel sorry for posh and becks, they are in the news papers all the time but its not their fault. closing quote
Emily, 12, London

opening quoteI'm more interested at looking at the floor, honestly! Becks can't kick a ball, and Victoria's voice...don't make me go there!!! Oh yeah, and another thing, Becks has a lot of money, it's about time he gets a hair cut! closing quote
Kavita, 12, London

opening quoteBORING! David Beckham used to be the biggest sporting person but Johnny Wilkinson has got the crown now! sorry becks!! closing quote
Kelly, 10, Basildon

opening quoteThe Beckhams are getting so annoying. David is a good footballer but so are many other players and they don't get the same attention and Victoria couldn't sing to save her life so why is she trying to make a music career? closing quote
Margaret, 13, Belfast

opening quoteEveryone is thinking of them as another species - what is wrong with being famous? I think they're fine as they are pretty normal people with a bit of money and kids not like some celebs! closing quote
Becca, 10, Bath

opening quoteI cant stand hearing his name anymore! All he does is kick a ball up and down a pitch and he gets paid about 20 times more than people who help the environment and ill people! closing quote
Tanya, 13, Scotland

opening quoteI don't like them. They come across to me as two celebs, who think their life is great just coz they're happily married and have two kids! Well, my mum and dad are happily married with two kids, and do you see that spread across the papers every hour of the day?! closing quote
Kate, 13, Aylesbury

opening quoteThey're probably sick of hearing about themselves every five minutes. As well. I couldn't care less. closing quote

opening quoteThey're cool still, Becks more than Posh. Have you read his autobiography? It explains a lot more than the papers and rumours tell you. Stop criticising them, they are just normal celebs!closing quote
Alistair, 12, Nottingham

opening quoteThey're getting boring now, everyone else is talking about more interesting things.closing quote
Rachel, 12, West Sussex

opening quoteI don't see what's so exciting about them. I couldn't care less, they haven't done anything for me. People who do actually achieve important things should get more interest.closing quote
Sarah, 15, London

opening quoteI was never interested in them from the start. If the papers wanted to write about some famous couple, why did it have to be the Beckhams?closing quote
Jennie, 13, Mildenhall

opening quoteThe Beckhams can't help it if they get all the media attention they do, they are just a normal family on the inside. I think the media should leave them alone, and only publicise their football/music, not their lives, home etc.closing quote
Hannah, 14, Manchester

opening quoteI really couldn't care less. I never have and I never will. I wouldn't even if they discovered a new planet in another solar system and invented something to take them there.closing quote
Juliette, 13, Cardiff

opening quoteYES! We hear so much about them, it's so annoying. I know that they're a mega famous couple but we don't hear Jen and Brad's news every second that isn't even interesting!closing quote
Amber, 14, London

opening quoteDavid Beckham has lost honour in football - he is taking more glory as a star. He should either quit being a footballer or a star.closing quote
Raj, 11, Rainham

opening quoteI used to be interested in them, but not anymore - there'll probably be a story about what toilet paper they use next.closing quote
Emily, 14, Herts

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