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  What do you think of the BBC?
Updated 16 January 2004, 12.08

Kids are being asked for their ideas about the future of the BBC.

The government want to know what you like and dislike about the BBC and how it could be improved.

They want to know what you think about what's on TV, radio, the internet and even what DVDs the BBC sells.

You can log onto a special website to give your views, but we want to know too.

So whatever you think, e-mail us!

Go to the form

opening quoteI love the BBC. Their comedies are brill, Eastenders is fab and I love the CBBC programmes. I especially like the DVDs and videos they do. Keep the Doctor Who ones coming.closing quote
John, 14, Sidcup

opening quoteI think that showing repeats is mad - why do they bother? The things I like to watch are good new series like Tracy Beaker. I also like to watch Only Fools and Horses and My Family etc.closing quote
Luke, 11, Gornal

opening quoteI think the BBC is amazing but they need to show new stuff on CBBC because we are all getting bored of replays!!!closing quote
Mahamud, 14, Watford

opening quoteThe BBC is great but it can become dull if you see the same thing over and over. Also have you ever watched weekday TV at around 12 o'clock? It's all DIY and Chat shows!!closing quote
Alex, 12, Solihull

opening quoteI like the BBC dramas like Spooks and The Lost Prince.closing quote
Amie, 15, Grimsby

opening quoteI think that the BBC is one of the best TV channels around at the moment. All of the other channels are full of reality TV programmes and they get boring after the first 2 series. EastEnders is one of the best soaps around and although some of the storylines are a little boring at the mo, Alfie and Kat make it worth while watching, and poor lil' Mo.closing quote
KJ, 14, Coulsdon

opening quoteMore football, get some proper matches such as Man Utd v Arsenal. I can't wait for match of the day to come back.closing quote
Nick, 15, Lisburn

opening quoteI think that the CBBC channel is good but the rest of the digital channels are somewhat lacking. BBC3 and BBC4 have low viewing figures and this might be because they are full of repeats.closing quote
Hannah, 13, London

opening quoteI think they should put younger people in EastEnders because I'm 13 and I watch it but the storylines have no people younger that 16 in it.closing quote
Lucy, 13, Nottingham

opening quoteI like the soaps but I think on some of the programmes like Tracey Beaker etc. the acting is terrible and the programme in general is terrible. You should show more things like Powers etc. I also think that Dick and Dom in da bungalow should be taken off air immediately!!closing quote
James, 13, Kingston Upon Hull

opening quoteMe and my family would love to get digital television, so we could have more of a selection of channels such as BBC three, but for some reason the BBC decided not to transmit freeview in our area, and don't seem to have any plans to in the near future either! What annoys me even more is that they transmit freeview about 10 miles down the road, and my friends can get it. I think there should be more football and various other sports on the BBC and more sitcoms like My Family and more comedies such as Coupling and Red Dwarf. Telly seems to be either aimed at the very young or the middle aged without a go-between!closing quote
Charlie, 15, Fairbridge

opening quoteI think the shows on the BBC are for adults of younger children. I only watch two things on the BBC because there is nothing for teenagers. I think they should do something like T4 on Channel 4. Also more films should be put on and not the usual rubbish ones they have on the BBC. Take a tip from ITV and put on something good!closing quote
Jessica, 14, Sheffield

opening quoteI think the BBC provide loads of cool stuff for kids to watch, hence the CBBC and Cbeebies Channels. Also things like EastEnders are cool things to watch. The BBC has way more stuff for kids unlike ITV or Channel 4!!closing quote
Chris, 14, Norwich

opening quoteI think the BBC are doing a brilliant job entertaining people from every age as they have done for a while now. It has the right balance of comedy, chat shows, factual and children's programmes to suit every family. They've been getting it right for years and I think they should keep up the good work!!closing quote
Rachel, 15, Liverpool

opening quoteYes more comedy please and no more repeats. How about more showbiz stuff on the net and radio and even on TV. The BBC don't do a lot of that stuff!closing quote
Amber, 14, London

opening quoteThe BBC only caters for young children and the under 12's and the 50 plus. There are no programmes that interest teenagers currently on the BBC. When we get home from school/collage the only things that are on are Blue Peter, Ready Steady Cook or the news. We have to rely on other channels to get the TV we want to watch.closing quote
Isobel, 13, Essex

opening quoteI hate the fact that whenever I see comedy these days on the BBC they all repeats. Some of the old episodes like Only Fools and Horses and My Family are the best but I see them all the time. I think the BBC need some more ideas and I don't mean like change Top of the Pops. What was that all about its just pure boredom now. I do also think there should be more films on the BBC and films that are actually on a reasonable time, not 11pm. I do think the BBC is getting a bit boring and find channel four more entertaining as I think some of their programmes are more enjoyable for someone my age.closing quote
Alice, 14, Kent

opening quoteI like watching My Family and Have I Got News For You, I also liked the Child of Our Time series. The BBC is good 'cos there are no adverts, but I agree there should be more programmes for ages 12+.closing quote
Katy, 12, Nottinghamshire

opening quoteThe TV is in a slump just now -- if it's not a programme on cooking, it's about gardening, if not that, it's interior design. What would liven things up would be more fab comedies, some blockbuster films, and no more repeats. The only programme for people about my age I watched last year was Girls in Love - CBBC seems to be concentrating more on toddlers. And Saturday nights are appalling: bring back GOOD non-quiz, non-house and non-gameshow entertainment!closing quote
Jen, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteI tend to watch ITV and Channel 4, although I like CBBC, so maybe the BBC should improve their programmes. I think that Radio 1 is good, too.closing quote
Charlotte, 14, Sevenoaks

opening quoteI really love The Simpsons but when it's on it's always repeats. Sky One always get the new ones before the BBC. I think more new ones should be on!!!closing quote
Lauren, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteI really miss The Vicar of Dibley, as that was great funny family viewing without swearing or violence.closing quote
Georgia, 14, Sutton Coldfield

opening quoteI love watching funny sitcoms like Ab Fab (The Simpsons rocks as well) But I think that there should be more programmes for teenagers. closing quote
Ros, 12, London

opening quoteI think the BBC should review the programmes that put onto the television soon to stop the whole of Britain becoming intellectually challenged. I agree that it might only be the minority who don't want to watch Eastenders 24/7 but there is really nothing on of many evenings in the week that are worth watching at all. Readers of the e-mail may think I am being quite bias but not everyone wants to watch an omnibus edition of Eastenders every week. Come on BBC before you succeed in changing Britain's stereotype to a couch potato watching soaps. I thought our country was supposed to be intelligent!closing quote
Ashley, 13, Leicestershire

opening quoteI love My Family, and The Simpsons, but my favourite is Malcolm in the Middle. How come that programme is on Sky all the time, but almost never on the regular channels (BBC 1 and 2)closing quote
Edith, 11, Surbiton

opening quoteI think that the BBC should put more children's programmes on, like the ones on Nickelodeon or Fox Kids. I don't have Sky TV, and all the programmes I want to watch on those Sky Kids Channels. If these programmes were on the BBC I could watch them without the use of Sky.closing quote
Holly, 13, Ringmer

opening quoteI love comedy like My Family and The Simpsons, I hate stupid stuff like Changing Rooms and Ground Force, they are soo boringclosing quote
Vicky, 14, Wales

opening quoteI find that the BBC only shows programs either for young children or adults. There are very few programmes for my age. When I arrive home from school the last thing I want to do is watch a programme about school (e.g. GRANGE HILL). I think the BBC needs to definitely find something to air for young adults. The BBC needs to realise teenagers can understand things just as well and some things better than adults.closing quote
Becky, 13, Lincolnshire

opening quoteI love watching films on the TV but there are not many films shown during the week and if they are they are on too late.closing quote
Francesca, 13, Kent

opening quoteI love the soaps and comedies. I think you should make more CBBC programmes into video's and DVD's like Tracy Beaker and stop showing repeats.closing quote
Megan, 12, Missenden

opening quoteI'm not that keen on BBC - there's not enough real life programs like Wife Swap and in the daytime there aren't any teenager programmes. closing quote
Marianne, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteThe kids programs are rubbish they should stop being so babyish.closing quote
Alex, 12, Derby

opening quoteI think that repeats on TV are pointless. We've seen them before, usually they're the boring stuff, and there's hundreds of young writers, directors and actors out there just dying to make some new stuff!closing quote
Phillippa, 14, Goole

opening quoteI love Only Fools and Horses and My Family but it gets a bit annoying when they have repeats.closing quote
Stuart, 12, Bromsgrove

opening quoteI love watching spooky programmes but I think there isn't enough of them on.closing quote
Claire, 15, Brentford

opening quoteI think variation of sport programmes instead of football all the time.closing quote
Michelle, 15, Stoke

opening quoteI think the BBC puts some great programmes on. Big Cats week was really good and I think stuff like that should be on all the time!!closing quote
Nissa, 16, Hungerford

opening quoteYeah I agree with Paul - get some stand ups on like Lee Evans or Peter Kay. CBBC is good for people up to about 12 but what about us teenagers? Do we have to keep watching Pingu and Dick and Dom in the Bungalow? Make a show for us teenagers PLEASE!!closing quote
Dalie, 15, Sheffield

opening quoteI think there should be more shows like My Family, Sabrina and Lizzie Maguire.closing quote
Amy, 12, Witham

opening quoteCBBC is the best. I especially love Blue Peter and Newsround but then again I love BBC cos' of The Simpsons.closing quote
Mari, 9, Llandysul

opening quoteThe new Top of the Pops is really disappointing, I don't like the stage it should just be in one place. And the presenter Tim Cash - he is so dodgy - sack him! BBC is okay but Channel 4 are better. You should do movie months and play different movies under a theme each month. Also this Christmas there was no good family films on.closing quote
Tasha, 15, London

opening quoteI love watching comedy programmes like My Family. I think there should be more new stuff on telly instead of repeats.closing quote
Paul, 13, Northampton


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