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  The JK-Simpsons episode: any good?
Updated 13 January 2004, 16.53
JK and Tony Blair star in the Simpsons
The Simpsons episode starring JK Rowling and Tony Blair was finally shown in the UK on Friday evening.

If you've got satellite and were lucky enough to see it, we want to know what you thought.

Was it as hilarious as a lot of US fans said? Or was there not enough JK and too much Tony?

Let us know - e-mail us right now!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteIt was the best episode ever! Including my dad thought it was funny and he doesn't watch it! closing quote
Zoe, 12, Northamptonshire

opening quoteI thought it was HILARIOUS!!! I would've liked to see more of JK Rowling, but other than that it was great. And it really, really, took the mickey out of English traditions! But in a good way!closing quote
Shaly, 13, Essex

opening quoteI personally thought that episode made no sense at all! I thought it could have been better... after what they did in Canada and Matt Goring got a lot of complaints - and England has a lot more to offer!!!closing quote
Kari, 13, London

opening quoteI loved it!!! Pure gold, the Queen's carriage being overturned, what a gag. It was a classic without a doubt with it's hilarious stereotypes and unbeatable storyline. Superb!closing quote
Johnny, 12, Sandridge

opening quoteWhat are people on about, it was rubbish. Homer wasn't funny, Marge wasn't funny, Bart wasn't funny and Lisa wasn't funny. I didn't even see JK Rowling - she was only on the show for 3 seconds. You don't just get off a plane and see Tony Blair, JK Rowling and Ian McKellen. IT WAS RUBBISH. What are the Americans going on about?closing quote
Ellis, 11, Letchworth

opening quoteI thought that was a great episode, especially the bit with Madonna in, that was hilarious!!!closing quote
Katie, 13, Hull

opening quoteIf you missed it don't worry. All of the famous people were on it for two seconds and Homer said England is too posh for the USA, but I still think the Simpsons are great. closing quote
Sophie, 9, Bournemouth

opening quoteI was really disappointed by the episode, the jokes were predictable, and the stereotypical view of England was boring. I love the Simpsons, but they did an awful job of this episode.closing quote
Matthew, 13, St Albans

opening quoteI didn't think that it was that good. On the news everyone made a big deal of it. I think that they could have added a bit more storyclosing quote
Alex, 9, Nottingham

opening quoteI am a massive Simpsons fan and I was really excited when I heard they were going to do an episode in Britain. When I watched it on Friday night I was a bit disappointed it was as if they had 20 different ideas and tried to cram them into one episode. I think it would have been better if they had made it an hour long special! closing quote
Rachael, 13, Wirral

opening quotePlease, please will the BBC get the episode on BBC2 soon so all the rest of us can see it!closing quote
Victor, 13, High Wycombe

opening quoteI am a great fan of the Simpsons but even coming from the UK I think they could have made it better. More of Blair and the sites and less of the Jail/Queen!closing quote
James, 12, Southampton

opening quoteSlightly un-realistic. Coz, everyone I know who has come to England to visit from another country, hasn't met Tony Blair the minute they get off the plane. And, they don't meet so many celebrities as the Simpsons did, so meeting that many celebrities on one trip, HAS to be very rare, or just stupid exaggeration.closing quote
Kate, 13, Aylesbury

opening quoteI liked the way they used JK Rowling and I don't think they were too unfair on British people. Overall I think it was a very good episode.closing quote
Laura, 12, Epsom

opening quoteI'm a huge Simpsons fan and I thought it was a great episode. I especially liked the candy part with Bart and Lisa. I would give it a rating of nine and a half out of ten (as Mr Burns would say, excellent!) The only thing that annoyed me was the way Americans think we all talk posh and we don't!!!!closing quote
Rachel, 14, Hitchin

opening quoteIt was great to see the Simpsons come to Britain after about 10yrs! It was really funny! Especially the Trainspotting bit with Bart and Lisa! Made me proud to be British!closing quote
Phillipa, 14, Goole

opening quoteThey made Britain look like a really nice and friendly place and took the mickey out of America. The bit with J.K.Rowling was my fave bit cause I'm a big fan of Harry Potter.closing quote
Andrea, 14, Whithaven

opening quoteIt was great! The only thing stopping it scoring full marks was the fact it was poorly researched - the UK does not have the death penalty! But overall, 9.5/10!closing quote
Danny, 13, Ellesmere Port

opening quoteIt was hilarious, especially the lines 'Wow, I can't believe we met Mr. Bean!' and 'Don't say Macbeth!', all of my family sat down to watch the episode, it was great and better than the other down-sliding series 15 episodes.closing quote
Fergal, 10, Blackburn

opening quoteIt was good but I had higher expectations, celebrities kept popping up out of nowhere!closing quote
Claire, 11, London

opening quoteIt wasn't as good as I thought it would be. All the famous people should have had a bigger part in it - that would've made it a lot better!closing quote
Vanessa, 15, Surrey

opening quoteThe episode had a lot of potential, but it failed to live up to my expectations. The laughs were few and far between, and Tony Blair had a much too small part. All in all, a disappointment.closing quote
Molly, 14, Bideford

opening quoteI thought there wasn't enough JK in it. The whole episode wasn't long enough but I though the Macbeth bit was REALLY funny. 8/10closing quote
Sam, 10, Leicester

opening quoteIt wasn't the greatest, but I liked the way Homer kept saying how useless Britain was. He was for once kind of right about something.closing quote
James, 14, Dublin

opening quoteI saw the episode when it aired here in America, and I thought it was really good - I've been to London as well, just a few months ago. I can tell you that nobody I talk to thinks any less of Britain because of it. I hate how some of my fellow Americans can be so closed-minded, it makes me sick... but I love Britain, I'm going to visit again soon.closing quote
Fantasma, 15, Cincinnati

opening quoteI watch the Simpsons practically EVERY DAY and I'm a big HP fan, yet I was so hyped about the J.K.Rowling appearance that when I saw it, I thought the episode was pathetic for the Simpsons! I mean, Rowling said about five words total, and it made her look bad! The only funny part was Homer actually running over the Queen's carriage.closing quote
Katherine, 13, Lawrence, USA

opening quoteI think that it was one of the funniest episodes shown.closing quote
Ellie, 12, Clacton

opening quoteI think it was really funny how they viewed the British but I don't think that Tony Blair should have taken time away from politics to do it - he gets paid to be Prime Minister not a cartoon character.closing quote
James, 13, New Ash Green

opening quoteFor those who missed it, a word of advice - you didn't miss much. It was 30 minutes of American style TV trying to cram in as much about Britain's tourist sites as possible to attract Americans to it. RUBBISH!!closing quote
Nick, 14, Sevenoaks

opening quoteThe funniest bit was when Homer was talking about football! They made Britain look really good - which it is, but I wish they went to other places, I would've loved to hear the Brummie accent coming out of a yellow mouth!!!closing quote
Helen, 15, Birmingham

opening quoteI had to admit, it wasn't what I expected. I loved it of course, but the storyline wasn't really good. I don't think it was as weird and wacky as others but all the same, brill!closing quote
Jenny, 10, High Wycombe

opening quoteI'm a great fan of The Simpsons, but that episode was rubbish! They just stuck too many unrelated, stupid things in together. None of it made sense, and the whole thing was so stereotyped that it didn't work, which is strange for the Simpsons. There was so much hype surrounding it about JK Rowling, Tony Blair and Ian McKellen being in it, and they were only in a few seconds with the stupidest lines. The only bit I found funny was the Macbeth part. I was just disappointed with the rest!closing quote
Becci, 14, Harlow

opening quoteI thought it was really good, I was laughing all the way through it and at Edwina's daughter at the end. :D I also liked the roundabout.closing quote
Laura, 12, Willenhaul

opening quoteI HATE myself! I can't believe I missed it! I was never told it was gonna be on Friday. And now everyone's saying it's so good and I am just... ARRRHHHHH!!!!!closing quote
Brianna, 9, London

opening quoteIt was great, but it would've been better if they said Britain instead of England and would've been better if they mentioned something about Wales and Scotland too! CYMRU AM BYTH!!!closing quote
Craig, 15, Swansea

opening quoteI thought most of it was really funny - but I think they took the mickey out of us Brits which I didn't really like! Tony Blair was funny, but I thought JK Rowling should have a bigger part!closing quote
Gilly, 11, London

opening quoteI thought it was rubbish. Nothing was funny about it. JK Rowling was only in there for two seconds and that wasn't even funny. I think it sucked 100%. Where's Homer's humour?? We probably look really boring to all the Americans now. closing quote
Vicky, 14, London

opening quoteIan Mckellen, Tony Blair, Homer 'rear ending' the Queen and even a reference to 'Trainspotting'! Plus JK Rowling makes an absolutely hilarious episode! It was great to see the stereotypical way in which Americans and English view each other also! As comic book guy would say: "best episode ever"closing quote
Becca, 14, Grantham

opening quoteBrilliant. We taped it and I've watched it 10 times. 10 out of 10closing quote
Rachel, 11, Bradford

opening quoteIt was quite a standard episode of the Simpsons; it wasn't that great. But I must admit when Lisa and Bart got hyper on British choc it was funny. I'd give it 7 out of 10.closing quote
Joe, 13, Croydon

opening quoteIt was one of the best episodes ever! I liked all of the 007 spoofs and the bit with Sir Ian! That was well funny. Macbeth! Macbeth! Macbeth!closing quote
Andy, 12, Wirral

opening quoteIt wasn't quite as good as I thought it would be - but still gr8. Simpsons rule!closing quote
Caroline, 12, Rugby

opening quoteExcellent! One of the best episodes for ages. JK was great and Homer's SUCH a doofus in this one...closing quote
Gaz, 13, Inverness

opening quoteI think that episode of the Simpsons was weird! How would Lisa be able to know how to get Homer out of the Tower of London? And as if they would publish that in a book, if they still put people in there!!! When my sis saw it she said it was the best...but when I saw it I thought it SUCKED!!! closing quote
Kari, 13, London

opening quoteI think that, that show was very good!!!I think it was good, because it's very funny...when the Simpsons got caught in the traffic circle!!! closing quote
Tracy, 11, London

opening quoteIt was excellent and I thought it was the best episode where the Simpsons travel to a different country! closing quote
Marcus, 11, Bath

opening quoteIt was great! Homer was so funny and JK was great, 10 out of 10! closing quote
Hayley, 11, London

opening quoteIt was not as good as it was hyped up to be, I wish that it had a bit more in it, instead of two activities (Grandpa & Homer) closing quote
Alistair, 11, Nottingham

opening quoteIt was brilliant, the best ever closing quote
Aless, 8, Essex

opening quoteReally good, guest stars including Tony Blair, JK and Ian McKellen closing quote
David, 14, Ballymena

opening quoteFantastic!!! It was funny when Homer and Marge were on the London Eye looking for Bart and Lisa who had become hyperactive from the British chocolate and the pod breaks off falls into the Thames and zooms to where Bart and Lisa are. Hilarious closing quote
Alex, 14, Burnham-on-Sea

opening quoteBRILL, FULL MARKS closing quote
Josiane 10, London

opening quoteIt was wicked, it did make me chuckle but I wish JK Rowling was in it more! But when she spoke to Lisa that was great! closing quote
Ellesse, 15, Pompey

opening quoteI enjoyed the episode, and it was interesting to see how Matt Groening views Britain. Tony Blair was great and I think the newspapers gave him an unfair review in the episode closing quote
Matthew, 13, St Albans

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