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  What you think about 2003
Updated 02 January 2004, 18.38

Well 2003 has been an eventful year to say the least.

From the Columbia shuttle disaster, war with Iraq and the capture of Saddam Hussein - to the Rugby World Cup...

It's been a rollercoaster of highs and lows!

The year has also seen the release of The Order of The Phoenix, the final instalment of The Lord of The Rings and a controversial Pop Idol result!

But what have YOU got to say about 2003? What was your most memorable news moment?

Tells us what story you found the most emotional, the most unbelievable, or the most hilarious.

Or you might just like to let us know your fave news story from our website!

Whatever you would like to comment on, e-mail and let us know!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI didn't quite enjoy this year compared to others. In 2003 so many innocent people suffered from all over the world. Lets just hope 2004 will be a more peaceful year for every country.closing quote

opening quote2003 has been a year full of events. I remember the black out the most because I was in it. Also the war and the release of the Order of the Phoenix.closing quote
Amanda, 12, USA

opening quoteThis year has been a really great year, what with all the great new movies and the release of the new Harry Potter book. I have had such fun this year, and I can't wait to see what 2004 will bring! Go PoA!closing quote
Brandon, 14, USA

opening quoteWar, global warming, flooding, earthquakes, terrorist bombings, disease, protests. Need I say more? closing quote
Amanda, 14, UK

opening quoteI am fed up of everyone saying that the rugby world cup was the best moment of the year. Sure it was great when we won but more important things happened like when Paul Bremer confirmed they had captured Saddam Hussein.closing quote
Margaret, 13, Belfast

opening quoteThis year has been great and sad. The great part was the capture of Saddam Hussein and the Rugby World Cup but the bad part was we had to go to war.closing quote
Luke B, 10, Mansfield

opening quoteI loved it when we won the rugby world cup and all the HP news. closing quote
Zoe, 12, Northamptonshire

opening quoteI think the big moment was when Order of the Phoenix came out - that was just wicked. And when Return of the King was released - that was a heavy film!closing quote
Sukhvir, 14, Leicester

opening quoteSo many things have happened but the most memorable is the release of Order of the Phoenix and other magic books such as the Merlin Conspiracy by Dianne Wynne Jones.closing quote
Kim, 14, Folkestone

opening quoteI think that this year has been good and bad. the war with Iraq has been really bad but things like the RUGBY WORLD CUP, Lord of the rings film and the Harry Potter book coming out our really good things in the year. So I think that 2003 has been very interesting and I can't wait until 2004! closing quote
Alice, 9, Gosport

opening quoteThis was an interesting year, there were good things like winning the rugby World Cup and Harry Potter number 5, and it was cool that Michelle won Pop Idol. But it's so sad about Iraq and the earthquake in Iran. Why can't we ever have an all round good year?closing quote
Jeri, 11, London

opening quoteThe best moment for me this year would definitely have to be when they captured Saddam Hussein, I was so happy because I know what the people of Iraq has had to go through because my family live out there. When he said "Ladies and gentlemen we got him" I couldn't stop smiling!closing quote
Sara, 14, Bedfordshire

opening quoteI think one of the most memorable things in 2003 was when we went to war with Iraq. It was amazing seeing all the night time photos of the first bombs but all the protests against the war in the first place was breathtaking!closing quote
Sarah, 14, Birmingham

opening quote2003 rocked because the new Harry Potter book came out and we won the rugby World Cup.closing quote
Hannah, 10, Lakenheath

opening quoteI think the best bit of 2003 was when the war was over and they found Saddam. And the worst when David Blaine when in that box. It was totally stupid and worthless.closing quote
Yasmin, 10, Cardiff

opening quoteI am ready for a new year. 2003 has been very hectic and kind of a hateful year, with the war and so many conflicts. closing quote
Kayla, 13, USA

opening quoteI think the most memorable thing was winning the Rugby World Cup. Wilko rocks!!closing quote
Nicky, 12, Barnet

opening quoteWell a lot of interesting stuff happened this year. 1. We had the hottest summer for a decade. 2. Picture and camera phones!!! 3. This was a brill year for Busted and the Black Eyed Peas. 4. Jonny Wilkinson (need I say more?). 5. Saddam went on run and got captured. 6. Huntley and Carr are finally in prison. 7. Fox hunting was banned, but is now being done illegally. 8.How can I forget? Order of the Phoenix!!! But it won't all fit here!!! Have a happy New Year, hope you all had a great 2003!closing quote
Shaly, 13, Essex

opening quoteI have two great moments in 2003. They were very hard to choose from because they all were fantastic. The first one is The Rugby World Cup 2003 and when Harry Potter book no.5 was released. closing quote
Haroon, 8, London

opening quoteIt was sad and happy in year 2003!! it was really sad about Iraq and I'm glad they have found him!!closing quote
Rebecca, 12, Southampton

opening quoteAll I have to say was that this year was so much things that happen. Like Saddam was being capture at last, Harry Potter book 5 was the greatest book and LOTR movie was the greatest movie!closing quote
Teresa, 14, USA

opening quoteThe best thing was the rugby world cup! Wilkinson rocks!closing quote
Amy, 9, England

opening quoteThis year has had it's ups and downs it's sadness and happiness but it has really been a great year!!!closing quote
Frances, 11, Henley-on-Thames

opening quoteThis year has been all sorts of things weird, fun, scary etc but my top 2 stories have to be ... 1. Busted totally rule they have had an amazing year and they r the best band in the world! They totally deserve to have all those top 10 hits! 2. the MTV awards came to my city witch was so cool watching a place where you live on TV with loads of celebrities! I think the worst story was The war with Iraq I mean what right do Bush and Blair have to let all those people die and let people get injured!closing quote
Eilidh, 11, Edinburgh

opening quoteI love David Blaine, full stop so I liked it when he came to London so I could go and see him!!!!!!!! closing quote
Katie, 13, Hull

opening quoteMy god, this year has been eventful in so many ways. For me, and I'm sure a lots of other people the most memorable things were: The release of the fifth Harry Potter book and the release of the final Lord Of The Rings Film. And obviously the capture of Saddam. I just hope that 2004 will be as fun as this year!closing quote
Aisha, 15, Oldham

opening quoteIt was sad seeing the kids in hospital after the war in Iraq. closing quote
Laura, 12, Derby

opening quoteI think that the 5th Harry Potter book is the best and the 3rd Lord of the Rings film was brilliant.closing quote
Ellen, 12, Lebbeke

opening quote22 November - a day you were proud to be English!closing quote
Nancy, 14, Kendal

opening quoteI've only got one word to say, WOW! It has been a great year but also a sad year. The war in Iraq was the worst event I ever experienced. But on a happier note we had a lovely hot summer, the release of the Harry Potter book, and the final LOTR film. This year will be a memorable year INDEED.closing quote
Hera, 15, London

opening quoteI think it is great that Michelle won Pop Idol. It proves that you don't have to be skinny to be rich and famous. Good on you Michelle!closing quote
Camden, 11, Ely

opening quote2003 was, like, sooooooo memorable! I remember so many things, like the war in Iraq, the spaceship crashing, Saddam getting captured and the 5th Harry Potter book, because people totally overreacted at that. Anyway, to sum it all up, I HATED 2003. Every memory was horrible! closing quote
Kaylee, 15, Utah, USA

opening quoteThis year has been a real turning point for me and my family. My dad lost his job, my second cousin Lauren lost her life and we all had to learn to grow up really fast. But this year has been great with some real highlights like starting work, getting a new , great PE teacher (Miss Montague, you rock!) and doing loads of Crimbo performances. Happy Christmas Lauren - u are loved, missed and never forgotten. closing quote
Phillippa, 14, Goole

opening quoteI think it has been a fairly good year - Man United winning the Premiership, Europe's first space probe. There were bad bits like the war in Iraq, but the capture of Saddam Hussein was good. The Rugby World Cup win was good for England and the England football team making it to Euro 2004 was good too! closing quote
Euan, 11, Newbury

opening quoteA lot of bad things happened this year which will be remembered, like the war, and although they will always be remembered, people won't be able to name the year. This year will be remembered for the good things that happened - like the Rugby Word Cup closing quote
Charlotte, 15, Southampton

opening quote2003 has definitely been a year to remember for everyone.. The huge blackout in North America, affecting my very city itself.. capturing Saddam Hussein, the war in Iraq, England winning the Rugby World Cup and England making it into Euro 2004... the forest fires in BC and in the US, the hurricane in Washington and the many events in the media such as LOTR, Finding Nemo and the release of HP5. Sars in Canada took everyone by surprise and the new outbreak of the flu is startling many as well. closing quote
Lauren, 16, Ontario, Canada

opening quoteWow-its been a huge year. I remember being at home and it was announced we were in war. Scary. Then Harry Potter 5 came out - BEST BOOK EVA. Then they caught Saddam. I thought my dad was joking when he told me coz I burst out laughing. This year's been great, cant wait till 2004 for the release of HP3 movie :)closing quote
Hannah, 13, Australia

opening quoteThis year has had so amazing times. With the release of OOTP and Lord of the Rings there's been plenty to do so I find it sad that this year has been tarnished by the blood spilt in Iraq, and my heart goes out to everyone who suffered there, both UK & US soldiers and their families but mostly to the people of Iraq who have lost family, homes and friends.closing quote
Victoria, 14, Leire

opening quoteMy most memorable event has to be the Rugby World Cup!! Hopefully next year we will see a brand new Iraq shine through. Also the new LOTR film was great and I am ready for the 3rd Harry Potter film next year closing quote
Laura, 13, Knaresborough

opening quoteOne word........WOAH!!! Everything happened in this year. Harry Potter was something. I almost died in the wait for the 5th book to come out, honestly, JK shouldn't keep us in suspense, her books do that for her. Also the news of the Parvati and Padma Patil casting. Cricket was something that made me have a heart attack! India won, after 22 years, a Test match in Australia against Australia!!! (thanks to Rahul Dravid's amazing performance!!!) And another, the most important, I got my first guitar!closing quote
Kavita, 12, London

opening quoteI think 2003 is one of the most horrible years ever, mainly because of the war in Iraq. But we have had a few happy moments. 2003 is probably going to be one of the most important years in history.closing quote
Anne, 11, London

opening quote2003 has been a great year. There has been so much stuff to look forward to like reading the 5th Harry Potter book for the first time and finally finding out what happened to the ring in LOTR. I've never been bored closing quote
Andrea, 14, Whitehaven

opening quoteI think this year had several memorable moments. The release of OOTP, the war with Iraq, and the crash of Columbia are just a few things. But most of all, the capture of Saddam. I couldn't believe it when I first found out, I thought it was just a rumour! This has been a truly wonderful year and I feel very fortunate that it ended with the capture of Saddam. closing quote
Tessa, 11, US

opening quoteMost memorable things for me: Columbia crash, Harry Potter release, war in Iraq, Saddam being captured, blackout, and fires in Southern California. closing quote
Kimi, 13, US

opening quoteI think it was amazing to see all the pictures of Concorde and watch it on T.V. But my fave bit was when I went to see it land at Manchester Airport closing quote
James, 10, Chester

opening quoteWhen I look back at 2003 I will definitely remember the war with Iraq and the capture of Saddam Hussein. But also DEFINITELY England winning the Rugby World Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!closing quote
Shari, 11, Solihull

opening quoteI think the most memorable thing was the capture of Saddam Hussein. He was a really wicked man.closing quote
Lucy, 11, Uccle

opening quoteI think the best part of 2003 was the releasing of Lord of the Rings 2. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to see the last one. It is very famous and many cinema tickets have been selling out rapidly.closing quote
Lucy, 12, Oxford

opening quoteThis year was the best! Jonny Wilkinson's drop goal was the best, and the capture of Saddam Hussein really pleased meclosing quote
Rebecca, 9, Barnsley

opening quoteI think it had to be Jonny Wilkinson and his drop goal and the capture of the one and only Saddam Hussein!!!!!!closing quote
Andrew, 10, London

opening quote2003 has been my best year yet. It's my last year in primary school, I'm auditioning for a part in Harry Potter. Ever thing this year has been great! Merry Christmas Newsround & A Happy New Year!!!!!!!closing quote
Colleen, 11, Scotland

opening quoteMost memorable things for me: Columbia crash, Harry Potter release, war in Iraq, Saddam being captured, blackout, and fires in Southern California.closing quote
Kimi, 13, USA

opening quoteI think 2003 has been a good year. Especially Jonny Wilkinson in the World Cup! But living in Hong Kong was difficult during the SARS period because we had to stop school for about a month and a half (I know that sounds great but it is really hard not seeing friends, and having to do work over the internet. Also I hated all of the news about Iraq. I think the Americans have not been fair judging by the video clips we see on the news. I hope Iraq will build up to be a great nation!closing quote
Christopher, 10, Hong Kong

opening quoteI think that the best moment in the year 2003 was June 21, when the book; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix came out! The best moment in the year 2004 will be on June 4, when Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban comes out!!!!!!!!!closing quote
Jennifer, 12, Manchester

opening quoteThe year 2003 was certainly exciting! I watched quite a few movies including Matrix Reloaded and Pirates of the Caribbean. The best part was reading the new Harry Potter book and enjoying the hot summer. The saddest bit was reading about the war in Iraq and seeing horrific pictures on TV.closing quote
Nastasja, 14, Sweden

opening quoteIn the future, when I look back at 2003 I will just remember the Soham Trial.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Grimsby

opening quoteJonny Wilkinson's drop goal to make England win the world cup was the best moment of 2003!closing quote
Sitong, 8, Bolton

opening quoteI think the most memorable moments for me were when we went to war with Iraq, when Harry Potter 5 came out, winning the Rugby World Cup and definitely when Saddam was captured. There's been really good parts like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and bad things like the war with Iraq.closing quote
Louise, 15, Mansfield

opening quoteThere are actually three memorable moments that happened this year. 1) Finding Nemo passing The Lion King as Disney's biggest animation smash EVER 2) The Return Of The King becoming the most popular LOTR movie EVER and 3) These six words: Ladies And Gentleman, We've Got Him!closing quote
Jack, 11, Oxted

opening quoteI'll remember that Leeds United beat Arsenal to let Man United win the Premiership!closing quote
Lucy, 13, Bolton

opening quoteI think 2003 has been a sad, happy, exciting and weird year! The Harry Potter book came out, we went to war with Iraq, we found Saddam, the Rings film came out!! It has been a busy year.closing quote
Rachel, 10, Greenock

opening quoteI think the most memorable moments for me were when we went to war with Iraq, when Harry Potter 5 came out, winning the Rugby World Cup and definitely when Saddam was captured.closing quote
Jenny, 15, Birmingham

opening quoteI think the RELEASE of Harry Potter was the best thing this year also Matrix Revolution and Reloaded coming out was brill. The new Lord of the Rings film was not bad either. With the combination of the 3 I think 2003 is the best year yet.closing quote
Abba, 11, East Midlands

opening quoteIt was very memorable. The most we will remember is Iraq and Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr. It was exciting and sad in 2003!closing quote
Caitlin, 13, Hemel Hempstead

opening quoteThe biggest moment for me was when we went to war in Iraq even though the majority of people in our country were against it. It shows that even though you live in a democracy you don't always receive what the majority wants.closing quote
Amy, 15, Australia

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