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  Should religious items be allowed in school?
Updated 17 January 2004, 11.55

A law is coming into force in France that will ban pupils from wearing religious items while at school.

This will mean Jewish kids won't be able to wear skull caps and Muslim girls won't be able to wear headscarves.

It also applies to other religious items like crucifix necklaces that Christians sometimes wear.

But what do you think about this?

Are you someone who wears a religious item?

If so, do you think it causes any problems for you or your school?

Do you think it should be a voluntary decision for the individual to make, not the law?

Or do you think it will help to improve relations for kids with different religious backgrounds?

E-mail and let us know what you think.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteWhat has religion got to do with school? Everybody has the right to freedom with what they believe and nobody should be allowed to break that freedom.closing quote
Pearl, 12, Kent

opening quoteI believe every person should be able to express themselves. Even though I'm from here where it's no problem I think it should be allowed all over the world. If something is offending others then they should try to express their religion in another way. Yes it's a right to show your self to in one way, but you have to be aware of how if might affect other people around you.closing quote
Kit, 15, LA, USA

opening quoteOf course we should allow religious items in school. People have to have some character to them, trying to make everyone plain and identical is ridiculous!closing quote
Tom, 14, Macclesfield

opening quoteI think people should make that decision for themselves and stick to what they really believe in and not let other people take their own beliefs and religion away from them even if it is only for school.closing quote
Roxy, 13, Southend on Sea

opening quoteI think they should allow religous items in France, other contries allow it, why should France be different? It hasn't caused any problems. It's just unfair. closing quote
Sam, 12, Warrington

opening quoteThere are already enough people who discriminate other religions and people because of who they are. Muslims wear their headscarves out of respect and taking away their right to do this is just plain wrong.closing quote
Sarah, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteI think separation of religious groups (e.g. Catholic schools) causes great divides in children and can effect their whole generation as they become adults. Keeping a diverse blend of cultures in schools makes people more tolerant and understanding from a young age. The proposed law would only increase racism and cause inequality for a whole generation of children.closing quote
Andrew, 16, Dundee

opening quoteI think that the religious items of clothing in school should not be worn if it is a non- religious school but if it is a religious school then it should be accepted.closing quote
Kayleigh, 15, Larne

opening quoteReligious items in school aren't something some kids choose. Most kids have to wear it, and I think that if it resembles what you believe in, you should wear it. On the other hand, religious items in school can cause trouble, because there are many different religions at all schools and the difference could lead to fights or snubbing.closing quote
Kristen, 11, St. Joe

opening quoteMy aunt and her family live in France - she refuses to follow this rule and is moving back to her home country where she can wear the religious items freely. It means my cousins have to move school.closing quote
Hanna, 12, London

opening quoteI don't think there should be a law banning religious items in schools. I'm a catholic and if the law changed I would certainly still wear my crucifix. I think it should be up to the people themselves. I don't understand the government anymore, especially if they aren't even allowed to show their religion anymore. It's like we aren't even allowed to show what kind of person we are.closing quote
Mairi, 15, Livingstone

opening quoteJews have been wearing skull-caps for a millennia. It would be outrageously wrong to stop them wearing them because of bullies in a school. It is brazen racism to prevent an ethnic minority doing what they strongly believe in. They have no right to interfere with the religion.closing quote
Jacob, 14, London

opening quoteWe are the people who try and propagate our democracy on others. We are the people who then criticise others for not abiding to human rights legislation. We are then the same people who take the freedom to choose away from others. Talk about going back in time rather than progressing.closing quote
Shina, 15, Stoke

opening quoteBanning religious items is RIDICULOUS! That's racism and I think that if people want to be religious they should have religious items!closing quote
Jess, 13, Leytonstone

opening quoteI think it is a stupid idea. It won't help relationships between people, and people will probably just wear religious items anyway - just out of sight.closing quote
Luke, 13, Guildford

opening quoteI wear a crucifix at my school. I think that it would be AWFUL if they banned them. I definitely think this should not be allowed. It will cause major problems that will be resort in a lot of immigrants to other countries just so they will be allowed to do what they believe in.closing quote
Chelsea, 14, Canada

opening quoteI would just like to say the idea of banning head-dresses is pathetic. I think it's our world going mad.closing quote
Hannah, 13, Chester-le-street

opening quoteI don't think they should ban religious items. People should be allowed to wear something according to their religion, it's not fair if others decide what they should and shouldn't wear.closing quote
Alex, 12, Surrey

opening quoteI think they should be aloud to wear religious clothing and items to school. closing quote
Steve, 12, Bournemouth

opening quoteShouldn't we celebrate diversity in our community? I think that it is wrong to ban religious items in school. It is taking away our individuality, when this should be respected at school.closing quote
Sophia, 14, Essex

opening quoteThere are people in my school who are from religious backgrounds and they wear the items that the religion says they have to, like head scarves and crucifixes. When people wear these things it causes problems and people bully them, if they didn't wear them then probably they wouldn't get bullied so it might be a good idea to consider something like that because even though we are in the 21st century, people still think that religion is something to make fun of.closing quote
Katy, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteI don't think the government should be able to have the right to stop Muslims following their religion, or any other religion.closing quote
Stephen, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteIf it causes problems in a school then it could be something to consider but I don't think it should be the law.closing quote
Jackie, 12, Aylesbury

opening quoteThat is totally out of order! It should be up to the individual. You shouldn't have to give up your religion just because of some law.closing quote
Laura, 13, Newton Aycliffe

opening quoteIf any of my friends were to judge me on the fact I wear a headscarf, they would be my friend no longer. closing quote
Tanzeelah, 15, Glasgow

opening quoteI am a Christian that is very strong in my faith. I wear a religious cross, and would not take it off should the law be changed in the UK. My faith is more important to me than the law. I think that France has no right to take away the right to freedom of religion of French youngsters. It is not something the government has control over.closing quote
David, 15, Glasgow

opening quoteWhy should they not be aloud to were head scarfs? It's just stupid.closing quote
Dean, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteI think it is shocking that a democratic French government can trample people's human rights so easily. I don't see how religious clothing can cause social problems.closing quote
Scott, 15, Glasgow

opening quoteI think this will make people think they're being forced to be someone they're not and that's wrong.closing quote
Sophie, 11, Gosport

opening quoteI think that this ban shows racism and intolerance of other religions. I believe that everybody has a right to show their religion according to that religions rules, but not if it seriously offends others.closing quote
Maggie, 13, York

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