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  Holly and Jessica verdict: your thoughts
Updated 19 December 2003, 19.06

The jury in the Soham trial have found Ian Huntley guilty of murdering Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells.

And Maxine Carr has been found guilty of lying to the police but not guilty of helping him with the girls deaths.

What is YOUR reaction to the verdicts?

Are you relieved? Has it made you feel emotional now that it has come to an end?

Or do just you feel sad or angry that these murders happened?

E-mail and let us know your thoughts.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI can't believe that someone could actually do that, and not even have the decency to admit to it. He deserves what he got, and it makes everyone throughout Britain feel much safer. I also hope that it is a comfort to Holly and Jessica's families that he is locked up.closing quote
Hannah, 11, Aberdeen

opening quoteI'm glad it's all come to an end, but I don't understand why he did it and why Carr lied. I'm also upset that he didn't own up earlier and that he had to put the girls families through this court case over a year after the girls deaths.closing quote
Amina, 13, Leyton

opening quoteI'm pleased that Huntley has been caught and sentenced, but I'm also concerned about how he got a job working with children as he has had many court cases before. I feel really sorry for Holly and Jessica's families, especially near Christmas time.closing quote
Hannah, 12, Loughborough

opening quoteI think that Ian should be in the shoes of Holly and Jessica's mum and dad's. What he did was disgusting and I thought why did Huntley kill them and why did Carr lie?closing quote
Robert, 12, Fife

opening quoteHe should never have been able to work in a school in the first place. It's disgusting what he did, and I think he deserves every bit of punishment he gets. He lied and caused so much pain to so many people. closing quote
Lynsey, 13, Bucks

opening quoteIan Huntley deserves his punishment. What he did was truly awful and a lot can be learnt from this incident.closing quote
Matthew, 14, Plymouth

opening quoteI think the sentences are fair. I feel extremely sorry for everybody Holly an Jessica knew, especially their families. Although the people were caught and but behind bars, nothing will bring back Holly and Jessica.closing quote
Sophie, 9, Weymouth

opening quoteI'm glad that Ian Huntley was given the jail sentence he deserved but this all could have never happened. If when he applied for the job at the school his records had been checked thoroughly, Holly and Jessica might still be here today.closing quote
Laura, 13, Helensburgh

opening quoteIts great news. Finally an end to this time for the whole of UK who have followed events since they began..They deserve all they get. Holly and Jessica were in the wrong place at the wrong time. How did Ian Huntley get a job as a caretaker with all those other investigations he had had in the past years? Things need to be changed if we are to prevent any more tragedies like this.closing quote
Ryan, 14, Enniskillen

opening quoteI am really mad at what he did. Ian Huntley is a coward for not telling the truth. I hate him.closing quote
Becca, 11, Hull

opening quoteI am glad he has been given life, justice has been done and he can't do anything of the kind again.closing quote
Dan, 14, Ipswich

opening quoteThere should be more done to stop things that bad happening.closing quote
Alex, 14, Hull

opening quoteI think that Huntley is sick in the head and needs help - thank god he was jailed and he deserved it.closing quote
Ben, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteI think that Ian Huntley is a very sad man- why would he want to kill those pore innocent children? I'm glad he's locked up.closing quote
Hannah, 11, Kenfighill

opening quoteI'm glad the trial finished. It'll show all the child abusers that they won't get away with it and that it's not acceptable.closing quote
Sarah, 12, Oxford

opening quoteI am glad that Ian is in jail because I think that for the families of Jessica and Holly, they will be relieved and can rest better and they can have Christmas without having to go to court everyday to give evidence.closing quote
Pamela, 12, Angus

opening quoteI can't believe anyone could do anything like that, Ian Huntley is a sick man and deserves everything he gets. I don't think him being locked up will help with the parents grief much. What's done is done.closing quote
Helen, 12, Bristol

opening quoteI don't think that Ian's sentence will affect the parents - their children are gone. I feel really sorry for Maxine, 'cos her life's ruined. It must be horrible to love and trust someone, then discover they're a murderer.closing quote
Marilyn, 12, Skegness

opening quoteI honestly don't think Huntley got what he actually deserved! You can't repay two lives with two life sentences - but I am very glad that a decision has been reached and I hope that nothing else will ever happen like this again.closing quote
Becci, 13, Swindon

opening quoteI am glad that Ian Huntley has been found guilty but I'm confused why he would want to hurt two innocent girls?closing quote
Sarah, 10, Winchester

opening quoteJail is too good for him. He should have had something much worse.closing quote
John, 14, Sidcup

opening quoteI'm really pleased that Huntley has been jailed for life. He was obviously mad and I feel a lot safer knowing he's locked up.closing quote
Declan, 12, Battersea

opening quoteI think that he deserves to go to prison as it was a horrible thing to do two 10 year olds.closing quote
Kayleigh, 12, Dartford

opening quoteI think the whole of England is relieved he's been locked away. Everyone knows he's guilty, he deserves what he gets.closing quote
Abbie, 13, Oxfordshire

opening quoteI think Huntley deserves all he gets because in a few minutes he ruined and ended the lives of lots of people!closing quote
Rosie, 12, Alnwick

opening quoteI am relieved - he deserves what he gets. Nobody should be aloud to do this. I am disgusted. I feel terribly sorry for their parents. They had only a short life.closing quote
Keare, 12, Northern Ireland

opening quoteI'm so pleased. He caused a lot of people a lot of heart ache, and was then too cowardly to face up to his responsibilities correctly. He deserves no better. As for Maxine Carr, I don't really know what I think of her, but I don't believe that she helped him, she was just scared. But perhaps 3 and a half years is a little light, to be honest. This whole thing could have been a quicker process (and less painful for the parents) if she had simply told the truth.closing quote
Phillipa, 14, Goole

opening quoteI think Ian Huntley is a bad person and should go to prison for the rest of his life.closing quote
John,1 2, Norwich

opening quoteI'm so pleased that evil man is jailed for life! What he did was very wrong and needs to learn a lesson! I feel upset for Holly and Jessica's families and hope they will be well.closing quote
Katie, 14, Dorset

opening quoteI'm really glad, but nothing will be the same for their families again.closing quote
Sophie, 11, Gosport

opening quoteI am relieved that Ian Huntley has been found guilty but I do feel bad for the families and friends of Holly and Jessica - but relieved that Huntley can't hurt anyone else.closing quote
Alexander, 12, Somerset

opening quoteI am really glad that those are the verdicts that have been made. I just wish it could have been quicker... it must have been hard for the families. My deepest sympathies to the families. When Maxine Carr gets out of prison she won't really have a life wherever she chooses to live because the whole country knows about it!closing quote
Rebecca, 12, St. Boswells

opening quoteI am glad a verdict has finally been reached and that Ian Huntley who has caused so much heartache to the Wells and Chapman families is now behind bars. It has been a long and emotional process for Holly and Jessica's families and I wish them the best of luck for the future.closing quote
Justine, 15, Worcester

opening quoteI'm relieved that Ian Huntley has been put behind bars. I think this is going to send out a message to other people like him that it is wrong and if they try what he did there will be justice.closing quote
Alexander, 14, London

opening quoteI am happy to hear the verdict. People like Ian Huntley deserve to be put in prison for life. He ruined those girls lives and now he has got what he deserves.closing quote
Gemma, 14, London

opening quoteI think Ian Huntley deserves all he gets, and I hope Holly and Jessica's families can rest a little easier now, knowing that he is in prison.closing quote
Rhianna, 13, Spalding

opening quoteI think justice has been done for everybody, and Holly and Jessica can now rest in peace and in loving memories of their families.closing quote
Emily, 11, Wickford

opening quoteI think jail is too good for Huntley after what he's done to Holly, Jessica and their families.closing quote
Lou, 13, Essex

opening quoteI am really pleased with the verdict 'cos Huntley did a terrible thing.closing quote
Rachel, 10, Greenock

opening quoteI'm glad he's got life. What he did was evil and he should be severely punished.closing quote
Chloe, 12, Lewes

opening quoteI think it is sad and upsetting. I feel for the families.closing quote
Sara, 14, Bristol

opening quoteI'm glad that horrible man is jailed! Who would do a thing to kill two little girls. It's sooo cruel for a man to do that. The parents would be glad for this man to go to jail because of what he did!closing quote
Jennifer, 9, Forres

opening quoteI am pleased that the families of Holly and Jessica can go into Christmas knowing that Ian Huntley will probably not see the light of day again as a free man. At least justice has been done!closing quote
Calum, 11, Leeds

opening quoteI think that justice has been deserved and they deserve every bit of it, and know the souls of Jessica and Holly can rest in peaceclosing quote
Umesh, 13, London

opening quoteI think Ian Huntley is a crook and a horrible man. He should be locked away and never let out and I just want to say sorry to Holly and Jessica's parents for what Ian Huntley has put them through. I wish them all the best.closing quote
Emma, 12, Nottingham

opening quoteI'm very pleased that Ian Huntley is in jail for life and I'm glad that Maxine Carr is in jail for a while. I think that they got what they deserved and I hope that the families of Holly and Jessica feel relieved that the man that killed their children is locked up!closing quote
Katie, 13, London

opening quoteI am relieved at the verdicts - that justice has been done, but I feel really upset for Holly and Jessica and their families.closing quote
Beth, 13, Canterbury

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