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  Saddam's capture: Your reaction
Updated 19 December 2003, 11.58
Saddam Hussein
After months of searching, Saddam Hussein has been captured.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we got him," Paul Bremer said at a news conference in the capital, Baghdad

There were loud cheers from Iraqi people in the audience.

The former leader was found hiding in a cellar in a town about 10 miles south of his hometown Tikrit.

What is YOUR reaction to his capture? How should he be dealt with now?

Let us know your views!

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opening quoteI think that it is great that they have caught him, but what about Bin Laden and all those other hundreds of terrorists?closing quote
Richard, 10, Coleraine

opening quoteI don't even think someone has to be for or against war to appreciate Saddam being caught. It means that maybe we can start bringing our soldiers home. Also just knowing that he's not out there plotting world destruction like everyone fears is a relief. World leaders believe he is a threat and to know where that threat is located is great.closing quote
Sam, 14, Chicago USA

opening quoteI think it's great that Saddam was caught. He was an evil man and the world will be safer without him.closing quote
David, 12, Carshalton

opening quoteYep, we were so pleased to hear about the capture. My uncle was one of Saddam's victims. He was murdered and my parents came here. I hope there will be a fair trial, no punishment will justify what this man did to thousands of people. Somehow.. I still don't trust the American government - like someone mentioned, he was propped up by them and given loads of weapons to use against his people. Saddam didn't just turn up this year, he was killing Iraqis for 20 yrs. That's what annoys me most. I don't know about execution... maybe he should do 5 years community service at the sewage works first - see how it feels.closing quote
Zainab, 15, London

opening quoteI think the capture of Saddam Hussein will cause more problems and he should have a fair trial.closing quote
Laura, 13, Devon

opening quoteI was happy when I heard that Saddam was caught , when I saw the pictures of him on TV he looked like a broken person. I think he should be sent to prison for the rest of his life but I definitely think he shouldn't get the death penalty even though he killed all those people. No one deserves to be killed no matter who they are or what they have done.closing quote
Danielle, 11, Bromsgrove

opening quoteI can't believe that Saddam was caught alive, I thought he would commit suicide before he gave himself up. He's a hypocrite for calling for martyrs and not doing it himself. But now he's caught he should have a private trial and be sentenced to life imprisonment and not death.closing quote
Si, 15, London

opening quoteI feel weird about his capturing and just hope whatever decision is made for his life is made wisely and whatever comes across this future is good.closing quote
Safar, 12, Dallas

opening quoteI am still not really convinced that the way that the soldiers and inspectors captured Saddam was right. They appeared to be treating him like some animal (some of you may argue that he IS an animal) I think that no one should be treated like that.closing quote
Yasmine, 13, Woodford Green

opening quoteI don't think they should put Saddam to death. I know he killed thousands of Iraqis but don't you think enough blood has been spilt on his account? They should definitely put him in jail but not to death.closing quote
Jenny, 13, Isle of Man

opening quoteIf the Iraqis still have capital punishment, then Saddam should be hanged. The Brits and Americans should stop interfering... but if he's hanged, then we're sinking to his level - no one has the right to kill someone else.closing quote
Marilyn, 12, Skegness

opening quoteI personally think this man should either have life in prison or receive the death penalty. He has showed no remorse for killing his own people and many others. Although, I do think he does deserve a fair trial just like any other person.closing quote
Sarah, 15, USA

opening quoteI think Saddam should get the death penalty for what he did to the Iraqis closing quote
Nathan, 12, Pontefract

opening quoteI think that it is good that Saddam has been captured because he has caused so much suffering in Iraq through his dictatorship. However, I don't believe that he should be given the death penalty because no one, no matter what they've done, deserves to die.closing quote
Naomi, 15, Derby

opening quoteI just couldn't believe it when I found out. Now the Iraqi people deserve to get on in life.closing quote
Sophie, 12, Bath

opening quoteI think it's great that Saddam has been captured so that the people of Iraq know for sure that they're safe. I also think they should let the people of Iraq decide his fate. closing quote
Ben, 12 Northwich

opening quoteI think that Saddam should be treated like he treated the Iraqis, even if this means death. He deserves it because he still doesn't realise all the lives he has destroyed and how many people he has killed. Whatever happens to Saddam, he should have the rest of his life in prison and should be treated with NO respect!closing quote
Joanna, 12, London

opening quoteI don't really see any point in putting him on trial. They should just hang him once they've got all they can out of him.closing quote
John, 14, Sidcup

opening quoteI think that Saddam being captured will make him a hero to his supporters. And if he dies he'll be a bigger hero.closing quote
Sam, 11, Holmfirth

opening quoteI am totally against killing Saddam. I am glad they have caught him but if we kill him that makes us as bad as him. In fact we already are for sending troops into Iraq and killing people. Tony Blair should never have got us involved.closing quote
Lucy, 13, Morpeth

opening quoteI think the capture of Saddam is good, because people in that country can be free now he is captured. closing quote
Aimee, 10, Edinburgh

opening quoteI am so glad my got him. They should kill him or put him in jail for a long time because of all the people he killed and any one who still supports him is silly.closing quote
Stacey, 10, Wallingford

opening quoteI think that if Saddam gets the death sentence, we are just as bad as him.closing quote
Susan, 11, Rudgwick

opening quoteI think he should be put in prison so he can suffer just like all the people in Iraq.closing quote
James, 10, Bristol

opening quoteSaddam isn't the end of the line. A lot more people are going to die as much as I don't like to say it. There are still a lot of evil people out there to cause just as much pain to just as many people.closing quote
Orla, 13, Abingdon

opening quoteI think that it is good that Saddam has been captured but the Iraqis can't rest yet. He should be killed for all the hurt he has caused to other people and the lives of people he has cut short. We should rid the world of this horrible person and put the people of Iraq at rest.closing quote
Lauren, 12, York

opening quoteI don't think that Saddam should be killed. He was a bad man but the reason they wanted to catch him was because he killed and tortured people. It just doesn't make sense. By killing him your sending out the wrong message.closing quote
Katie, 12, Essex

opening quoteI think it's great that Saddam Hussein has been caught because now people in Iraq can go to sleep not thinking that he is walking the world freely.closing quote
Odhran, 9, Portadown

opening quoteIt's a massive break through that we have finally caught Saddam, he cannot cause any more pain and suffering. He should be left to suffer in jail, but not kill him, as taking someone's life is the worst thing anyone could ever do.closing quote
Lorna, 12, Waterlooville

opening quoteI must admit I looked at Saddam Hussein and I felt slightly sorry for him but we have all got to remember what he did to his own people. He is an evil and spiteful man.closing quote
Karen, 14, Belfast

opening quoteWe watched the French news to see what was happening. I'm glad they caught him. But he shouldn't die otherwise the Americans and the civilised world will be brought down to his level. Now the Iraqi people can lead a normal life, not in fear, and watch Saddam suffer. What a great, early Christmas present!!closing quote
Bina-Ruth, 13, Southern France

opening quoteI think it's good that Saddam has been caught. My brother was sent out there with his squadron at the start of the war and it was really hard not knowing what had happened or anything. I just hope that the Americans don't forget we helped them.closing quote
Bryony, 13, Kettering

opening quotePutting him behind bars would give him time to reflect...NO ONE should stoop to his level and kill him!closing quote
Jo, 15, Southampton

opening quoteWell done to the American people who caught him but lets not forget that the Iraq war was a good reason to get oil! Also, I think Saddam should stay in prison, not death - death is an easy sentence.closing quote
Nick, 14, Walton

opening quoteI think that Saddam should not be given the death penalty because it is an easy escape, he should be prisoned for life. He would suffer more in the long term and it would be justice for what he has done to normal people. It's great that he has been captured, it's just what is going to be done with him now?closing quote
Emma, 15, Kent

opening quoteSaddam Hussein is a wicked man and deserves to be killed for what he's done to everyone. Well done to the people who found him and it's just Bin Laden they have to look for now!closing quote
Sammy, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteSaddam deserves to be captured and imprisoned but not killed. They used to do that but not anymore - we realised it's not right.closing quote
Sarah,1 4, Carlisle

opening quoteAbout time the Americans got something right, and boy did they!closing quote
Luke, 13, Horsham

opening quoteI think Saddam deserves what he gets. He has put the Iraqi people through hell. He should suffer just like all the people he tortured or killed. It's also good that the soldiers should be able to come home now!closing quote
Ellie, 13, Worcester

opening quoteI think it is a good thing that Saddam has been caught. It means that the people of Iraq don't have to live with fear of Saddam anymore. I believe that executing Saddam is the wrong thing - if you put him in jail for life he will realise what he has done and wish that he had never done it in the first place.closing quote
Simon, 14, Newport

opening quoteHe should not be killed because despite everything he's done, that would still be murder which I don't agree with. I know he's a murderer himself but that doesn't give us the right to take his life. It's not for us to decide when people should die, as evil as some people are.closing quote
Laura, 14, Scotland

opening quoteI think it is a really good thing that he has been caught. My brother was fighting in the Iraq war and he's only just returned. He had been searching for him for months. Saddam should be killed.closing quote
Rosie, 13, Cambridge

opening quoteI think it is great they have caught him! It means people can finally get along with their lives without having the threat of him returning.closing quote
Katie, 11, Wallington

opening quoteHe looked stupid. Thank you guys for catching him.closing quote
Jonathon, 10, Ohio, USA

opening quoteI'm glad he finally got captured, but it's sort of pitiful to see him, puffy eyes and all. I think he should be given proper treatment and not the death penalty so he can see how full of justice people can be.closing quote
Darshana, 15, Mauritius

opening quoteI agree with the American president - the world is a lot better place without him and good riddance. Well he thought he was so tough but then he ran away into a small little hole!closing quote
Giles, 14, Blandford

opening quoteI think that Saddam should be killed. I think this would be fair because he has killed so many innocent people in the past and now it is his turn.closing quote
Natalie, 14, Bromsgrove

opening quoteI am glad that Saddam has been caught, though I don't think he should get the death penalty as two wrongs don't make a right.closing quote
Nicole, 15, Worcester

opening quoteI think that it's great progress that he has been caught. But I am sure that he has people who are ready to take over once he is gone. And there is still Osama bin Ladenclosing quote
Lilly, 12, Sackville

opening quoteI was actually relieved that Saddam Hussein was captured. No more wars (hopefully), no more terror. We can now sit back and relax!closing quote
Sara, 12, Oviedo

opening quoteSaddam should be killed by his own people. He should learn from what he did!closing quote
Josh, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteI'm so glad Saddam was caught. In my opinion he should be killed.closing quote
Gareth, 13, Neath

opening quoteI am glad that Saddam is captured and that the Iraqis can feel safer now that he has been caught. But I do not think it will stop terrorist attacks.closing quote
Shan, 11, Surrey

opening quoteI think that it is about time the Americans caught Saddam. I was beginning to think we never would. Saddam is an evil cold-hearted man, and his past is going to catch up to him and make him regret every innocent life he took, and every way he wronged his people.closing quote
Peggy, 15, Rockford

opening quoteI think it's great that Saddam has been caught. I don't think he should get the death penalty - that would be way too easy and painless for him. He has caused so much pain and suffering and he should be made to pay. All I can say is look out Bin Laden!closing quote
Katy, 12, Alderley Edge

opening quoteI think it is so right to show Saddam on TV, I mean how often is it you capture a killer that everyone has been searching for months.closing quote
James, 13, Guildford

opening quoteAlthough I wanted Saddam to suffer and be tortured like so many of his people once the war started, I actually felt slightly sorry for him once I had seen those pictures of him when he was found.closing quote
Iain, 13, Windsor

opening quoteI think that the capture of Saddam Hussein is good but I don't think a death penalty is necessary closing quote
Caitlin, 11, St Albans

opening quoteI think it's great that Saddam has been captured and that it wasn't fair that the people of Iraq had to suffer for so long. At first I was against Britain going to war and now that Saddam has been captured I hope that all this fighting can end.closing quote
Ffiona, 12, North Wales

opening quoteI think it's fantastic that Saddam has been captured, but they should give him a chance to mend his way's. Because after all that time hiding he must have seen the error of his way's.closing quote
Holly, 10, Little Walden

opening quoteI personally am incredibly relieved about his capture now the people in Iraq can live a bit more freely and not worry quite so much about the consequencesclosing quote
Charlotte, 11, Minety

opening quoteAt last he has been caught. Now the world is a better place. I feel that for what Saddam did, he should be executed. It's the kindest thing to do for the Iraqi people.closing quote
Alan, 15, Northampton

opening quoteI think that Saddam shouldn't be killed because I believe whatever someone has done, they shouldn't have there life taken away from them. But I do think he should be punished because he's killed so many people.closing quote
Bethan, 12, Knaphill

opening quoteI'm glad they have caught Saddam. He does deserve what he gets but let's not forget that America sold Iraq the weapons AND they have been bombing them for a very long time. closing quote
Maz, 14, Salisbury

opening quoteI think that he should suffer for all that he has done to the iraqs but i don't think that he should get the death penatly.closing quote
Nicole, 11, Skipton

opening quoteWell I ALLMOST felt sorry for the man. He looked old and tired and didn't seem to know what was going on when he was caught. However you have got to remember what this man has done before and any feelings of sympathy soon go away. Hopefully he will be given a fair trial in his own country and they will get to the bottom of what really went on and find out about any W.M.D that still might remain. Defintely a good thing for the Iraqi people and they can move a step closter to getting on with their lives.closing quote
Andy, 16, Watford

opening quoteWe are pleased that he has been captured. We think that he should suffer for his crimes, but we don't think he should be killed because that would make us as bad as him.closing quote
Class 3, Thurlow-Haverhill

opening quoteI am glad that Saddam has been caught, but will it really make life better for the people of Iraq? There have not been suicide bombs and I think there is now going to be a lot of congestion between the Iraqi people.closing quote
Lis, 13, London

opening quoteWell I'm happy he's been captured but that still doesn't justify the war. The war is still wrong to me because the war was to find weapons of mass destruction not just to get Saddam. Also I think that they shouldn't have been allowed to show him being examined on tv....I think it's a against his human rights no matter what he's done. closing quote
Nicola, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteI'm very glad that he's been caught, but I don't think he should be killed, I think he should suffer for everything he did, because killing him would just be the easy way out for him.closing quote
Anna, 12, Cardiff

opening quoteMy dad was leaping with joy the minute he heard! He also said that this was the best Christmas present for the entire world: EVER!closing quote
Jack, 11, Oxted

opening quoteIt's good that they caught him. I still don't think he should get the death penalty though. But doesn't it all seem too easy? Maybe it's not him...closing quote
Zameer. 12. USA

opening quoteI'm so happy that Saddam has finally been captured. It must be a relief to the people of Iraq as well as the rest of the world, but it will still be a while before peace is achieved.closing quote
Kat, 14, New York

opening quoteI can't believe it. The best news today.closing quote
Parash, 14, Leicester

opening quoteWOW!! I can't belive they have actually caught him! closing quote
Caitlin, 13, Hemel Hempstead

opening quoteI'm glad that Saddam has been captured, I think it is a brill Christmas present for all American and Iraqi people!closing quote
Megan, 12, Fife

opening quoteI am happy that he was caught, but I can see why the Iraqi people would be happier if they had caught him, and it doesn't justify the war, because they went to war because they thought there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, not to topple Saddam!closing quote
Elspeth, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteI'm very glad that they've caught him. No one should suffer like the Iraqis did. I don't think he should get the death penalty. He should suffer.closing quote
Zoe, 12, Cheshire

opening quoteThis is such good news! After all these years of conflict, and now finally Iraq can return to normal and live in peace! Saddam should definitely get the death penalty as he killed so many innocent people.closing quote
Jess, 15, Halesowen

opening quoteAll I can say is YES!!! All those thousands of thousands of people he made suffer, nothing anyone can do will bring them back, but it's about time he paid for what he's done.closing quote
Sarah, 15, Lancashire

opening quoteI am glad that Saddam has been captured. The people of Iraq are now free from imprisonment and can now live in a safe and friendly environment. Good for them!!closing quote
Sanya, 13, Oldham

opening quoteI'm so glad that they caught him. It's all great. my friends are all in the infantry that caught him. I can't wait to talk to him next time. I am so glad and excited. Now Iraq can be safer. woo-hoo!!!!closing quote
Katry, 15, California, USA

opening quoteThank goodness he is captured. His evil ways can now be gone. There is talk about him being executed, and I hope he is!closing quote
Katy, 12, St Helier

opening quoteI am so pleased he has been captured. I hope he suffers because he made the Iraqi people suffer.closing quote
Kate, 10, Cheshire

opening quoteWill capturing Saddam really help the Americans re-establish a government in Iraq? There are always going to be extremists ready to blow themselves up for their captured leader. I'm not sure it will help. James, 13, Norwichclosing quote

opening quoteI am very pleased for the people who have suffered because of him. I hope they feel relieved that the Americans have finally got him and look forward to a good future for the world without him.closing quote
Sara, 14, Bedfordshire

opening quoteIt's absolutely brilliant. Years of oppression for the Iraqi people has finally come to an end. Now we can say that the US was doing the right thing.closing quote
Emily, 14, Louisville, USA

opening quoteThe first I heard of it was when I went on this site earlier! I just wish all the soldiers in Iraq and Germany would be able to come back.closing quote
Felicity, 11, Livingston

opening quoteI can't believe it. They have been looking for him so long I didn't they were going to find him. I'd like to know what was going through his mind to make him do all that bad stuff. I think he should go to jail and he should have to do stuff every day that makes him think about what he did. Bin laden they're coming for you now so look out!closing quote
Courtney, 16, Canada

opening quoteSaddam shouldn't be killed. Killing is almost painless and doesn't give him anything back for what he's done to the Kurds.closing quote
Oliver, 13, Ipswich

opening quoteIt's brilliant that Saddam has been captured and will be tried for all the crimes that he has committed against his own people, but will they mention the fact that the WMD were really American and British donated? And also, I hope that the coalition forces will not finish the job and remove the Ba'ath party, because in Afghanistan, warlords are causing as much terror to the people as the Taliban did. Let's hope that this will mean that the Iraqi people will finally be free for the first time in decades.closing quote
Lianne, 16, London

opening quoteGood job too! He is an evil man and it's hard to believe anyone could treat people like he did, let alone his own people! I think prison is too good for him!closing quote
Imogen, 13, Isle of Wight

opening quoteWow I couldn't believe the news when I switched on my TV today - the Iraqi people must be well chuffed! Saddam should be sent to prison for a very long time.closing quote
Chris, 13, Cardiff

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