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  Do celebs influence what you buy?
Updated 07 November 2003, 18.35
Beckham's hairdo
Researchers have found that celebrities have a significant impact on what we buy.

If a celeb is seen advertising or wearing something, does it make you more likely to buy it or wear it?

Are you sporting Beckham's latest hair-do, or dressed head to foot in Atomic Kitten's clothing range?

Perhaps you invest a lot in keeping up to date with the ever-changing wardrobe of your fave celeb? On the other hand, do you struggle to copy celebrity style, without a celebrity income?

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opening quoteIt's true that celebs influence what we buy, but magazines do as well. When Madonna first came everyone wanted to be just like her. Everyone knows that people went around dressing just like her. Also with magazines, if you see an advert with a famous person wearing it like make-up, people go out and buy it.closing quote
Amy, 14, Newcastle-Under-Lyme

opening quoteA lot of people copy what celebs wear. I think everyone should have their own individual look and copying celebs is a waste of money.closing quote
Daisy, 11, Dudley

opening quoteI would only buy something endorsed by celebs if it was their speciality subject. It's a pity that our trust could be broken if a company paid the celeb to say good things.closing quote
Josh, 14, Wisbech

opening quoteI do think that celebrities do have an impact on what we wear. My little brother has got Beckham's old hair style.closing quote
Sara, 10, Liverpool

opening quoteI think celebrities can take partial credit for the way people are dressing. Even though I don't agree with it, I know it's true. I mean, look at Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan. The moment they came around, everyone started dressing in punk clothes.closing quote
Jenna, 13, Ellwood City

opening quoteNot me! I wear my own style. Sometimes there is no choice but to wear latest celebs are wearing - because that's usually what all the stores have!closing quote
Kristen, 11, St. Joe

opening quoteI hate to even think that it does, but I'm sure I am influenced by famous people, and their views/decisions and fashion sense! I try not to, because I want to be individual, but it happens!closing quote
Kayla, 13, USA

opening quoteCelebrities do influence what we buy, they set fashions for us to follow, but that doesn't mean we have to buy the same clothes we see our fave celebrities wearing. I still have my own style as well. People should wear what makes them feel goo and gives them confidence.closing quote
Rebecca, 14, Manchester

opening quoteI am NOT in fashion and I definitely do not copy celebrities. I have my own style. I want to be true to myself. You shouldn't be paranoid about what other people think of you. If they're willing to judge you on what you wear they're not worth your time.closing quote
Caroline, 14

opening quoteNot at all! Most celebrities look over the top and superficial - there's no individuality there at all! I would hate to dress like that.closing quote
Jess, 14, Halesown

opening quoteThe only person I copy is Beyonce, because I like her style, but I don't go around like a Beyonce clone!closing quote
Veronica, 14, USA

opening quoteNo. If I had the money, I would have been following fashions for about the last three years but I've changed my mind about fashion since and now I almost hate it! I create my own styles now.closing quote
Kelly, 14, Australia

opening quoteI don't, but if I really like something I might wear something similar. It costs to much to follow all the styles.closing quote
Hannah, 13, Walthamstow

opening quoteI think that coping the celebrities is very worthless and rather try-hard. You should choose what you're going to wear - not copy some celebrity.closing quote
Amy, 12, Brisbane, Australia

opening quoteI have my own style, and I don't copy any of the celebrities, as most of them have to prance around half naked to get noticed. If you choose an individual look, you'll get noticed for the better!closing quote
Rhianna, 13, Spalding

opening quoteExcuse me, but this is the reason why young people are feeling pressured to buy stuff we don't need. I mean, has anybody seen the new Atomic Kitten Video? They are just sitting there with nothing on! It's mingin'! Would you walk up the street naked? It's gross! What is it in us that makes us want to be like them, and not ourselves?closing quote
SB,11, East Anglia

opening quoteWhy should I spend my money trying to look like a copy-cat of a celeb? It's not worth the money. The celebs don't look good half the time anyway. I like my own style - if it happens that I have the same style top as a celeb then so be it.closing quote
Amy, 14, Bridgend

opening quoteI always copy my idol, Rachel Stevens. I copy her dress sense. Take when she was in S club 7, she wore tight jeans. I now wear tight jeans wherever I go!closing quote
Zorah, 14, Oxford

opening quoteSometimes becuase they do wear nice things but I do tend to follow my own rules. Lately I have been well turned away from getting stuff like celebs, because of all that 70's and 80's gear they are wearing. Army gear was ok, but PINK army gear? That's going too far!closing quote
Shaly, 13, Essex

opening quoteAs if! How stupid, why would anyone be bothered rushing out to buy what the celebrities are wearing! More money for the shops - but we all know that the look has changed within a few weeks! Design your own style if you want one!!closing quote
Ryan, 14, Enniskillen

opening quoteNo, they don't. I feel I should buy something because I like it. Besides, imagine if everyone decided to buy what the cheeky girls wear - euch!closing quote
Elycia, 12, Stevenage

opening quoteI don't really follow my fave celeb's footsteps. That's only because I'm a girl and my hero is male. If I was male too, I'd probably copy their styles.closing quote
Jess, 13, London

opening quoteI don't think anyone should buy things just because 'celebrities' are advertising them. People have their own minds and brands - and shops should stop trying to get us to copy the celebrities.closing quote
Hazel, 12, Cambridge

opening quoteI think they make you feel cool and sexy and then you want to copy them.closing quote
Noorie, 12, London

opening quoteI would never copy a celeb because once they're out of fashion you need to change your style and that costs money.closing quote
Halim, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteI don't really copy them unless I see them wearing clothes or have a hair style I like I will try it.closing quote
Roxy, 13, Southend on Sea

opening quoteNope! I buy and wear what I like and if some celebrity happens to be wearing it at the time that's fine with me but I wear what's comfortable whether it's in style or not. I think that if that's what you want to do that's your own choice but it's not the one I choose to make.closing quote
Kelsey, 12, Texas

opening quoteI think you should keep your own style and not copy other famous stars clothes. If all the boys want David Beckam's hair style there would be too many boys wearing that hair style. It goes the same for all the other famous stars.closing quote
Emma, 10, London

opening quoteNo, celebs don't tend to influence what I buy but sometimes I might see a top or something a celeb is wearing and like it, so I might try to get something similar.closing quote
Caitlin, 13, Sussex
opening quoteI wear what's in the fashionable shops. I only wear what I like but I wouldn't wear something that wasn't fashionable because everyone stares.closing quote
Chloe, 11, Harlow

opening quoteCelebs do influence me because they set the fashions and I like to be in fashion. If you do wear clothes influenced by celebs I think you feel less paranoid by what people will say.closing quote
Hannnah, 13, Maidstone

opening quoteI always have my own style. Celebs can't change the way you look.closing quote
Moesha, 12 Gloucester

opening quoteI notice when a celeb is sporting designer clothes in ads and am interested to hear who wore what at the latest awards show, but nothing they wear or advertise infuences what I wear.closing quote
Becky, 15, Birmingham

opening quoteI am an individual, I don't worship or copy anyone's dress sense! Most people would say the celebrity I dress like would be Avril Lavigne but I don't let her or others influence me! I don't even like Avril!closing quote
Claire, 11, London

opening quoteI think they do influence you on what you buy because we all want to follow in our celeb hero's footsteps with fashions, which means wearing the hottest new styles on the block.closing quote
Declan, 12, Blackburn

opening quoteOf course I don't copy what celebs buy! Just because they're famous and supposedly look good, which most of them don't anyway, doesn't mean they can interfere with our sense of style!closing quote
Alana, 10, West Hythe

opening quoteNo way! I have my own style I don't need to copy anybody elses. Yes celebs to sell stuff but I think shop etc. are using them to exploit young people. closing quote
Jenny, 14, Ipswich

opening quoteI try to copy the latest celebrity look. At the moment it's Girls Aloud and I find the high street is pretty good for this, but it changes so often that I can't always get it right.closing quote
Becs, 14, Sutton Coldfield

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