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  Are firework laws tough enough?
Updated 05 November 2003, 18.22
A new law is being introduced that will mean under 18's will be fined if found with fireworks.

The government is trying to stamp out the problem of kids setting off fireworks in the street, to stop the accidents that occur around bonfire night.

Do you think this is a good idea? Or do you think that nothing will change while they can still be bought in the shops?

Perhaps you think the government is being too tough. Or, that that they can't be tough enough as far as the issue is concerned.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI live in a bad neighbourhood, fireworks are being lit weeks before the day. Many fireworks have been placed through my neighbours letterbox and some fired horizontally down my road. The laws need to be stricter and any shopkeeper which sells fireworks should be prosecuted.closing quote
Karl, 13, Northwhich

opening quoteI think they should not ban them, but have stricter laws.closing quote
Chris, 11, Irlam

opening quoteI think it is wrong that police will ban fireworks to under 18's because there are only a few people being silly which causes other peoples fun to be spoiled.closing quote
Robert, 12, Totnes

opening quoteI live in a rough area and there are constantly fireworks going off even in the day and very late at night around this time of year. They've been going for weeks now. I think fireworks should only be put on sale a couple of days before November 5th!!!closing quote
Megan, 14, Macclesfield

opening quoteI think fireworks should only be allowed to be used with permission from the County Council.closing quote
Russell, 10, Weymouth

opening quoteI live in an estate and I can't see how police are going to stop every little firework crime.closing quote
Sinead, 14, Manchester

opening quoteI don't think fireworks should be banned because they are a tradition but the government should enforce new laws so that it is harder to get hold of them.closing quote
Abbey, 13, Gloucester

opening quoteI think that the laws should be tightened around fireworks. They should only be sold to people over 21. The shops they are sold in should be limited too. Perhaps only in supermarkets as having fireworks them in corner shops is too much temptation for youngsters to go and buy them and use them irresponsibly.closing quote
Hannah, 16, Isle of Wight

opening quoteFireworks should not be banned. What's the 5th of November all about. It's about having fun!!! You have to have fireworks. However, when you see pictures on the TV of children being silly with them I agree that they should be at organised events. closing quote
James, 12, London

opening quoteI don't think fireworks should be banned because most people use fireworks sensibly and the few who are stupid enough to be dangerous with them, usually end up injured in hospital.closing quote
Carrie, 11, Bristol

opening quoteI think that a change in the law is the only way to prevent the accidents which occur every year as a consequence of children handling fireworks without proper adult supervision. Fireworks are fine as long as the displays are organised and carried out by a responsible adult who would know what to do if anything went wrong.closing quote
Daisy, 11, Dudley

opening quoteI don't think fireworks should be banned because I had a great fireworks evening in my garden and everything was fine, but I do agree that under 18's should not be allowed fireworks as they do mess around. If kids play with fireworks then its their own fault if something goes wrong.closing quote
Ruth, 13, Swindon

opening quoteFireworks should not be banned. There is risk in all activities; in the past century the state has been wrapping us up in more and more cotton wool and soon I am afraid we will suffocate! What gives them the right to decide what we can and can't do? Surely it is only the government's concern if my actions affect others! My parents were allowed bangers and many other fireworks that have now been banned, and they survived! Why should the majority of sensible people suffer for others that were born with a severe common sense deficiency?closing quote
Daryl, 15, Reading

opening quoteI think the law about fining kids is a good idea, but not letting the public have their own displays is wrong because I look forward to bonfire night and it's only a small number of people being silly with them, so it's not fair that everyone else should suffer because of their stupidity. closing quote
Hannah, 12, Sheffield

opening quoteThey are illegal here but that doesn't make a difference, everybody justs drive up north and buys them in Northern Ireland. The police don't really care and I've never heard of them being confiscated from anyone so I think even if they do bring in tougher laws it won't make a difference because probably nobody will abide by them.closing quote
Brid, 14, Dublin

opening quoteThat is a very good idea but silly teenages will keep on buying them.closing quote
Emma, 10, London

opening quoteMy opinion of fireworks is quite positive, they are brilliant. I can see why people do not want to use them because they can be dangerous but bonfire night is a great night for everyone to enjoy. They can be dangerous but that is only when they are not used correctly. If you are going to use fireworks I would advise people to be with a sensible adult. Happy bonfire night and be safe!closing quote
Cheryl-anne, 15, Coventry

opening quoteI think it is a good law because many people could get hurt.closing quote
Emma, 13, Grays

opening quoteI think that it is a fair rule, I get so annoyed when teens under 18 go out and set off fireworks, because they just feel like it. closing quote
Elycia, 12, Stevenage

opening quoteGood idea, but it definitely will not work. Some teenagers like being on the wrong side of the law and that is one of the reasons they buy them anyway, and if this new law is released then they are going to want to buy and use more fireworks than they are now!!closing quote
Becci, 13, Liverpool

opening quoteNothing is going to stamp out kids using fireworks completely, but I think this is a good threat to make kids realise how serious it is.closing quote
Olivia, 13, Bath

opening quoteThe fining is only going to waste police and government time, so I don't think it will be the right solution. How many other laws are in place that the police do not have the resources to put into practise anyway?closing quote
Katie, 15, Redhill

opening quoteI think the laws are a good idea, but they need to clamp down on the illegal trade of fireworks, like maybe an inspection of the premises which are holding the fireworks, and using CCTV to track the under-age people buying them and fining the retailers heavily, so therefore they won't want to sell them to under-16's.closing quote
Gareth, 14, Harrogate

opening quoteI think it is a bad idea, if there is not anything to do on bonfire night then kids will just find something els to do that will cause even more trouble .closing quote
Emma, 11, Falkirk

opening quoteWhere I live it has been illegal for at least a decade to buy fireworks without a license. It doesn't work though because no one actually enforces it. Neighbouring states sell them so people just buy them there.closing quote
Nathan, 1, New Jersey, USA

opening quoteI think it's a good idea! Here in America we have laws like that in all of our states and I think it has prevented a lot of accidents involving fireworks. In some states it's even illegal to sell fireworks to teens and adults.closing quote
Amy, 16, Ringwood, USA

opening quoteI really think it's a waste of the police force's time. But if they show more consequences to kids who don't use fireworks better, it may help. I also think people shouldn't sell so many dangerous fireworks to children under 15. closing quote
Kristen, 11, St. Joe

opening quoteI think that if the police don't want under-age kids buying fireworks then they should get the shops to have an age restriction because really it's their own fault.They need to be stricter!!!closing quote
Becki, 10, Oswestry

opening quoteI think they are because imagine if a boy got killed or really burned because of one of them, then the police would take it seriously.closing quote
Rosie, 14

opening quoteHow pointless is this? It's a waste of the government's and our time! It's not like it's actually going to work! closing quote
Kate, 13, Aylesbury

opening quoteIt's so easy to get hold of fireworks. There was a survey taken and tonnes of shops sold fireworks to underage people. I think there should be tougher laws for shops selling fireworks.closing quote
Lucy, 12, Coventry

opening quoteI think people should have a license to buy fireworks and the licence should cost money then children can't buy them and it would mean less disturbance for animals.closing quote
Rosie, 11, Cumbria

opening quoteWhat's the whole point of them? I don't think they should be sold and the firework laws are nowhere near tough enough!!!!! closing quote
Charlotte, 12, York

opening quoteIt will not work, they will never find who is doing it, and people will not care if they get caught with them and people at school always set them off down at the bottom of the field. It's a stupid idea!!closing quote
Cassie, 15, Nottingham

opening quoteIn Northern Ireland it is against the law to have fireworks without a licence. Licences cost 30 pounds, this means only people who are responsible should be able to get hold of fireworks, however, some still slip through the barrier.closing quote
Amanda, 14, N. Ireland

opening quoteDoes that mean that if the police catch you with sparklers they can fine you?closing quote
Louise, 13, London

opening quoteYeah the law is tough enough now. They don't need to be stricter than that -fireworks are there for us to enjoy.closing quote
Roxy, 13, Southend-on Sea

opening quoteI think fireworks should be banned except for displays. I'm off until Thursday because one hit my school. closing quote
Roisin, 10, Welwyn Garden City

opening quoteI think that it is stupid! There will never be a way to stop kids getting hold of fireworks. They are just too easy to get hold of.closing quote
Dani, 16, Surrey

opening quoteThey should be banned from public sale. They hurt animals ears, they're loud and disturbing and the rockets lie on the street for days cos nobody picks them up.closing quote
Kim, 12, Leeds

opening quoteRound where I live, kids don't care if police catch them. They see it as something to brag about. I think this will only work in certain areas.closing quote
Sally, 16, Liverpool

opening quoteI'm not sure if the laws are tough enough. In a way fireworks are really fun to watch, but they are also very dangerous!closing quote
jess, 13, London

opening quoteI think the police should be quite strict because fireworks are dangerous, especially for the elderlyclosing quote
Jordan, 14, Gloucester

opening quoteAll shops should make sure that everyone who buys fireworks has to have ID. I will walk into a shop and see children 14-15 being served and then all the time fireworks are being put through peoples letter box.closing quote
AJ, 11, London

opening quoteI can't see how the police will always be able to fine the kids that let off fireworks, as they aren't always going to be there when it happens.closing quote
Joseph, 14, Durham

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