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  Do boys need a teen mag?
Updated 19 January 2004, 19.43
Do boys need a teen mag?
A new magazine for 12-16-year-old boys called Sorted came out this week.

It covers things like films, music, computer games, girls and health matters. But do you think boys will read it?

Lads - would you be interested in buying and reading this sort of mag?

And girls - do you think there needs to be a mag for boys and would you read it to try and figure out guys better?

E-mail us now and let us know!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteIt's great. I always end up buying smash hits which is for girls but it's great to have a boys mag.closing quote
Nathan, 10, Gillingham

opening quoteI think it's a great idea as all other magazines are for girls or little kids. The only boys magazines are for just 1 thing - music or games etc.closing quote
Simon, 13, Melton Mowbray

opening quoteI think it's a cool idea 'cos I like music, films etc. and so do a lot of kids in my school - and it's got a photo of Beyonce on the front.closing quote
Ben, 11, London

opening quoteYes they do There are so many mags for girls but never any for boys. Let boys have the chance to read mags!closing quote
Katie, 15, Godmanchester

opening quoteI think that there shouldn't be a problem page because they will just get teased.But I do think that there should be a decent boy mag out there.closing quote
Norwin, 10, Nottingham

opening quoteI think it's a good idea, but it would probably sell better if it had pictures on the cover of things guys wouldn't be ashamed of reading. I'm not saying Beyonce's bad, but shouldn't they have guy bands like Good Charlotte etc on the cover? There are plenty of other magazines for guys to google at girls.closing quote
Annie, 14, New Zealand

opening quoteFINALLY! these mags can help boyz !!!! Whoever thought of it should get a medal :Pclosing quote
Paul, 14, Aberdeen

opening quoteTwo words IT'S STUPID!! It's a waste of time and money because no boys of my age will buy it and why can't some people just realise that boys would get bored of fasion mags. I'll just stick to the football ones myself.closing quote
James, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteI don't think it's a good idea, people seem to think all boys must like the same thing, just like all girls have to like pink. I mean, my brother hates football, the only sport he likes is wrestling and extreme sports. I think the whole teen mag thing is quite shallow anyway, that's why I tend to buy music mags like Kerrang. Hardly any boys will read it, it's all very stereotypical.closing quote
Imogen, 13, Isle of Wight

opening quoteYeah, I suppose they need a mag too, but I don't think every boy's into video games and Playstations and cars and stuff. Half of them don't really read magazines any way.closing quote
Natalie, 11, London

opening quoteI don't think boys will be interested in a teen mag for boys - they will find it boring unless you don't put rudeness into the mag but bad idea.closing quote
Emma, 15, Southampton

opening quoteNot all boy's are into cars. So a teen boys mag would work.closing quote
John, 12, Isle of Barra

opening quoteI don't really think it would kick off... it's sort of like a stereotypical view that magazines are for girls. Boys would probably get made fun of if they started reading the mag. which is really a shame because girls are allowed to do stereotypical boy things (i.e. sports, video games etc.) and they don't get made fun of, why can't it be the same for guys? That's my opinion at least closing quote
Madison, 14, London

opening quoteBoys definitely need a teen mag that describes all of the crazy things that they do. Like beat each other up every other minute!closing quote
Allie, 12, Baltimore

opening quoteIt's an okay idea except most boys would want to read it but most of them wouldn't buy it because their friends would probably tease them about it. closing quote
Morna, 12, Woolwich

opening quoteI know I'm a girl and everything but I think it's a good idea. I mean some guys will buy and others wont. If they don't like it that's fine but if they do then I think they should just go for it and buy it. It doesn't really matter what we say it really just depends if the boys are willing enough to read it.closing quote

opening quoteI think it's a GREAT idea cos the boys can get to know girls better. The guys in my class are fit and talk about us girls all the time.closing quote
Sarah, 12, London

opening quoteI think it's a great idea - someone needs to drum into their thick heads that girls DON'T like them swearing, making rude gestures and generally being annoying. Maybe it will make them a bit more mature. But they won't know until they try it, will they?closing quote
Kim, 15, Kent

opening quoteI think it's a good idea, as long as there's not TOO much rudeness!!closing quote
Shaly, 13, Essex

opening quoteI think no boys will read the magazine because they would spend thier money on games magazines etc so health tips and other related articles won't be found interesting for them as much other items would be that are fashionable.closing quote
Marcus, 11, Bath

opening quoteAbsolutely, my brother is completely behind when it comes to music, movies, and how to dress, he desperately needs it!closing quote
Em, 14, Louiseville

opening quoteOf course they do. Childline are constantly reporting that they hardly have any boys phoning up so a magazine would be a good idea. Plus, some of the boys I know like fashion and stuff as well.closing quote
Sarah, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteI think this is a great idea! I've been wantin' a lads teenage mag for ages. I will certainly read it. Great idea!closing quote
Danny, 12, Liverpool

opening quoteI think it is great because now my boy cousins won't get embarrassed when I catch them reading my mag about what girls are like. It would have to be pretty boyish, though and not have celeb pics or girly stuff like that.closing quote
Clemmie, 11, Bucks

opening quoteI think that this would be a great idea but I'm not sure if many boys would read it, just in case their friends laugh at them.closing quote
Abby, 12, Newquay

opening quoteBoys aren't going to really care about how they look or what 'top buys' there are in shops, just stick to girls mags!closing quote
Angelina, 13, London

opening quoteI don't think it's a good idea. Boys won't buy it because they aren't interested in health tips and stuff so it's just a waste of time and money really.closing quote
Amber, 14, London

opening quoteWe've already got magazines - computer games ones for example, or music ones. Why would we want a general magazine when we can buy magazines for our interests in far greater detail?closing quote
Ross, 14, Linlithgow

opening quoteIt's a great idea, but I think the boys don't want read about music or girls. The boys in my class ever talk about the computer games.closing quote
Laura, 12, London

opening quoteI don't think it's a good idea coz boys have better thing to do in their spare time eg skateboarding. Also girls worry more about their problems than boys.closing quote
Jennifer, 14, Belgium

opening quoteI agree with Phillippa - all the boys mags now are just covered with disgusting pictures of woman who feel quite fulfilled standing half-naked in front of a camera. Boys mags should have things that boys enjoy without making a woman lose her dignity to commercialism.closing quote
Katy, 11, Stockton-on-Tees

opening quoteI think the computer games and music parts of it sound good for boys, but I don't reckon boys are really interested in films, girls and health. Maybe there should be a sports part of it or other things that actually interest boys?closing quote
Hazel, 12, Cambridge

opening quoteIt is brilliant because magazines shouldn't just be for girls it should be for boys as well.closing quote
Aynsley, 12, Wigton

opening quoteGreat idea! I've wanted a mag with films, music and news for ages.closing quote
Jon, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteI think it is a good idea, so that boys can find out about the latest fashions and music, and find out about embarrassing problems- eg. sex & relationships, bulling and how to cope. Yeah, I would buy it, but they need to lower the price a bit before many people will buy it and catch on.closing quote
Alistair, 12, Nottingham

opening quoteI think it's a pretty good idea. I know that guys here in Canada have lots of skateboarding magazines and cars but if the magazine has a bit of reality and other stuff in it I think the would like it cos it's not just on one subject and maybe they could put an artical about how girls think cos sometimes they need a little help with that lol! ;)closing quote
Gabrielle, 13, Canada

opening quoteI think so because there are way too many girl magazines and the boys need some!closing quote
Zoe, 12, Northampton

opening quoteIt could be good depends on the content!closing quote
Victor, 13, London

opening quoteI think it's great cos my best mates bro reads all her mags and it will be nice when he can buy his own and stop nicking hers.closing quote
Sally, 15, Oxfordshire

opening quoteI think it's a good idea coz there is nothing out there to help boys get through puberty, they have the same anxieties as us and the same worries so there should be something to help them.closing quote
Rosie, 14, Oxford

opening quoteI think it's a great idea! The only mags boys tend to read now are things like FHM and Loaded, and that gives boys a very narrow and sexiest view of girls. I think that a mag like this might help boys mature quicker.closing quote
Phillippa, 14, Goole

opening quoteI think this is a great idea - now boys can discuss other things other than football.closing quote
Rica, 14, Cardiff

opening quoteNot all boys like cars and sports. We want a magazine which covers other stuff like films and music. Also it would be good to get advice on health matters especially when they are a bit embarrassing.closing quote
Tom, 13, Exeter

opening quoteTo me it seems too "girlie" for a boy to read a teen magazine, because I don't think boys would want to buy it because they may get embarrassed and they won't be reading in front of their mates anyway and looking at pictures of celebrites and what the new fashion is!closing quote
Karen, 14, Belfast

opening quoteYes I think it's a good idea. It should also have in the mag what girls feel like when they are being pushed around by boys.closing quote
Annie, 12, Hemel Hempstead

opening quoteI think it would be good for boys to have a magazine. When I went on a school trip once, I brought a girls magazine to read on the coach and a couple of the boys did the quizzes from it. They found it really interesting!!!!closing quote
Anjali, 13, Luton

opening quoteUrm, yeah I guess they are but I don't see why people should be catergorised anyway.closing quote
Mercy, 12, Manchester

opening quoteI think boys should have mags but they should have cars and football and maybe some quizzes and stuff like that.closing quote
Sarah, 12, London

opening quoteUh, I don't think that magazines for guys is such a good idea because guys already have magazines like Sports Illustrated and other sports magazines. But girl's magazines such as J-14 and M, they talk about stuff like make-up, Most Embarassing Moments, and other stuff like that.closing quote
Sahar, 11, Richmond Hill

opening quoteYeah, I think its a good idea, girls have mags that they can send their problems into and stuff but guys don't and they can't really talk to their Mom about it....well they can but it may be embarrassing.closing quote
Kitty, 13, Bath

opening quoteEven though they don't admit it, guys read girls mags to see what they like so I think it's a good idea to have guys mags to save them the embarassment of reading girls mags. Plus guys like different things to girls so the mags can cater for thatclosing quote
Becky, 15, Birmingham

opening quoteWell, whenever a girl in our school takes a magazine in, the boys are generally the ones you see reading "those" articles!! closing quote
Sarah, 15, Southampton

opening quoteI think it's a brilliant idea only girls have magazines and boys miss out really.closing quote

Jordan, 12, Gloucester

opening quoteIt's a great idea! Most of my friends are lads and they love reading girls magazines but they're embarassed to buy them! They like the problem pages the best generally. The magazine should have "boy stuff" (bikes, cars, tv) rather than makeup and beauty, but I think that they'll love it.closing quote
Lyndsey, 15, Wakefield

opening quoteI think it is a good idea because boys are a lot shyer about their feelings and I think it would be good for them to know there are other people thinking the same as them.closing quote
Charlotte, 11, Chamonix

opening quoteI don't think it will work because they will just add football and that's not a very interesting subject to talk about, especially as not all boys like it.closing quote
Alaric, 14, Wells

opening quoteI think 11-year-olds shouldn't read any teen magz for boys or girls. I wont lie. I've looked at interesting articles in girl magz. I like hearing about entertainment. I don't care for looking at "which boy who looks the sexiest" cuz I'm not a girl. It's a good idea for making a boys mag. closing quote
Chris, 13, London

opening quoteI think it is a good idea because boys don't really get a chance to talk about things in the way girls do. The magazine will give them information that they need so that they understand more about the world. Maybe it will also teach them how girls think!! closing quote
Robin, 15, Ilkley

opening quoteI don't think it's a good idea, boys are more into playing football then reading magazines.closing quote
Katherine, 11, Aberdeen

opening quoteNot a good idea - the girls magazines are a bad influence, so the boys one would probally be worse!closing quote
James, 12, Durham

opening quoteI think it's a great idea! I mean, lasses have Shout and Sneak and stuff. FHM is for older lads too. So, a magazine would be perfect but should not contain stereotypical views (have Pop AND rock music. Action AND comedy films!) closing quote
Mike, 13, Whitley Bay

opening quote11- to 13-year-old boys in my school read football magazines. Then lads 14+ read magazines about cars and ones that are aimed for boys 16+. So the teen magazine won't kick off I dont think so. Boys won't think it's cool enough! closing quote
David, 14, Wrexham

opening quoteNah, I think the boys would be too ashamed to read stuff like agony aunt in magazines. It's seems boys rather buy PS2 mags and comics. Oh well, its just us girls then! (= closing quote
Intisar, 15, London

opening quoteI thik it's great. If only there were more mags for boys. Why do boys associate magazines with girls! There is so much useful information that could be in the magazine and i agree with Michael that if it had quizzes it would be great! I write a column for teenagers in my local newspaper with information, news, events and all sorts and loads of the boys in school read it! I notice how most of the comments are from you think you know us better too!!?? closing quote
Ryan, 14, Enniskillen

opening quoteHmmm I don't know if it will take off, most boys r interested in car magazines and guy stuff, they may see mags being for girls only. closing quote
Ceri, 15, Monmouth

opening quoteI think the only reason boys don't like that stuff because they are told boy don't read stuff like that. They have 2 be in 2 sports and stuff like that well now girls r starting 2 play sport and do stuff boys do. closing quote
Stepahnie, 13, Kitchener

opening quoteI reckon no1 wil read it cos boys are more in2 cars n stuf instead of real life issues cos dey wil think it's borin wen u can look at cars. closing quote
Leo, 14, Ashton-U-Lyne

opening quoteI don't think boys would really dig the same kinda magazines as girls. To be honest, I think some boys might take the mick out of people who read it, they'd think it was a bit sad, which is a shame, otherwise it might be a good idea. closing quote
Ashley, 13, London

opening quoteIsn't buying mags a bit of a girly thing? I don't see why there can't be one for boys? But would any boys actually buy it? closing quote
Natalie, 14, Cheltenham

opening quoteI'm going to buy one copy when it comes out, and if it's good then I'll continue buying. closing quote
Daniel, 14, London

opening quoteI may be a girl but I have a twin bro and he just likes comics. I think it's girls who are more into these 'Real Life' articles and stuff! closing quote
Sian, 12, Leicester

opening quoteI think the magazine will be good if it helps with things like school. It would be great if it also had quizzes to see if you would be popular or if you will get ahead quite quickly in life. closing quote
Michael, 11, Port Glasgow

opening quoteI don't think it is such a good idea. I mean, it can give out advice & things for boys, but boys aren't realy into mags. closing quote
Emily, 11, Wickford

opening quoteWell, I know some boys' mags at school, but they're really Christian based. closing quote
Arna, 14, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

opening quoteI don't think they're a good idea. I don't believe boys are really that bothered or that they care. I won't be reading it when it comes out, but I think some people might read it.closing quote
Jamie, 11, Guest Editor

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