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  Are you sick of celeb diets?
Updated 03 September 2003, 10.40
Beyonce Knowles has caused a stink by telling us she only eats tomato and cucumber for lunch and works out madly to stay thin.

We hear loads about which celebs are on which diet.

Are you fed up with it? Are celebs just getting boring by obsessing about their looks?

Or do you think they have a point because they're under pressure to look good?

opening quoteI actually think that celebs are getting better about diets. I look at some of the new teen actors, Hilary Duff, Kelly Clarkson etc, and they don't seem to care and they aren't bone thin but they look good anyway! I think that there should be more people around who DISCOURAGE celeb diets. closing quote
Trisha, 14, Surrey

opening quoteI think it's disgusting that is all she eats. If she has an eating disorder that's her problem but she shouldn't make kids think it's good to eat nothing.closing quote
Greta, 11, Amersham

opening quoteAll Beyonce eats is a tomato and cucumber for lunch yet she's by far not the thinnest person in celebdom. Imagine how little other celebs eat!closing quote
Kelly, 14, London

opening quoteI think they should be sending out a better message. Who cares if you don't look like a stick insect? It's these diets that start most of the bullying because you don't look like a star that has been on a diet.closing quote
Danni, 12, Liverpool

opening quoteThere's more to life than being stick thin, like, being a good person. As long as you're happy, what does it matter whether you're thin or not?!?!?closing quote
Sarah, 16, Sommerset

opening quoteCelebs (unless they are models) are out there to show off their talent not their appearance. I think we all need to remember that. People should eat if they are hungry! It doesnt matter if celebs and other people choose to make themselves ill by not eating properly. closing quote
Anna, 12, Dartford

opening quoteI think it is ok! I am on diet too, but my friends don't understand me!! I can imagine what some people think about it!!! Go girl! I am with those people who are on diet!!

closing quote

Diana, 13, London

opening quoteI'm getting sick of it. It's like a virus, one person does it, and then everyone thinks they should be doing it. It's even seeping out to my classmates.

closing quote

Hazel, 12 Cambridge

opening quoteMy older sister eats hardly anything because she sees how slim all the clebs are. I don't think they should tell people how much they eat because it makes people feel really bad because they eat more than them.

closing quote

Jacob, 12, Surrey

opening quoteWhat happenes to people who have much better voices but are not thin and pretty? They can't do anything... its not right! closing quote
Katie, 11, St. Helier

opening quoteWhy don't they just eat like the rest of us, and exercise! Exercising is healthier than dieting anyway, and it sets a good example.closing quote
Julia, 12, USA

opening quoteI think celebs can make a bad impression on children with their weight and clothing. Although it's up to them if the want to eat just vegetables for lunch. It might be their way of managing their weight.closing quote
Natalie, 13, Toronto

opening quoteI feel sick looking at the celebs who are really skinny. It also encourages other people to start dieting too because the want to be just like their idol. closing quote
Meera,12, Reding

opening quoteMy friend didn't eat much at all for 3 months and lost 2 stone; she encouraged me to do the same, I felt a lot of preassure from the media and my friends to be thin; I started just eating apples and collapsed because of malnutrition. I think Beyonce should be putting out a better message. closing quote
Lou, 14, Bristol
opening quoteI think some celebs must be pretty stupid to go through dangerous diets. They should take the time to actually go outside and maybe do some excercise. closing quote
Sophia, 14, London

opening quoteAll celebs are too skinny. They go one about only eating salad and stuff, but to be thin you just have to have a balanced diet and cut of the fat and sugar. closing quote
Ros, 12, Cheltenham

opening quoteI always thought celebrity diets were always complete bogus and I wish they would try to set a better example for those younger kids that may see them on tv.closing quote
Kit, 13

opening quoteI have tried many diets and fitness stuff for about a year now. I've been real pressured by the media and my family. I'm not overweight but for my age I look like I'm atleast 15. I do agree I look good but I'd rather look my age. closing quote
Anissa, 12, Hampton

opening quoteLeave the celebs alone! If they didn't stay thin, journalists and news reporters would insult their weight! Look at what happened to Kelly Clarkson! I think it's the fault of the tabloids. closing quote
Emily, 14, Canterbury

opening quoteCelebs are always going on about losing weight. Children wanna look like celebs, so they start losing weight and sometimes get seriously hurt. I think you should appriciate the way your body is.! closing quote
Kirsty, 11, Lowestoft

opening quoteCelebrities do set a bad example, and the media always says so. On the other hand, this is often followed by reports of 'child obesity' etc. etc. So perhaps we shouldn't just blame the celebrities. closing quote
Zoe, 13, Plymouth
opening quoteMy friend didn't eat much at all for 3 months and lost 2 stone. She encouraged me to do the same, I felt a lot of pressure from the media and my friends to be thin. I started just eating apples and collapsed because of malnutrition. I think Beyonce should be putting out a better message closing quote
Lou, 14, Bristol

opening quoteI think that celebs are setting a bad example cos they worry what they look like 'n' kids think they should do the same 'n' kids shouldn't worry about they weigh cos your weight will change over the years. closing quote
Laura, 12, Grimsby

opening quotePeople are making way too much fuss. Just because Beyonce eats rabbit food doesn't mean her fans will! closing quote
David, 14, Wrexham

opening quoteI think celebs are trying to encourage children to lose weight. I think it's going to make things worse and children might want to do it.Trying to starve yourself is not the best option! closing quote
C, 10, London

opening quoteThey make it sound like to be beautiful you have to be on a diet and thin as a pin. I wish they would just keep their mouth closed and let people remain healthy closing quote
Becky, 11, Northampton

opening quoteI think most teen girls will find that their weight goes up and down naturally. But still, most British women are pear shaped and we want to lose that look of being skinny upper body then suddenly ballooning out from the hips down! closing quote
Jessica, 14, Finchley

opening quoteI think its terrible when these celebrities start going on about how they only eat this 'n' that and exercise here and there! There are so many people who suffer because of watching their weight or eating too little, and here they are attention seeking when they have enough written about them every day of the week! So many children and young people look up to these people, and when they speak out like this its really damaging for these children who immediately start copying them! Celebrities need to think before they speak!! closing quote
Ryan, 14, Enniskillen

opening quoteI think celebs should stop worrying what they look like. They are setting a bad example for young people.closing quote
Natalie, 15, Plymouth

opening quoteLots of people idolise Beyonce and kids are going to think that starving yourself to lose weight is a good idea because it works for her. It's even worse because she seems *proud* of it and she says that she doesn't think she's thin enough, when she's a lot thinner than most of us will ever be. She's suggesting that we should all be obsessive about the way we look, and if she turns anorexic, that's her fault.closing quote
Gemma, 14, Maidenhead

opening quoteDo we really care about how much celebrities eat? It's what causes kids who aren't like matchsticks to be picked on and end up going anorexic. Shut up, and stop drawing attention to yourselves!closing quote
Steph, 13, Liverpool

opening quoteImogen's right-size does not matter, as long as your weight does not put you in danger. Celebs are on the way to self-destruction with these haphazard diets.closing quote
Lyra, 13, Belfast

opening quoteI'm getting sick of it. It's like a virus, one person does it, then everyone thinks they should be doing it. It's even seeping out to my classmates.closing quote
Hazel, 12, Cambridge

opening quoteIt's extremely bad, it makes young people think that all they need to do is diet and they will have perfect lives. It's a dreadful use of influence, Beyonce should know better.closing quote
Elizabeth, 13, Ipswich

opening quoteI eat loads and loads of food and I still find that my weight goes down and then sometimes up. But I do find the easiest way to lose weight is by not eating much which I know is bad but when stars reinforce this type of thinking, it's a bit bad.closing quote
Pete, 14, Olney

opening quoteMy big sister eats hardly anything because she sees how slim all the celebs are. I don't think they should tell people how much they eat because it makes people feel really bad because they eat more than them.closing quote
Jacob, 12, Surrey

opening quoteChildren have to remember that you do have a little extra weight called puppy fat, and dieting is totally unhealthy, being underweight is way more dangerous than being overweight! closing quote
Melanie, 14, Dumfries

opening quoteIf celebrities want to lose weight, they should excercise or become a vegetarian. closing quote
Emma, 13, Orpington

opening quoteWho cares about celebrities' diets, it's our own diets we should be worried about, not theirs. closing quote
Jan, 14, Belfast

opening quoteI know u should be healthly, but there is a difference between healthy eating and dieting!!closing quote
Charlotte, 12, York

opening quoteIt's up 2 them if they want 2 stay thin and think that's the best way, it's their life that's at risk !!! You might think I'm rude but its true and children should know that these diets are very bad 4 your health and when you're around late 30s you should be thinking about your weight. Girls, this is your childhood, don't waste it by doing diets, it only comes 1 time round!!!closing quote
Reem, 12, London

opening quoteCelebrities are under pressure to look good. If Beyonce was fat and ugly she wouldn't be a star no matter how talented she is. Which is a bad thing because it puts so much pressure on her, and just makes the problem worse for kids who are worried about their looks. closing quote
Tamar, Oxfordshire

opening quoteCelebs are under pressure to look good but people can't put the blame on them because kids like us copy them. They can not control our actions, only we can! closing quote
Sarah, 13, Stockport

opening quoteThey ought to try to use the brains God gave them to realise they're setting a terrible example to kids. I'm quite big for my age but I realise now that size doesn't matter. closing quote
Imogen, 11, Wolverhampton

opening quoteThey should button it for once and remember that being healthy's what counts. closing quote
Dave, 11, Southend

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