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  What do you think of curfews?
Updated 24 October 2003, 19.15
What do you think of curfews?
An area of Australia is using curfews to keep kids indoors at night.

This means they're not allowed out and about after dark, and could be picked up by police if they're spotted on the streets.

Do you think curfews are a good idea?

Or do you think kids might get picked on unfairly?

Have you ever had them in your area?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteWhen I lived in Texas I had a curfew of 12.01, under 18's had to all be inside by that time. The only way it didn't matter is if you are with an adult or outside your house. It isn't very good though because it causes kids to rebel during the day instead, or when younger kids are out.closing quote
Lucy, 12, Guildford

opening quoteI think curfews are unfair because kids age 13 and under will have to be in after dark and in the winter it gets dark earlier so that means we will have to go in earlier.closing quote

Jack, 11, Letchworth

opening quoteI think that kids should be off the road when it is dark because they have plenty of time to meet with friends at school so they don't need to be out in the dark, otherwise they just cause too much trouble to the public.closing quote
Aaron, 12, Wolverhampton

opening quoteI think it's a really good idea. I know someone who was mugged really badly and with the police's help, we should be able to prevent this from happening.closing quote
Sabrina, 12, Oxford

opening quotealthough the goverment said that the law would only be used on trouble makers, how can we be sure that it is true, and the police won't just break up a ramdom crowd in the street. closing quote
Imogen, 12, Bath

opening quoteI think curfews are a stupid idea. Instead of getting us off the streets make some facilities for us.closing quote
Mark, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteI think curfews are a good idea if it is fair - the one in Perth seems pretty fair to me - why would people over 15 need to be on the streets past 10 o' clock.closing quote
Tom, 14, Harrow

opening quoteI think that if the goverment place a curfew for children they're just taking the easy way out. Why not provide places where children could be rather than on the streets, it would help the problem in the long run!closing quote
Beth, 9, Oxford

opening quoteI think curfews are really unfair because not all kids cause trouble. If they want us to stay off the streets they should give us a supervised community centre, in the centre of each town, with things like pool tables and food being served. If the curfew takes place, me and my friends will still go out. It's our life.closing quote
Ashley, North Lanarkshire

opening quoteThis is stupid, MP's are saying they're going to split groups up so people feel safe, what about the kids, they hang around in groups so THEY feel safe, maybe MP's should listen to the kids more as its affecting them and not them at all.closing quote
Sam, 15, Hastings

opening quotewell all I can say is haven't councils not noticed that whatever they do kids just rebel!? I doubt that people will stick to the curfews, they will just go out to annoy the the people who set these rulesclosing quote
Laura, 14, Scotland

opening quoteI think it's unfair because if you go to a party or to the cinema with your friends at night, you cant walk home.closing quote
Harry, 10, Cambridge

opening quoteI think they are fair in extreme cases.closing quote
Rebecca, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteThose who hang out in the streets and such are generally there just to cause trouble, so it sounds like a great idea to stop this. It has my full support as long as the police are fair about it.closing quote
Glen, 16, Southampton

opening quoteI think that parents should decide if their kids need a curfew, instead of the council or the government.closing quote
John, 13, Scotland

opening quoteI think it's a very sensible idea. Kids 13 and under shouldn't be on the streets after dark unless they're accompanied by an adult. Also I think it's a good safety idea for kids under 16 to be in by 10, again unless they're with an adult. I know a lot of kids will disagree but they're probably the ones that are making these curfews happen in the first place.closing quote
Dan, 15, Witney

opening quoteSome of my friends have been placed under curfews by police for breaking the law. But did it work? NO! They stayed in for a couple of nights but got bored and decided to take the risk of being arrested. This is what will happen everywere if curfews are introduced.closing quote
Sally, 16, Liverpool

opening quoteI think it is mad to have a curfew. After school is the only time you can meet your mates out of school. If people are that concerned about children being on the streets after dark they should build more parks, skateboard parks and clubs but without parks and clubs we have no choice than to hang about on the streets. closing quote
Emma, 13, Heanor

opening quoteI think it is a bit silly but is part of safety.closing quote
Sally-Anne, 12, Elgin

opening quoteI think that a cerfew would be a good idea but not as early as that, otherwise no one would see there friends. I think that if it works in Australia, England should try it because I think it would definitely cut down on drugs and vandalism.closing quote
Alex, 12, Warminster

opening quoteI think the curfew is a good idea because it would make it a safer place but I think I would be unhappy if it happened here because you couldn't do things with your friends!!closing quote
Carla, 12, Wiltshire

opening quoteWoah, I'm sorry but I reckon that's a pretty stupid idea and I'd hate it if that happened in Sydney! Get home by dark? Sometimes in winter that's at about 5pm! No ways can everyone be home every night by 5pm... We DO have social lives that don't concern vandalising and scaring people ya know.....closing quote
Caitlyn, 13, Sydney

opening quoteWell, if it was to work, schools would have to shut early and homework banned so we'd have time to do the things we do before 8pm!closing quote
name hereAleks, 13, Dewsbury

opening quoteI think curfews are there for a reason, but sometimes they can do more damage than good. And what about the teenagers that haven't done anything wrong?closing quote
Laura, 14, Bolton

opening quoteCurfews could make you feel safer but they could also be bad if you want to go to the cinema with your mates or something. closing quote
Nicolette, 11, Gwent

opening quoteIf this was introduced in my area it would be catastrophic!! Every time I go bowling/cinema/restaurant/other social evening activities with my mates I hardly ever get home before midnight! I know a very small amount of teens misbehave but this would be throwing out the baby with the bathwater - why spoil the fun of everyone for the sake of a few idiots?closing quote
Natalie, 15, Leicester

opening quoteI think that a curfew would make the streets a safer place at night however some teenagers would stay out after the curfew just to rebel.closing quote
Kimy, 15, Lincolnshire

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