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  Do your parents text?
Updated 17 October 2003, 18.34

Milly Dowler's family are launching a ChildLine campaign to get parents to text more, to keep in touch with their kids.

Do your parents keep up to date, are they good at texting, or do they pull faces at the very thought of it.

opening quoteMy parents couldn't text if there life depended on it. My grandma is better at texting than them! closing quote
Harriet, 12, Cleveleys

opening quoteMy mum's always moaning about hearing my text tone every 2 minutes but she's just as bad!! closing quote
Mary, 13, Gravesend

opening quoteMy dad doesn't text. He deletes texts cos he doesn't know how to use them. My mum is quite a fast texter. She texts in capitals and uses kid slang on it! as for me, I prefer typing on the computer cos I do 29 words per minute which gets it done quicker.closing quote
Gemma, 14, Liverpool

opening quoteMy mum texts all the time - her phone is going literally 24/7! She's mastered texting now, but she still can't use predictive, and her pay as you go amounts are hideous! closing quote
Chris, 14, Morden

opening quoteMy dad's pretty good... my mom is terrible though! She calls me back to ask what I mean! Talk about pointless...closing quote
Caitlyn, 13, Sydney, Australia

opening quoteMy mum texts about one word per minute and my dad wouldn't have a clue where to start! closing quote
Hollie, 14, Aberdeen

opening quoteMy mum txts me sometimes when I'm out and so does my gran! I think everybody who has a mobile should know how to txt as it can save a lot of worrying.closing quote
Sarah, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteMy mum can txt shes just a bit slow, but I'd rather get a slow txt than a phone call!closing quote
Amy, 13, Pontypridd

opening quoteMy mum's always texting me... and my dad. It's my main way of keeping in touch when I'm out.closing quote
Rosie, 14, Sheffield

opening quoteThey want me to teach them, but every time I try they say they're too tired or they never remember anything I tell them! honestly!!!!!!! closing quote
Elizabeth, 13, Ipswich

opening quoteMy parents are really well trained, it took a while but it's definitely worth it! The first word I taught them was gr8!!!!!closing quote
Imogen, 11, Hertfordshire

opening quoteMy dad pretends he doesn't like mobiles, but when I'm travelling by myself, he texts me all the way on my journey!! closing quote
Anna, 14, Edinburgh

opening quoteMy parents have a hard enough time trying to phone using a mobile. closing quote
Louise, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteOur whole family is mobile-literate. We all have phones, and both my mum and my dad are confident in using theirs. It makes us all happier about being out.closing quote
Sarah, 15, Southampton

opening quoteMy dad is OK, he can understand them but my mum, she's so bad at it! I've tried to teach her but she always forgets what they mean! closing quote
Kelz, 16, York

opening quoteMy mum and dad are great at texting. They text each other all the time.closing quote
Frances, 10, Fareham

opening quotemM parents are hopeless they didn't let me have a mobile till I was 13.closing quote
Poy, 15, Leeds

opening quoteI text my mum and dad to tell them where I am, it's easy, quick and saves money! They go on for ages asking silly things like "am I having a nice time?"closing quote
Bethan, 14, Cardiff

opening quoteMy parents are hopeless. And they moan about my spelling when I text them. I wish they'd realise I spell like that to save time!closing quote
Stu, 13, York

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