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  Are tattoos cool?
Updated 01 September 2003, 15.12
Traditional henna tattoo
Tattoos are always falling in and out of fashion.

Celebs are forever showing them off and then getting them removed.

Do you think they're cool? Would YOU ever have one?

Or maybe you're more into temporary tats like henna tattoos.

Maybe you've found you're allergic to henna?

opening quoteI think tattoos are ugly. My mum and dad have tattoos and they wish they never got them. When I'm older I'm not getting any tattoos.

closing quote

Helen, 11, Gateshead

opening quoteI had a henna tattoo in Gran Canaria. I have been left with a dolphin shaped scar on the top of my back. It looks awful!closing quote
Megan, 10, Rotherham

opening quoteI think tattoos are a personal choice. I could maybe go through with one but I wouldn't want to stick myself with more than that. But I think if you want them, that's your own choice and it's just a way of self expression. But when getting any kind of tattoo (henna or permanent) you should make sure the place you get it done follows safety precautions and does it properly.closing quote
Cristina, 15, New York

opening quoteI would never really like a real tattoo 'cause I probably would get fed up with it. But I like, in the holidays, to have temporary tattoos as you can wash them off. closing quote
Helen, 11, London

opening quoteI don't like tattoos except henna. I went to get my ear pierced, and I saw a lady, and her arms and legs were covered all over; it was disgusting! I like henna, not just because I am a muslim because its just pretty. closing quote
Jenny, 10 Portsmouth

opening quoteIf you're smart about it, tattoos can be really awesome. If you rush into one you may regret it in a few years. I prefer henna tattoos because my mind changes a lot.closing quote
Christa, 14, Canada

opening quoteI adore tattoos, when I'm 18 I'm getting one around my bellybutton, one on my ankle, one on my upper back and one on my lower back, the others I thought about getting, I don't know where they'll go!closing quote
Emily, 12, Warwickshire

opening quoteI think little ones are cool, but on TV I saw a man who covered his body in them. He looked disgusting.closing quote
Sarah, 9, Hong Kong

opening quoteI think tatoos may look cool when you are young but they don't look as cool when your in your 60s,70s and 80s because when you have a pernament tatoo it stays for LIFE!!! closing quote
Nikita, 13, Donkaster

opening quoteI think tatoos are OK as long as there's a purpose. Eminem has loads of tatoos about his late uncle and his daughter. I think a spider tatoo would be pretty cool or a question mark under my wrist as well, but I don't think I could stand the pain. closing quote
Sophie, 11, France

opening quoteI think some tatoos are cool like those small butterfly ones or henna but having to many tatoos make you look like a biker, scary!!closing quote
Ruby, 13, London

opening quoteI don't like it when people are covered in tatoos, but I think one or two small ones look nice. I wouldn't ever have somone's name though.closing quote
Heather, 15, Birmingham

opening quoteI think all kinds of tattos are disgusting!!! Its soooo silly you have to pay to dye your skin. They're pathetic and I hate them!! Certainly NOT fashionable! closing quote
Natalie, 13, Ipswich
opening quoteTattoos are great! I can't wait 'til I'm 18 then I'm going to get loads! Angel wings down my back would look pretty.closing quote
Merrie, 12, Tenby

opening quoteI think if you get a henna tattoo they are cool, if you get them done at the place that does them properly.closing quote
Antonia, 13, Bransgore

opening quoteHumans are forever changing their minds. For example, if I got a tattoo of my boyfriend's name on me, 20 years later, I've started a new life and forgotten about him! And you can't take them off unlesss you want to pay thousands. I don't like tattoos at all!closing quote
Gwyneth, 13, Glencoe

opening quoteI don't like loads of tattoos on one body, it's too unnatural, but I think if there was a really meaningful thing to happen to a person and they want to remember it forever, then it is a good idea.closing quote
Becky, 15, Hemel Hempstead

opening quoteI think that tattoos are great, I mean they look great but I am aware that you have to be open to any consequences that you may face, one perhaps that you need to know that a tattoo is permanent and that if it goes wrong it is hard to get rid of you should take into consideration where you get the tattoo from, and get one from a well respected place so that the chances of it going wrong are less likely.closing quote
Anouska, 13, Bristol

opening quoteI will never ever have a tattoo, imagine if your 70 and you still have them on your wrinkly skin-urgghh! I think henna tattoo's are cooler!closing quote
Hadeel,13, London

opening quoteI think tattoos are really cool. Some people have tattoos to remind them of a time, place or person in their life and I think it's a really cool way of expressing yourself although I do think getting a tattoo of your boyfriend or girlfriend's name is not very clever.closing quote
Megan, 14, Bristol

opening quoteIn some ways it's sweet to have the name of the person you marry on you it shows eternity. Personally I would never have a tattoo.closing quote
Katie, 13, Essex

opening quoteI'd love a tattoo when I'm older but it's disgusting when you look at some people and they are covered in them from head to toe.closing quote
Jemima, 13, Swindon

opening quoteIt's stupid, you could regret what you have got tattooed on your body later on, who would want the name 'Micky' scarring their body until they die?closing quote
Elizabeth, 13, Ipswich

opening quoteI'd only get a very small tattoo on the bottom of my spine. I like it when men have tattoos like david beckham, they look very smr on men!closing quote
Yvette, 12, Southend

opening quoteI'd never get a tattoo coz you look a bit scruffy! I'd get a tempory one though. closing quote
Kelly, 13, Halifax

opening quoteTattoos are not fashionable. You have pins with ink injected into you and you might not even like it! If you have to wear any, stick with the temporary ones.closing quote
Hazel, 12, Cambridge

opening quoteI think tattoos are just gross! I would never have one done! Sure, they may look cool when you're in your 20s, but when you're 70 it'll look awful! And if you decide to have it removed you're stuck with a scar! Totally disgusting!closing quote
Freya, 12, Bristol

opening quoteI hate the idea of tattoos. Imagine what Pink is going to look like when she's old and wrinkly.closing quote
Anil, 14, Shrewsbury

opening quoteIf I have a henna tattoo, I normally can't wait to get it off! It feels really horrible as if you're unclean, and I can't imagine ever getting a permanent tattoo, it's too unnatural. closing quote
Fay, 12, Birmingham

opening quoteTattoo's are sick. If you have a very small one it's not so bad but if you have lots it makes you look scarry.Tattoo's should be banned! closing quote
Caroline, 11, Tadley

opening quoteI think tattoos are ugly. Going through all that pain is worthy if it makes you look cool. My brother has one on his arm which says my niece's name which isn't as bad. Even temporary tattoos are horrible and a pain to remove. And as Anil said, what is Pink going to look like when she's old with tatoo's? People will just laugh at her! closing quote
Gemma, 14, Liverpool

opening quoteHenna Tattos are fine because they are only temporary as long as it has been made correctly. Real tattos aren't nice because they are there for ever and when you are really old you'll still have them and it will look stupid!closing quote
Lorna, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteI think tatoos ARE cool. But it also depends on where you get them on your body, what they are, and how many you have. Too much looks bad.closing quote
Alicia, 12, Elmhurst

opening quoteTattoos are nasty. 1. They are extremely painful apparently; 2. When your old and wrinkly and look a mess you'll regret it; 3. If you change your mind, well it cost loads and hurts as well; 4. It's disgusting looking at people covered in head to toe with horrible tattoos with skulls and guts I would never get one. If you want them that's fine, but it's a complete waste of money! closing quote
Sara, 12, Stockport

opening quoteI think it can be a good thing to get a tattoo if its going to mean a lot to you. My sister is in collage and she says that her friends that are boys got a fish(for christ)with their dead friends name in it and if its like that I don't realy care. closing quote
Charlotte, 11, USA

opening quoteI have just arrived back from my holiday in Tunisia where I had a henna tattoo. It has come up in a really bad scar and the skin underneath has gone hard. It's really sore. My Dad has taken photos of it. closing quote
Hannah, 12, Rochdale

opening quoteI think some tattoos are cool because of the design and stuff, but at the sametime, they can be really dangerous. Everyone I know who has got one didn't have problems; when I am 18 I would like one. BYE!!!! closing quote
Annalies, 12, Ipswich

opening quoteYou only live once. If you want to get a tattoo, I think you should get one. It's a personal decision whether or not to get one done, but i think they're really cool. closing quote
Sara, 14, London

opening quoteWe did henna tattoos at school as part of an Indian day. We had no problems at all and they looked quite cool! closing quote
Laura, 11, Yeovil
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