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  What film would you make?
Updated 15 October 2003, 17.20

The UK film industry has just been given loads of cash to develop more kids' films.

If you had the money, what film would you make?

Maybe you have a fave book that you think would go great on the big screen.

Or perhaps you've got a story of your own.

Whatever your idea, tell us all about it - you never know who might be reading!

opening quoteI would like The Wind on Fire trilogy to be made into a film. It was one of the best books I ever read.closing quote
Ben, 13, Crawley
opening quoteI'd make a film on Animal Ark cos I'd love to see the adorable lambs, horses, pigs, kittens and puppies. It would be truly animalistic.closing quote
Mari, 9, Cardiff
opening quoteI would make a film on Newsround! And all the presenters on it.closing quote
Jess, 14, Halesowen
opening quoteThere are apparently plans to make an Artemis Fowl film which would be fantastic but I think that Sabriel and Lirael by Garth Nix would make pretty cool films too!! But it doesn't matter as long as it's with Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom or Elijah Wood!!closing quote
Maddy, 14, Dorset
opening quoteIf I could make a kids film I would do one of the Jacqueline Wilson sets cos she rocks!!!closing quote
Emily, 11, Harpenden
opening quoteIt would have to be a film of the Alex Rider books, by Anthony Horowitz. They are ultra wicked and would make fantastic films!!!!closing quote
Rachel, 15, Staffs

opening quoteWhatever it was it would star Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.closing quote
Kat, 14, Edinburgh

opening quoteI would make a film of the Hobbit, because it's a wicked book!closing quote
Cherelle, 13, Maidenhead

opening quoteI would make a Busted film!!!!!closing quote
Josie, 10, Southend on Sea

opening quoteI would make a film about someone who had to battle against anorexia, so people can see what it's like to have it!!!closing quote
Becky, 10, Nottingham

opening quoteI would make a film based on the book the Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster because it is a FANTASTIC book so it will probably be a great film!!closing quote
Claire, 13, Braintree

opening quoteThey've already made Lord of the Rings, so why not the Hobbit?closing quote
Amelia, 10, London

opening quoteI would make a movie with the Red Hot Chili Peppersclosing quote
Theo, 12, Bedford

opening quoteI'd make a film about my wedding to Orlando Bloom. Hey - a girl can dream!closing quote
Sarah, 15, Hants

opening quoteI'd love to make any of Terry Prattchett's 'Disc World' series in to a film - that would be so cool!closing quote
Eleanor, 13, North Wales

opening quoteI want to be a children's author when I'm older, so I'd probably make one of my own stories into a film. Or "Girls in love " by Jacqueline Wilson. They made a tv series of it so a film would be great!closing quote
Lizzy, 13, East Sussex

opening quoteI would make my film about a horse called Bob!closing quote
Sam, 13, Surrey

opening quoteI would make a film about the England team. Brad Pitt would be David Beckham and Catherine Zeta Jones as Posh. It would make millions!closing quote
Adina, 11, Chorley

opening quoteI think I would turn the Edge chronicles into a film - they are the best ever, and would do well on the big screen.closing quote
Juliette, 12, Cardiff

opening quoteI'd make a film to show what England is REALLY like. People around the world have a very sterotypical view of England and the people here: all posh and snobby! I want to show the world that we're not all like that!closing quote
Sarah, 15, Grimsby

opening quoteDefinitely the His Dark Materials books by Phillip Pullman; they are AMAZING! It would be wonderful to see the characters really come to life on the big screen.closing quote
Jemima, 13, Swindon

opening quoteI would make an interactive film, a bit like a 3D movie but better. That way, you'd feel like you were a character in the story.closing quote
Beeta, 13, Surrey

opening quoteI'd make 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' into a film - or are they already making it? But I would also make an animated version of Harry Potter - that would be so cool - the graphics & images would be just like the ones in 'Finding Nemo'!closing quote
Gill, 11, Stanmore

opening quoteWell, there are already Harry Potter films, so it will have to be the Artemis Fowl books! closing quote
Paul, 12, Oxford

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