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  Do you like school uniforms?
Updated 01 September 2003, 15.22
A clothes store has asked over 1,000 kids what they think about school uniforms.

And the overall result has been a thumbs up for the blazer!

Do you agree with the survey? Is it just easier to wear the same as each other?

Do you hate your uniform, does your school have different rues for girls and boys?

And to those of you guys not back at school yet, sorry for using the "S" word, but you can still join in.

opening quoteI think uniforms are pretty and that you should wear them.closing quote
Niky, 6, Pompey

opening quoteAt my old school we didn't have a uniform and it lead to bullying and competition especially among the girls who became obsessed with their cloths instead of their school work.closing quote
Jo, 15, east London

opening quoteI think who ever has to wear uniforms should think it's a privilege to even get to go to that school. closing quote
Angelica, 12, Monroe

opening quoteI think uniforms are a good thing as it unites people and doesn't label people who can't afford fashionable cloths.closing quote
Sally, 10, Oxford

opening quoteI totaly hate uniforms. I have to wear burgundy blazers...eugh!!! I think they are so uncomfortable; it is sooooo not me!!! I want uniforms to stop!!!!! Cum on life is short!!!closing quote
Sidrah, 14, Blackburn

opening quoteWe have to wear brown jumpers, blazers and a brown pleated skirt tho our knees. Our ties are brown with an orange stripe and the jumpers too.Our shirts are grey.This is a PRIMARY school! closing quote
Daisy, 9, Kilton

opening quoteSchools are getting more and more strict about uniform and me and my friends hate it! And on non uniform days you have to pay to wear you own clothes!!! closing quote
Jemima, 13, Swindon

opening quoteHAHA! no, We don't use them! we're too cool! Haha!!closing quote
Siril and Silje, 14, Lillehammer

opening quoteI like school uniforms because they are a good way of identifying which school you are at. And it makes you look smart. closing quote
Scott, 14, Aberchirder, Aberdeenshire

opening quoteIn France no school has school unforms. It is bad because you can get bullied because of your clothes. So all of you people out there who think it would be cool to come to school wearing your own clothes, you're wrong. closing quote
Sophie, 11, France

opening quoteI think school uniform is good cos if we were to wear our own clothes you'd have to decide on an outfit every morning meaning it'll take you a lot longer and alot of us would be late! closing quote
Sarra, 14, Manchester

opening quoteMy uniform's quite nice really - it's just a skirt or trousers, a shirt and a sweatshirt, so I quite like it. I like wearing uniform mostly because if I had to wear my own clothes all the time I'd feel like a scruff!!! I think everyone would just show off, and look down on the people who didn't look "cool".closing quote
Julia, 15, Ashton-under-Lyme

opening quoteWhen we went on holiday this year we met lots of people from different countries who thought that school uniform was a good idea! They did also say we sometimes looked funny on school photos...all lined up wearing the same thing...but I think it's good!closing quote
Harriet, 13, Lincoln

opening quoteI don't like the uniform my school has chosen coz we have to wear blazers, but I don't mind wearing it coz you can't be picked on coz of your clothes and you don't have to choose what to wear everyday, besides you can modify your uniform, if the teachers let you!!closing quote
Jen, 14, Hampshire

opening quoteOur school has these horrible jumpers and disgusting blazers. I hate them. My primary school uniform was really comfortable. But I suppose it helps you not take forever on what to decide to wear or do a big mistake "wear the same thing twice"!closing quote
Jemma, 13, London

opening quoteMy uniform is minging but you get used to it after about a week and we could wear our own clothes to school for a week and it got boring after a while.closing quote
Sinéad, 12, London

opening quoteWe don't wear uniforms to public school here in the US, but sometimes I think it would would be better. So I don't know if I'd mind wearing a uniform to school to much. But I do like picking out outfits and stuff!closing quote
Kaleigh, 15, USA

opening quoteI don't mind because if we have a school uniform then no one will pick on you by the way you dress but if you don't wear a school uniform then you might get picked on. On the bright side you arre wearing something you feel confortable in if you wear your own clothes so I'm 50/50.closing quote
Tiffany, 12, Dawley

opening quoteI think school uniform is good because you are not under any preasure if you are not wearing the 'in' thing everyday. But I think school uniform should be made more casual. closing quote
Jessica, 14, Leicester

opening quoteI actually don't care, coz both are good in separate ways. Uniform means you don't get bullied coz of the clothes you wear. But Non-Uniform makes you feel more comfortable, as they are your own clothes.closing quote
Kate, 12, Aylesbury

opening quoteI hate school uniform. We not-so-popular ones still get taken the mick out of, no matter what we wear. And there's still so much fuss about if you have your top button done up, or your shirt tucked in, or your tie done up properly. I'd much rather wear my own things, they may not be fashionable, but at least they're MINE.closing quote
Susan, 14, Swindon

opening quoteI don't like school uniforms at all because what harm would it do to just wear normal clothes? It's the teaching they should be worrying about not the clothes! And teachers always say that it's what's inside that counts so why do they worry about uniform?closing quote
Ruby, 9, Halifax

opening quoteSchool uniforms are a bit restricting but we have to wear them. The only real trouble is that in summer they get really hot.closing quote
Ben, 13, Crawley

opening quoteI quite like my uniform except that I absolutely hate the colour. I also hate wearing blazers and ties in the summer!closing quote
Becky, 12, Gloucester

opening quoteAlthough I don't like wearing school uniform I think it is easier for kids to wear the same as everyone else as no one can criticise you on what you wear.closing quote
Sara, 14, Bedfordshire

opening quoteYeah, school uniform can be a reel drag, but, I like my uniform. Yes, I luv non-uniform days, but hasn't Busted made school uniform cool?closing quote
Abbz, 12, Oldham

opening quoteI prefer to wear school uniform because people would soon run out of clothes and U could get picked on if U wore it for 2 days or if it wasn't in fashion.closing quote
Emma, 13, Lincoln

opening quoteMy uniform is disgusting! The sweaters are green with yellow stripes down the sleeves and we have to wear green trousers and yellow shirts! Ergh!closing quote
Himesh, 13, Bradford

opening quoteLuckily I don't have to wear a school uniform but I would hate to have to wear one!!! We have a special sports kit but that's just about the limit for me! I have never worn one in my life and never want to!!closing quote
Caz, 14, Belgium

opening quoteI don't have anything against school uniforms, personally. but then again I live in France so I don't ACTUALLY have to wear them...closing quote
Béatrice, 14, Le Rouret, France

opening quoteI hate my uniform. It's so uptight. Everyone has to look EXACTLY the same and have their hair tied back and have their skirt below their knees and have their shirt tucked in and cuff buttons done up and we even have a uniformed PE kit! I mean come on! We're not exactly gonna die if we don't look exactly the same!closing quote
Freya, 12, Bristol

opening quoteWearing uniform means that I don't need to worry about what I and other people are wearing. Uniform is a good thing because you all wear the same, so you can't be compared with others.
Sophia, 13, Essex
closing quote

opening quoteOur school uniform is quite good but the girls aren't allowed to wear shorts in the summer they have to wear a skirt!closing quote
Lulu, 11, St Neots

opening quoteSorry to sound like a geek, but I prefer my school uniform. We get to wear our own sports stuff and there's so much hassle if you don't have the right trainers. At least the rest of the week, everyone's in black.closing quote
Steven, 12, Durham

opening quoteI think school uniforms are sooooo boring; its enough we have to wear them but they are also sooo dull; if we really have to wear them, why can't they look any better? closing quote
salma, 14, Blackburn

opening quoteI like my school uniform but it's annoying because you are not aloud to wear trainers,hopped earings or make up! But it's better to wear uniform because it takes me ages to pick an outfit! It's ok cause you get non-uniform days! closing quote
Jessica,12, Wisbech

opening quoteMy school uniform is so dull and horrible. It's all black and grey. It's not fair because in my school girls are not allowed summer dresses, trousers in winter, or trainers, and we have to wear our blazers in the summer! The boys never wear their blazers and don't get told off, and they can wear trainers! I'm hoping our new head will change it all. I like uniforms because if you go to school with clothes which aren't designer then people bully you. closing quote
Gemma-Leigh, 14, Liverpool

opening quoteSchool uniforms really bite. We had a Casual Day today and like all Casual Days everyone looked so cool. It's so much more enticing coming to school to a big crowd of colour as apposed to a school for clones all looking exactly like the person next to them. School uniforms, for me, are a reminder of how I don't particularly want to be there. Aren't we constantly being told to be ourselves? Why not create our own styles? Plus it's much more comfortable to be wearing something that suits you and is comfy to wear.closing quote
Kelly, 14, Australia

opening quoteI live in Brunei and guess what, I have to wear uniform! Luckily the wearther is hot so we get to were comfy clothes a white polo shirt and a choice of longskirt, skirt, shorts or trousers, all in a karki green and wear what shoes we want as long as they have bakcs and not high heels. closing quote
Daisy, Brunei

opening quoteWhat's the point? Teachers don't wear them, why do we have to? It's expensive and ugly; teacher's should, at least, have a uniform! closing quote
Eleanor, 11, Surrey

opening quoteIt makes no difference really, 'cause if we wear uniforms, people outside school will be able to reconize us - if we are proud of our school - and if we get lost on school trips and stuff, the outsiders might be able to send us back. If we don't wear them, we will just feel comfier and won't feel as if we are living in jail or something. closing quote
Cj, 12, London

opening quoteOur old uniform was horrible but I got used to it and now, they've changed it to a suit which is truly disgusting. I think uniforms should be worn, but they have to be more casual and comfy and with a style that would suit a bigger range of people; also other schools and people say horrible stuff to us because of the uniform. closing quote
Sophie, 13, Leicester

opening quoteI think school uniforms are a good idea. That way, they make all people equal ... for example, someone may be "uncool" if they wear the wrong trends, but if they have all the same clothes, then everyone is equally in style. But also, that may take away somone individuality. If that is the case, they can always "jass up" their outfit with cool accessories or shoes. closing quote
Tracy, 15, Renton

opening quoteI like my uniform actually. It consists of a green pleated skirt, white oxford, navy blue sweater or sweater vest, navy knee socks or ankle socks, and dress shoes. Its not that bad, we can wear make-up and our hair can be any way we want. I personally love my uniform because I feel - I know it may sound stupid - proper and sophisticated in it and it makes me feel good. I love my uniform, I couldn't imagine going to a school without it! I've been in a private school all my life and I don't care! closing quote
Trisha, 14, Surrey

opening quoteI SORT OF LIKE SCHOOL UNIFORM.Its good because eveyone has to wear the same and people can't show off with their exspensive fasion clothes.closing quote
Bethany, 9, Fleet

opening quoteI do hate wearing the uniform. But we do have to wear them for a safe reason, for example:what if you got lost in a trip, and missed the bus??? closing quote
Amy, 12, Swansea

opening quoteI like my uniform, because it's quite casual. We wear black trousers/skirt, a polo shirt and jumper. It's way more comfortable than wearing shirt and ties! closing quote
Emily, 14, Midlands

opening quoteI don't actually have to wear a uniform, my school doesn't have one. But I think some uniforms are really nice.closing quote
Amily, 13, Stratford upon Avon

opening quoteI hate school uniforms. They are uncomfortable: in the winter you get really cold, even if you wear a coat! And you always have to wear the same thing every day! They are really expensive too. closing quote
Leah, 11, Ridgecrest
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