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  Will new ebook gadgets replace books?
Updated 02 September 2003, 11.30
The new ebook pads can hold an entire library on them
A new gadget could spell an end to books as we know them.

Researchers have developed a prototype electronic book which can hold a whole library on a device no bigger than a paperback!

Just because the technology is there, does that mean you'll use it?

Do you want to read books on a screen? Or will computers kill off paper books?

Is this the end for libraries as we know them?

opening quoteNo way could ebooks every replace real books! Books are trying to get people away from the computer, so what's the point of reading them if you're just on the computer more? And if they were on the computer, people would start trying to get them for free and then it would start a book thing just like with music.closing quote
Claire, 14, Caerphilly

opening quoteMaybe for some people it is a good idea, but I think that it would completely spoil the feeling of reading.closing quote
Jenna, 14, London

opening quoteI would hate to see the day ebook overpower books. I'd say that books are more reliable than a computer screen, you know... I mean I would hate if I had to use ebooks because they could "shut down" or catch a "virius". So that would like never work for me.closing quote
Natalie, 14, USA

opening quoteI don't really see the point. What's wrong with books as they are? It WOULD be harder to read off a screen. And, you can't exactly turn on the computer every time you want a bedtime story!! That would be a bit daft!closing quote
Bushrah, 13, Plaistow

opening quoteNo way! Books are so much more fun than staring at a screen. Ugh, that's the most ridiculous idea ever. I will never stop reading books.closing quote
Kayla, 15, USA

opening quoteI wouldn't be happy if books were replaced by ebooks. I find that when I read on the internet it strains my eyes and i always miss parts out. I think reading from an old fashioned book is much easier.closing quote
Natalie, 15, Plymouth

opening quoteI don't think I would enjoy a novel on a screen because it wouldn't be the same as curling up with a good book! It makes your eyes go fuzzy if your reading off a screen, anyway.closing quote
Kymmy, 15, Southampton

opening quoteIt would save a lot of space in my school bag which is always full with text books. Also I might be able to carry around a book on long journies.closing quote
Sadie, 14, Weston

opening quoteI think it's totally stupid. My family owns a bookshop, it's the only way we make a living and ebooks could TOTALLY ruin the business! Don't these people think of the consequences?closing quote
Freya, 12, Bristol

opening quoteIt's really clever, what ideas people come up with, but I like the idea of a library staying as it is!closing quote
Alana, 10, West Hythe

opening quoteYou'd have to go to a computer every time you want to read it, unlike a book were you can carry it around 24/7.closing quote
Charlie, 13, Wirral

opening quoteI don't think ebooks will replace books, I've got a hand-held computer with ebook software on it, but I don't use it, it's so awkward to read, and they take up so much memory. Ebooks just aren't the same...closing quote
Vicki, 15, Brighton

opening quoteCan u imagine the horror if your pc crashed just as Frodo destryoed the ring, or when Harry's at the ministry in bk 5!? what a nightmare!closing quote
Joanne, 15, Leeds

opening quoteI think that a lot of people will want the ebook more because it is fashionable and is easy to carry.closing quote
Amy, 10, Penrith

opening quoteJust because it's the technological age it doesn't mean that it is better than the old stuff. Books have been around for hundreds of years. There are not going to be replaced to quickly.closing quote
Ben, 13, Crawley

opening quoteI think books will still be popular because the technology may be just to expensive but it does seem good.closing quote
Sophia, 13, London

opening quoteI think it would be a great idea but I don't think librarians would be to happy though! closing quote
Luca, 12, London

opening quoteI would hate to read off a ebook it would be rubbish, if books are to be taken over by this thing then our heritage of book lovers will go down the toilet.closing quote
Ash, 15, Monmouth

opening quoteWhen I read something long onthe computer my eyes go bad. Books rock and nothing could ever take there place!closing quote
Lilly, 12, Sackville

opening quoteI think after a while it would send your eyes funny so you wouldn't be able to read as much in that space of time!closing quote
Charlotte, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteI heard that it is 40 times harder to read off a screen than it is off paper, which puts me off the ebook. But on the other hand, OOTP would be so much easier to carry around!closing quote
Beth, 14, Wirral

opening quoteI like to read long books, and I like to read them quickly. But if I read off a screen for too long I get a really bad head-ache. I Like books, why can't we just keep them the way they are? closing quote
Susan, 14, Wiltshire

opening quoteThings like that make me loose faith in human race... Seriously. Could you really take a computer up to bed with you? And read -lights out, torch in- in the dark without waking up your sister? Of course not! closing quote
Emma, 11

opening quoteIt would probably be better for grown ups who need to carry all sorts of information around with them to go to work but i don't think anyone would use one at home because carrying a book from the bookcase to the sofa isn't that hard! closing quote
Laura, 11, London

opening quoteIt's cool though I rather read off from a book. It's sounds cool too and I love to read a lot specially big books with lots of chapters and pages. closing quote
Rosie, 13, Brooklyn, New York

opening quoteReally, there is no point. What is so wrong with the style of books available already that we have to bring modern inventions in and ruin the general idea of books?! ebook is an unnecessary idea! closing quote
Laura, 13, Wigan

opening quoteI think this is a step too far, reading is about enjoyment, not about how compact you can make it!closing quote
Philippa, 13, Cheddar

opening quotePersonally I prefer to read a good book in bed knowing the feel of actually turning a page instead of pressing a button to read the next passage.Okay so maybe it looks cool,dinky and it's small enough to carry around but your eyes will be damaged so much.Tons of children who use ebooks will have to have glasses. I don't think many opticians will be happy. Anybody out there on the net who agrees? closing quote
Erika, 10, Blackheath

opening quoteI heard that reading off a computer screen is really bad for your eyes, and you couldn't read in bed, which is what I like to do.closing quote
Emma, 13, Cambridge

opening quoteNooooooo! Computer's are practically taking over the world any way. Leave the books alone!! Books are an amazing way to discover things about yourself, what upsets you, and excites you. It wouldn't be the same on a computer screen.closing quote
Jo, 16

opening quoteWhy does everyone look at new technology as a killing monster? We as humans have used technology to CREATE books on paper; I am sure books being on screen will be nothing major for future generations. Why not, just before we say 'NO WAY', check it out , test it and THEN say if it is a bad idea. closing quote
Anton, 15, Northolt

opening quoteI love books. I like to be able to smell the fresh crisp pages and I enjoy going to huge bookshops and be completely swamped by all the books I could get. I hate this idea, and I would never get an ebook. Not only I do dislike reading off the computer screen for to long, but technology is also unreliable, and I doubt that they will replace books; if it does, I sincerely hope it's after my time. closing quote
Caroline, 14
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