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  Are you a shopaholic?
Updated 02 September 2003, 11.30
Are you a shopaholic?
A new survey says you spend most of your pocket money on shopping.

Girls like to spend lots of time in shops browsing around, but boys head for the shops only when there's something they want to buy.

And boys prefer to stick to designer labels, while girls buy lots of different cheaper things with their cash.

So is that how you spend your money, and your hours, shopping?

opening quoteMy mum buys me the clothes I need and like and gives me money to go out shopping etc- I also have an account I can get money out of. I don't go shopping that often but when I do I usually spend a lot. I spend money here and there on little things but my money seems to disappear quickly!closing quote
Sophie, 13, Leicester

opening quoteI go shopping in Plymouth every Saturday, I sometimes buy things but other times I will just browse. I'm not a shopaholic though and I know how to handle my money.closing quote
Natalie, 15, Plymouth

opening quoteI absolutely LOVE going shopping but I only get 7 every 2 weeks. My best mates spend a lot of money when we go shopping together every Saturdays but I only spend my money on bangles. The most expensive item I ever bought with my pocket money is my Man United shirt which cost 50.closing quote
Lucy, 13, Leytonstone

opening quoteI absolutely love shopping, and whenever I go out I always buy clothes without a doubt, whenever I have any money I just spend it!!!!! And all my mates say I am a shopaholic and I think it's true!!!closing quote
Aimee, 14, Nottingham

opening quoteI like to go shopping but it's always window shopping! If I see something I buy it, I don't take hours deciding!closing quote
Yvette, 12, Southend

opening quoteI love shopping with my mates I would rather buy expensive clothes than cheap rubbish!closing quote
Rosie, 12, Macclesfield

opening quoteI save my money for a few months only buying like CDs and sweets and then I'll spend all my money on clothes. Shopping rules I go to a shop every day even if it's only to buy a choccy bar!closing quote
Jess, 12, Sodbury

opening quoteI love to go to the mall but I don't really buy much unless I see something I really like or need.closing quote
Kat, 13, London

opening quoteNot really, I generally just tend to spend my money on books and CDs, I love buying clothes but I rarely do 'cause I'm always broke! closing quote
Sarah, 16, Somerset

opening quoteI am a shopaholic. I go shopping at least twice a week!closing quote
Eve, 12, Crayford

opening quoteI'm a self-confessed shopaholic! All I ever buy with my money is clothes!closing quote
Abby, 14, St. Albans

opening quoteI love shopping!closing quote
Caitlin, 12, Hemel Hempstead

opening quoteI adore the summer sales. They are so cool.closing quote
Sura, 14, London

opening quoteI go to town every week and get a new accessory or clothing.closing quote
Lydia, 13, Northampton

opening quoteI don't usually spend much cos I'm not a shopaholic.closing quote
Roshnie, 11, Stanmore

opening quoteI DETEST shopping! I see no reason to shop, unlike my sister, who craves it! The only shopping I do like is music shopping, and shopping for books!closing quote
Mairi, 12, Edinburgh

opening quoteI love shopping, but I save my money for when I want to buy something more expensive.closing quote
Sophie, 11, Gosport

opening quoteNot really. I do spend a lot of time in shops, but I usually just look at things, not buy them. But I spend a lot of spare change on sweets and copies of Mizz.closing quote
Roz, 12, Cheltenham

opening quoteI love going shopping. It's so fun! I always spend a bit of my money!closing quote
Alice, 8, Gosport

opening quoteI LOVE shopping but I don't really shop for clothes but I shop for t-shirts with pictures and beads/bangles! My dad has told me to stop buying bangles because I have them all up my arm! I also like anything with my birthstone on it like a teddy or ornaments. I like lots of stuff from gift shops like stuff with my name on. I spent about 60 on that type of stuff when I went to Wales!closing quote
Gemma, 14, Huyton

opening quoteI don't always buy things but I love spending a Saturday afternoon just hanging around town with my friends and sometimes browsing around shops for something that catches my eye!closing quote
Shanti, 13, Oxford

opening quoteI always shop I love it!!!! I spend most money on clothes and shoes and CDs.closing quote
Jordan, 12, Gloucester

opening quoteI buy things if I need them, like a new bag or trousers. I get 20 a month and I NEVER ask for money, ever! I feel too guilty, and I can't accept it either!closing quote
Gemma, 13, London

opening quoteI don't get that much pocket money, so I normally only buy clothes with birthday money!closing quote
Lucy, 12, Finchley

opening quoteI could buy the whole of every shop if I had the money! I spend most money on CDs or the arcade. I went to an arcade and spent 60 over 3 days trying to get a teddy on the grabber machines!!!closing quote
Gem, 14, Liverpool

opening quoteI only go to town if there's something I want to buy. And I usually do my browsing then and see what I want to get next. I only ever buy books and films for myself though. I'm not really a clothes shopper.closing quote
Ben, 13, Crawley

opening quoteI like going shopping and I take loads of money but I don't buy that much.closing quote
Amy, 14, Wiltshire

opening quoteI would say yes. I only get 2.50 from my mum and dad a week and a 1 from my grandma but I use that money to buy CDs books computer games etc but my mum and dad buy me the clothes they do spend a lot on clothes a month but I do love them very much!closing quote
Claire, 15, Leeds

opening quoteI go to the mall every Saturday, and spend all my money in the shops there! closing quote
Tracey, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteI don't usually spend a lot; I just take a long time deciding what to buy! closing quote
Hazel, 12, Cambridge

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