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  Should Radio 1 have axed Sara Cox?
Updated 09 October 2003, 10.40

Shock news, Radio 1 has dropped Sara Cox from the top breakfast show slot and Chris Moyles looks set to replace her.

What do you think about this, have Radio 1 made the right choice or is moving Sara to the afternoon slot the worst idea in the history of bad ideas?

What station are you going to listen to in the mornings?

opening quoteI don't understand a word Sara Cox says! She mumbles and she talks about things you don't want to hear in the morning. Plus all she does is talk about her.closing quote
Emma, 15, Southport

opening quoteI have been listening to Radio One for at least two years now, and I have to say, Moyles's show is by far the best. I rush home from school everyday just so I can hear it, and the thought of Sara Cox being on instead makes me mad! She has such an irritating voice, and she is so not funny! Don't do it BBC! Please!closing quote
Nicola, 14, Dartford

opening quoteI didn't mind listening to her, but she did play awful music!! Chris does play better music than her, so that's good then!!! Is Dave going be on the morning show to? I hope so, he's cool! Sara Cox does make me smile though!closing quote
Hana, 15, Winchester

opening quoteNo way, she was ace! I loved listening to her in the morning, she was great! closing quote
Linz, 12, Southport

opening quoteI like Sara Cox and I think it is a shame to loose her. I always listen to the radio in the morning, but never in the afternoons. I think Radio 1 is making a big mistake! closing quote
Lynz, 13, Buckinghamshire

opening quoteI don't really care about Coxy. But Moyles is the best, and has to stay on the afternoon.closing quote
John, 16, Kilmarnock

opening quoteEven though I don't really like Coxy, I don't think Chris should take over the breakfast show because I won't have much time to listen to him because of school.closing quote
Danielle, 12, Atherstone

opening quoteI don't think she should go coz she makes me laugh in the morning but her voice, sometimes, annoys me.closing quote
Abi, 13, Gloucester

opening quoteI don't mind because I listen to Coxy and Chris Moyles, so I'll just swap over, but I think I prefer Sara in the morning.closing quote
Eleanor, 13, North Wales

opening quoteI stopped listening when Zoe Ball left - I couldn't stand Sara Cox's voice. I hate the breakfast show duos on other stations though - I'll definitely try listening to Chris Moyles next year.closing quote
Laura, Sussex

opening quoteNooo! I like Chris Moyles' show, so if it's on in the mornings, I won't get to hear it properly. I don't think Sara Cox is as good, but she's still OK!closing quote
Claire, 14, Bangor, N.Ireland

opening quoteIt'll be sad to see her go; I'll honestly miss trying to work out what she just said every morning with my sisters.closing quote
Vicky, 15, Letchworth Garden City

opening quoteI'm glad Sara isn't doing the breakfast show any more but why does she have to do the afternoon show can't Chris do them both? I will miss listening to him in the afternoon.closing quote
Emma, 15, Holyhead

opening quoteTo be replaced by Chris Moyles?! Have they lost their minds!!!closing quote
Jess, 15, Bristol

opening quoteI don't want to offend her or anything but yay!! Her voice gave me a killer headache first thing in the morning!!!closing quote
Madzy, 13, Dorset

opening quoteI think Sara was very good, but the show needs a makeover (but that's only normal and I don't think she should leave the show because she's done an absolutely fantastic job!). She certainly makes me smile every morning. closing quote
Ben, 14, Newport

opening quoteNo! Sara Cox is amazing, she should stay. Sara, Matt and Chappers hold the best breakfast show on the radio. It won't be the same if she goes. We want Coxy!!closing quote
Holly, Katie + Alex, Newark

opening quoteYeah, I think that it was time for her to go and to bring someone new in because she was boring!closing quote
Kate, 16, Bristol

opening quoteI don't believe it. I love Sara's show. This is bad, really bad, looks like I am not listening in the mornings anymore.closing quote
Amy, 13, Pontypridd

opening quoteMoving Sara Cox to the afternoon?? Whose bright idea was that? Why can't Radio 1 just get rid of her completely?closing quote
Helen, 15, Bedford

opening quoteI love waking up to Sara Cox, she's the best!! Chris Moyles: I won't want to get up if he's on the breakfast show!!! SARA SHOULD STAY; WHO EVER SACKED HER SHOULD BE SACKED!!!closing quote
Jenny, Lancaster

opening quoteYeah, she should be dropped. I never liked her. And maybe now I might start listening to radio 1 again.closing quote
Rhiane, 14, Bristol

opening quoteI liked Sara Cox; I listen to her all the time! She would make me smile in the morning before I decide to get out of bed!..... Bad Idea BBC!closing quote
Mark, 17, Rhondda Valley

opening quoteA decent bloke on the brekky show! Only problem is - what will I listen to in the afternoon when coxy is on?closing quote
Mark, 15, Stamford

opening quoteYup, I never liked Sara Cox, now that she's gone I might start to listen again.closing quote
Tam, 13, Huddersfield

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