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  Your views on the Fame Academy final
Updated 08 October 2003, 09.38

Alex has won Fame Academy, beating Alistair and Carolynne to the 1 million record contract and luxury lifestyle.

But what did you think of the final showdown?

Did Alex deserve to win? Or are you gutted that Alistair or Carolynne didn't make it?

Did you enjoy watching Fame Academy, or are you more into Pop Idol?

opening quoteAlex deserved to win but it certainly was a close one. There's something about her that makes her so special. Well done Alex!!closing quote
Emily, 10, Inverurie

opening quoteAt first, I wanted Louise to win but then I wanted Carolynne to win. In the end it was quite inevitable that Carolynne was going to come third so I really wanted Alex to win. I thought these 3 girls were the best in Fame academy 2 and they all deserve a record deal!! I am glad Alistair didn't win!! He was so bad!! closing quote
Owen, 15, Ramsgate

opening quoteI thought Alistair coped so well on the night when it came to Daniel Bedingfield's harsh comments. He deserved the record contract for the amount of hard work he put in whilst staying in the academy. Well done Alistair and good luck in the future!closing quote
Sabrina, 15, High Wycombe

opening quoteAgain, I have to stress that I was totally gutted at the way in which Alistair was treated - the BBC should be ashamed of themselves for dishing out the dirt on national television - if I were a member of the BBC watchdog committee I would strongly recommend that the judges be expelled from the academy and that the final be re run without the tone deaf girl called Alex.closing quote
Kim 14, Wales

opening quoteOh dear, I will not be watching Fame Academy again - it was so bias and they really didn't get it right, did they - I think you should sack the lot of the fame academy judges. Ali was the real winner of fame academy and he did it with the nation behind him; as for Alex, she was the blue eyed pupil and will never last the year.closing quote
Alice, 12, Wales

opening quoteI really felt sorry for Alistair on the night. As far as I am concerned, Daniel Bedingfield made a complete fool of himself and I have been put off him for life, he should have been more respectful.closing quote
Susan, 16, Glasgow

opening quoteI think all three of the finalists could have won but Alex certainly has something special, she's not just your average pop star. I was backing her all the way but I wouldn't have minded if one of the others won. I thought Alistair's song writing is the best and Carolynne is the ultimate rock chic, but Alex has the talent. closing quote
Caroline, 12, Winchester

opening quoteAlex is great!!!!!! I wouldn't have minded if Carolyne won, but Alex is da best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!closing quote
Emma, 12, Longton

opening quoteAlex sooooo deserved to win she was the best in there and she has the most outstanding voice!! As for Alistair, give me a break the man can't sing, he puts no meaning into his songs at all! I'm definitely going to buy Alex's album when it comes out......I can't wait!!closing quote
Holly, 13, Plymouth

opening quoteWhat a fix - my whole family backed Alistair, even what you have put on the internet is biased, I bet you all just picked out the ones for Alex - as my Mum says it was a fix from the start and there was really only one winner and that was Alistair. Good Luck to him for the future - he is the real star of the show - unlike the Grants who were and sounded ridiculous.closing quote
Anna, 12, Presteigne Powys

opening quoteI totally agree with Laura from Manchester and Liz from Altrincham. Carolynne should have won, she had the best everything, voice, appearance, attitude, you name it. She put the best effort in and actually used the stage dancing as well as singing fab. She gave the best performance of the night by far. I wish her the best of luck for the future; she'll definitely make it big.closing quote
Donna, 13, Scotland

opening quoteI think the final was a big fix Alistair never stood a chance with all the negative comments from the judges, and especially the way Daniel Bedingfield totally blanked him; I just felt so sorry for Alistair, I hope he goes on to have a good career, I really liked him.closing quote
Jessica, 9, Crewe

opening quoteI believe fame Academy had already chosen their winner and all the Judges showed favouritism to Alex from the start. I think that is why the flat had pink sofas in it. I think that Alex did not sing `Imagine' with feeling. Even my dad thought that it sounded rubbish. No one can sing it better than John Lennon. I think Alistair would have sung it much better.closing quote
Xara, 10, Birmingham

opening quoteAlex is the best; me and my mum probably made her win because of our 17 votes each! She really deserved to win because she had the most unique voice in the academy.closing quote
Riva, 8, Leeds

opening quoteI think all of the last three students were good but Alex was better. I am glad she won; can't wait to hear her songs when they come out.closing quote
Katy, 15, Bradford

opening quoteI loved Carolynne and wanted her to win, but I do think Alex deserved to win. She is excellent. I am looking forward to them releasing their own singles - I really loved the songs they wrote. As for Alistair he was not very good but I think that Daniel Bedingfield said was just out of order.closing quote
Fifi, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteI really wanted Peter or Carolynne to win Fame Academy because Peter was funny and Carolynne had a good voice not Alex the byker girl.closing quote
Andrew, 10, Aylesbury

opening quoteAlex did deserve to win, but I still would like Carolynne to get a record deal 4 her powerful voice along with Alistair 4 his songwritting talent!!closing quote
Rosie, 14, Northolt

opening quoteAlex was absolutely amazing! Her voice makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.closing quote
Matthew, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteAlex really deserved to win - she would be a star whether she won or not, though!! Alistair was great, too. People who say Alex isn't anything specialshould start appreciating the deepness of her music - or maybe it's beyond a lot of the masses?closing quote
Rachel, 14, Spain

opening quoteI didn't think this final was a good as last year's. I think we all knew that Alex was gonna win - it was actually a bit boring this year!closing quote
Sara, 14, Beds

opening quoteAlex deserved to win - she had raw talent and her voice was overwhelming. Carolynne was excellent too, and should have come second.closing quote
Alex, 14, London

opening quoteAlex is OK - I don't like her voice, but she can sing. Carolynne should have got into the final.She'll probably do better than Alistair.closing quote
Amy, 12, Oxford

opening quoteI thought the best student won. Alex is absolutely brill. I love everything about her and so does my mum.closing quote
Bronwen, eight, York

opening quoteEveryone in Cornwall was voting for Alex. I voted for her 12 times. She deserved to win. She is a FANTASTIC singer. closing quote
Katie, eight, Truro

opening quoteI think Carolynne should have won. She has a great voice and an amazing appearance. She was my favourite and she made a really good effort at singing "Man, I feel like a woman".closing quote
Liz, Altrincham

opening quoteAlistair was robbed! Alex isn't unique at all.closing quote
Julia, 15, Bradford

opening quoteDid you hear when Daniel Bedingfield was talking about Alex? He didn't even mention Alistair! I think Peter should have won because he was cute and had a good voice!closing quote
Becky, 10, London

opening quoteI voted for Alex two times. I'm so glad she won. Her voice is amazing, and she is only 19. I wish her loads of luck for the furture. I am going to buy her songs when they come out.closing quote
Toni Louise 16, Northampton

opening quoteAlex deserved to win because her voice is unique and so is she. That is important because there are so many teenagers trying to be something they're not. Alex has a great voice and I would definitely buy her songs. closing quote
Amy, 13, Middlesex

opening quoteAlex was sensational. I was actually moved when she sang. Her song with Daniel Bedingfield was wicked, although I didn't like her own song as much. As a songwriter, Alistair was much better.closing quote
Rachel, 15, Staffs

opening quoteAlex is just awful - she can't sing and sounds like someone is trying to strangle her. What is wrong with you people, how can you think she is the best?closing quote
Laraine, 14, Wigan

opening quoteAlex is brilliant! She deserved to win, the music industry needs something different and now they have got it!closing quote
Em, 13, Midlands

opening quoteI think Carolynne should have won. She gave the performance of her life and the night 2nite. She is the best singer and performer Alex and Alistair just stand there at the microphone - at least Carolynne moves around and uses the stage.closing quote
Laura, Manchester

opening quoteAlex isn't unique or anything special, she's just like Avril Lavigne.closing quote
Anita, 14, London

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