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  S Club 8 in the hotseat
Updated 07 October 2003, 14.24
S Club 8
Newsround Online spoke to S Club 8 on Wednesday and put your questions to the pop juniors.

Lexie, 14, NJ, America: I'm a HUGE S Club 8 fan and I was wondering if you guys were ever coming to the USA?
Stacey: I would love to!
Daisy: We would really love to, but there's no plans at the moment.
Rochelle: We've only just got ourselves known over here, we've got a lot of work to do before we go international, but we'd love to in the future.

Jemma, 12, Birmingham: Who's the bossiest of you all?
Jay: We all have our times when we take charge and say 'you do this and you do that' - no one's really, really bossy, but we do all have our times!

Jessica, 10, Brighton: What's it like not going to school and stuff like other kids?
Hannah: We have two tutors so it's a bit like going to school really. We've got our teachers and we have to do maths, science and all the boring subjects as well, so I don't think it's that different. I think it's a bit better because we get to learn a bit more because it's more one to one. There are two tutors and four of us with each and so it's easier if you get stuck on something - you don't have to wait your turn to ask! We all miss being with our friends and stuff, but we see them when we have time off.

Laura, 9, Kilwinning: I love your new song! When you are older will you still be singing as a band?
Stacey: I don't think any of us know what's going to happen in the future, we'd like to be together because we have so much fun and everything.
Frankie: Yeah, we would all like to carry on singing and maybe some of us would like to do acting or some of us might like to go back and do normal stuff, I don't know - we'll probably decide nearer the time.

Tia, 14, New Zealand: I was just wondering, who is the most famous person you guys have ever met?
Aaron: We've met Victoria Beckham - she was really famous - obviously! We've met Beyonce, Christina Aguilera's walked passed us. We were quite star struck when we saw them!

Bella, 14, Sydney, Australia: Will you be releasing your singles and album in Australia? You have many fans down here and we would really like that to happen.
Rochelle: We didn't know that we had lots of fans in Australia, but we'd like to release singles over there, we'll have to see how it goes.

Amanda, 13, Bournemouth: Since you've become S Club 8, your image has become a bit more glamorous and grown up - what do you think of your new image and what has been the reaction from fans?
Daisy: We do really like our new image because it's more us. We've grown up and our fans have grown up with us, hopefully they like it - we've not really had any feedback.
Hannah: I think we used to wear things that were so much younger than us and some things that we didn't really like. Now we have more of a say in what we wear and it's more trendy stuff.

Ruby, 14, USA: Is it hard to live up to S Club 7 and all they have done?
Stacey: We're not really here to compete with them, we don't want to be better than them or anything. S Club were a really good band, they were our idols and everything and they gave us really good advice, but we're our own band now and we don't want to people to compare us with S Club.

Nicola, 14, Newcastle Under Lyme: What have been your most cringy moments?
Frankie: I fell over the other weekend on a live show! On CD:UK and there was a live audience and it was going out live. You didn't really see it on camera, but it was embarrassing anyway because some of the audience were laughing.

Ryan, 14: Whose idea was it to change to S Club 8 from S Club juniors?
Calvin: I think that because S Club went away, there was no one to be juniors to. Also, we were growing up too and we couldn't have been juniors forever - we've grown up and so's the name.

Rachel, 9, Wales: What is your favourite song at the moment?
Stacey: I'm not really sure. I like the Sugababes new song - that's good and Liberty X's new song is really good as well - they're both really catchy.
Daisy: I quite like Jamelia, Superstar and I like 50 Cent.
Jay: We all quite like Louise's song.
Rochelle: Oh, and we all really like Kevin Little, Turn Me On, that's such a wicked song.
Hannah: I like the Black Eyed Peas as well.

Anneke, 9, Milton Keynes: How do you feel when people say you're too young to be pop stars?
Aaron: When people say that, I don't really think that they understand what it's like. We have two chaperones with us and two tutors and we can only work a certain number of hours in the week so we don't get tired.

I think if we weren't in a pop band, we'd still be trying to do something similar, like in the theatre or something. We got the opportunity now and we had to take it because it's our dream.

Mandy, 12: How could I start a career singing?
Frankie: You've to take any chance to perform - in a local competition or at school or something. I know everyone says it, but it is true - you will get noticed eventually.

Kayleigh, 12, Warrington: Do you all get along with each other? Who argues the most? Hannah: We all hate each other!
Rochelle: To be honest we all really get on well. We're not just saying it for everyone out there, we do get on really well. Obviously sometimes we have stupid little arguments, which aren't even arguments; they're over really little things.
Hannah: It's got better now that we're more grown up - we don't bicker as much, we just get on with it.

Caitlin, 12, Hemel Hempstead: What was it like touring with S Club?
Hannah: I think we all really enjoyed being on tour, it was our tour as well as S Club's and we all really enjoyed it and would love to do another one.

Anne, 15, Scotland: Will you ever make a TV series like S Club did?
Jay: We hope to - it would be something we'd like to do. We all love acting - we all pretend to be actors and stuff - actually, not me, just the girls! The girls like to do that!
Girls: Why do you say that? You're lying!
Stacey: You were the one who used to do your little drama scenes in the bathroom!
Daisy: The boys had a video camera in the bathroom!
Stacey: At the beginning of us getting in the band we had to keep a video diary and we had to take it everywhere with us. When we used to get bored and didn't have anything to do, the boys would take the camera into the bathroom and do a drama scene!
Aaron: And then the girls were knocking on the door to borrow it to make their own little TV series, pretending to be presenters in front of the TV!
Frankie: I don't know what you're talking about!

Kaleigh, 15, USA: What are your opinions on the American Juniors?
Frankie: I think we're all really pleased that some other kids have been given the chance to do what we're doing 'cos we all really enjoy it. We all wish them the best of luck because if they get it as good as we have then they'll really enjoy it. I think they'll do great.

Lizzie and Kate, 11, Bury St Edmunds: What is your favourite song to sing?
Rochelle: We all like Sundown because it's more of a dance track - it's more what we'd listen to, it's just a bit different.

Romany, 15, Leigh: What is the best thing about being famous?
Calvin: I think performing is the best thing. You get the chance to perform in front of loads of people and it's really cool - people screaming and everything! We get a real buzz out of going on stage and stuff.

Ellie, 12, Bromsgrove: Do you guys ever find it annoying when people ask for your autograph?
Stacey: None of us mind doing autographs for our fans because we know that when they go away they've really appreciated it and it's made their day and stuff - I'm sure if it was one of us and we saw a band we'd say 'can I have your autograph'! So no, none of us mind.

Scott, 15, Dundee: Do you like football?
Calvin: I think all the boys have our favourite football teams, I like Celtic. Some of the other guys like other football teams.
Frankie: We enjoy performing arts and everything, so I don't think any of us take a big interest in football. I think the boys enjoy it and we like to play it but I don't think any of us would have arguments about which team is best.

Jade, 13, Essex: If you could invite another pop star into the band, who would it be? Frankie: Beyonce! Although she'd actually shame us because she's too good!
Daisy: Yeah, it would be Beyonce, featuring S Club 8!
Stacey: Fast Food Rockers! I think Lemar's quite cool - his voice is excellent.
Rochelle: How about American Juniors - we could be united!

Duncan, 14, Palmers Green: Are you guys fans of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
Calvin and Jay: Lord of the Rings is good.
Jay: I read the Harry Potter books - I really like them they're brilliant.
Stacey: I like the films, but I could not read the thick books!
Jay: I prefer the books, the books are brilliant.
Hannah: Daisy watches the films.
Daisy: No I don't - I watched it when I was bored, I swear! I was in on my own and I'd watched lots of films.
Hannah: She watches it quite a lot!
Daisy: Whatever!

Ellen, 15, Croydon: If you had to choose one S Club song to cover, which one would you choose?
Aaron: Don't Stop Moving - it's wicked!
Jay: Say Goodbye..come on!
Frankie: I love Say Goodbye.

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