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  Are you addicted to celebrities?
Updated 02 September 2003, 11.28
This lot aren't addicted, they're just regular fans
This lot aren't addicted, they're just regular fans

Too many people are addicted to their fave celeb, scientists reckon.

They think about one in three people are just too mad about pop stars and TV celebs.

Are you suffering from Celebrity Worship Syndrome?

Do you go to bed crying at night because you haven't met your fave pop star? Do you pester your parents for a haircut every time Becks changes his style?

opening quoteWhen I was small I was a huge fan of the band Steps. I went to one of their concerts and at night I would sit on my bed and cry just to see them close up. I was so addicted to them. closing quote
Claire, 12, Edinburgh

opening quoteI am mad about Delta Goodrem! I watch neighbours all the time and listen to her songs everyday. closing quote
Poppy, 13, High Wycombe

opening quoteI love Matt le blanc who plays Joey in friends, he is so cute. closing quote
Hannah, 11, Hailsham

opening quoteI think that it's fine to admire celebrities, but when you are deserting your friends to go on websites and chartrooms about them, that's gone too far. closing quote
Anna, 14, Edinburgh

opening quoteI'm obsessed with Rupert Grint because everything about him is the best. closing quote
Charlotte, 12, USA

opening quoteI really like Atomic Kitten. They are just so amazing! My friends think I'm mad, but I cant help it. I'm just obsessed with them! closing quote
Daisy, 12, Liverpool

opening quoteBeing in love with a celebrity is just part of growing up but when you become a stalker that's when you have got a serious problem. closing quote
Roz, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteI'm addicted to Justin Timberlake coz he's sooo cute. closing quote
Beth, 9, Halifax

opening quoteI love Blue but I would never stalk them as that's kind of silly as you are making them unhappy. closing quote
Emma, 12, Bristol

opening quoteI don't think people realise how obsessed they are with celebs. I don't think I'm that obsessed with Orlando Bloom but my mates think I'm crazy for him! closing quote
Kim, 15, Ipswich

opening quoteI love Darius Danesh so much but I wouldn't get depressed if I never got to see him because his music makes me so happy. People should like the artist for the music! closing quote
Nicola, 13, Dundee

opening quoteNo, I wouldn't consider myself obsessed. I am a fan of certain celebs but I don't dream about them, and I don't cry because I've never met them. closing quote
Shannon, 15, USA

opening quoteI love Graham Norton because he is just a lovely person who really makes me smile. I entered a competition to win one of his suits and I won it! closing quote
Claire, 15, Preston

opening quoteI am soooo in love with Busted! closing quote
Amy, 11, Plymouth

opening quoteI like Tom Felton, but I'm not obsessed. Can't you just like someone for being a good actor without someone saying you're obsessed? closing quote
Maggz, 12, Stourport-on-Severn

opening quoteI am addicted to Elijah Wood! he is so great! closing quote
Laura, 14, Essex

opening quoteI am addicted to Blazin Squad coz they r sooo nice. closing quote
Emma, 12, Suffolk

opening quoteI think it's fine for people to fancy celebs! I luv different people all the time. I luv Mattie from Busted and that's doing me no harm whatsoever. closing quote
Rebecca, 12, London

opening quoteI think that people should be happy with who they are inside. So leave the celebrities alone. They can take care of themselves! closing quote
Katie, 10, Bristol

opening quoteWe love Justin Timberlake but not obsessed. We think that people who cry over celebs need to get a hobby. Friends are more important but celebs are cool and good role models. But we wouldn't spend our whole life talking about them all the time. closing quote
Nat & Meg, 13, Oxford

opening quoteYes I'm addicted to Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton, Rupert Grint, Jason Biggs and Justin Timberlake. But mainly Daniel. closing quote
Nicola, 13, Southend-on-Sea

opening quoteI am obsessed with celebrities, especially Rupert Grint. I devote half of my time trying to figure out how to meet him and the other half on the Rupert Grint forum chatting with other fans! closing quote
Amethyst, 13, USA

opening quoteI am obsessed with some actors. But, I know when I have to stop. I mean I know that they are normal people with their own life. closing quote
Latosha, 14, USA

opening quoteI am addicted to Orlando Bloom and a few others but everyone has some strange fetish. closing quote
Ashlee, 15, London

opening quoteI really like Atomic Kitten. I think they're really cool and I'm a bit obsessed, but I can't help it. I think there's nothing wrong with being addicted to a celebrity. People can learn a lot from each other, and at the end of the day, celebs are just normal people. closing quote
Andrea, 13, Great Yarmouth

opening quoteKind of obsessed, but to a point. I would never stalk them or say I have a bond with them. People can dream, but not always think it's gonna happen. closing quote
Kristina, 12, USA

opening quoteI think people who stalk celebrities and copy them should get a grip! They should just be happy being themselves, not copying everything their idol does! closing quote
Niamh, 13, N. Ireland

opening quoteI am not obsessed with celebrities. Yes I do like a few but who doesn't? I like Daniel Radcliffe, Avril Lavigne, Emma Watson and Lindsay Lohan. But does that make me obsessed? closing quote
Amanda, 12, USA

opening quoteNo, they're only people who are known by everyone, so what's the big deal? closing quote
Sophie, 11, Gosport

opening quoteI like celebs but I wouldn't stalk them. They are people just like us and trying to get on with their life. closing quote
Stephen, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteI'm not addicted to celebs. Yes, I do like celebs but I don't see why some people go crazy over them. closing quote
Nadia, 12, Surrey

opening quoteI am not obsessed with celebs. My favourite bands are Good Charlotte and Evanescence, but I am not obsessed. I just like to know what my fave bands are up to. closing quote
Kirsty, 14, Edinburgh

opening quoteYeah I do like celebs and concerts and stuff like that but I am not absolutely obsessed with them. closing quote
Gemma, 10, Ipswich

opening quoteWell you could say I am, but it's the celebs that aren't really talked about in magazines and papers that much. Like Meat Loaf, Alan Rickman, Alanis Morissette and people like that. They rock! closing quote
Helena, 14, Grimsby

opening quoteMy mum thinks I'm obsessed with Tom Felton! I have a shrine wall in my bedroom but I don't think it's a bad thing to like someone lots.closing quote
Lauren, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI luv celebs, especially Justin. He's sooooo hot. My mum got really annoyed with me when I used all my savings to go and see him in concert!closing quote
Tamzin, 13, Bradford

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