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  How important is your image?
Updated 06 October 2003, 09.34
Supermodel Kate Moss
Supermodels like Kate Moss are often criticised for being too slim.

Whereas some celebs like EastEnders' Jessie Wallace and Girls Aloud have been told by their bosses to lose weight.

But how does that affect how YOU see yourself?

To mark Body Image Week, we want to know whether you're bothered about how you look.

You might be conscious of your weight.

Or maybe you're totally happy with the way you are?

And what about you boys - are you vain or chilled-out about your image?

opening quoteI think no matter how hard someone tries they will always worry about how they look. I certainly do!!! I think it would be so great if no one judged anyone else and no one cared about the way they look. After all, it's personality thats important!closing quote
Ruth, 13, Halifax

opening quoteI think people should be happy about how they look if they have nothing to worry about, and only go on diets if they really need to. Stupid unnecessary diets lead to anorexia.closing quote
Alana, 10, West Hythe

opening quoteEveryone has one little problem with their image. Mine? Well.....quite frankly, who cares? No one would even are about the way they look if it weren't for rude people judging others on what they look like. Everyone knows who to blame. closing quote
Gwyneth, 14, Glencoe

opening quoteI'm not totally happy with how I look, but nobody is. But I'd much rather have a nice personality, than be totally obsessed with my body image.closing quote
Sadie, 15, Newton Abbot

opening quoteNot many people are nasty at school,but when you say something about them they react quick and tease you about you're image!closing quote
Maandeeq, 12, Hatch End

opening quoteI'm not particularly bothered about how I look, but you do have to look presentable. You don't want to look messy, that makes you feel unpleasant. But supermodels, I would never look up to one - they starve themselves to get a bodyshape which is unnatural and possibly dangerous.closing quote
Rosie, 13, Nottingham

opening quoteI think that people should stop worrying about what they look like on the outside and start concentrating on how they feel inside . closing quote
Kirndeep, 12, Armadale

opening quoteI'm happy the way I am. I eat a lot, but because I have a fast metabolism. I am one of the thinnest girls in my class. If I was overweight, I could never give up food. I would exercise a lot instead, exercise is fun.closing quote
Emily, 14, Canterbury

opening quoteI don't think it matters what you look like, but boys never go for girls who are fat.closing quote
Millie, 11, Fareham

opening quoteI am doing a sociology project for school and during my research I have found out that boys are just as conscious as girls on there body image, but in the USA they don't do any of that dieting, they are more open about there feelings and reactions to comments! Now boys are turning to cosmetic surgery. Breast reduction surgery on teen boys is now the 3rd most popular cosmetic surgery!! I feel this is mostly due to the media and how they are portraying skinny and perfect model images to us. Are we creating a body dissatisfied culture?? closing quote
Brogan, 15, Peterborough

opening quoteLearn to love yourself, because you have to for the whole of your life. By this I mean that if someone is putting pressure on you to look a certain way, remember that it is YOU that has got to live with your body. So be happy with it - don't do something just because someone tells you to.closing quote
Sarah, 15, Southampton

opening quoteEveryone has a part of their body that they don't like. When I see all these 'perfect figured' people in the media I just try to find something about them that I don't like - like their nose or the shape of their ears. It does wonders for confidence and makes you realise that even megastars have things about them that aren't so beautiful. I never wear make-up, as I haven't got the patience to put it on for a start, but also because to be beautiful you shouldn't need make-up to show it. I am not particularly slim and have to be careful about what I wear, but I simply don't have the motivation to do anything about my size.closing quote
Joanne, 16, Warwickshire

opening quoteI think your image says everything about you, when a person looks at you first. I think looks are important to some people, but not to others because they have better things to think about and to deal with, not wasting their time checking their make up, putting on nail polish, and stuff like that. People, who care about their looks, care too much about what others think of them. Some don't, but in my opinion, looks aren't really that important.closing quote
Jeniffer, Toronto

opening quoteIf you're skinny I know how it feels. I'm so skinny I can see my bones sometimes. I don't have any eating disorders at all, it's just natural and sometimes I hate it. Sometimes I wish I was a little chubby. People tell me all kinds of things like: You're so skinny or you need some meat. It's hard buying jeans because I have to wear a 10 slim. I know how you skinny people feel.closing quote
Jasmine, 10, Chicago, USA

opening quoteI am quite a small person for a 15yr old and although nobody at school says anything nasty about me, I would love to be taller! I also have quite a few spots which at first I hated and I feel like I've tried everything to get rid of them without success! One thing that changed my mind is when I was told 'You are your own person and everyone is an individual in one way or another'.closing quote
Hanna, 15, Birmingham

opening quoteI'm not that bothered about my image - I mean, I want to look good and feel comfortable in what I'm wearing, but I wouldn't go on a crash diet to please the rest of the world - all you need to do is get more exercise and eat more sensibly. Also, models are giving the wrong impression to young people and they should be more average-sized, not stick wannabes!!closing quote
Anna, 14, Edinburgh

opening quoteI like to look good, and spend about an hour each morning getting ready. I also love new clothes and like to stay in fashion, but I'm not a fashion victim. I mean I don't HAVE to have something just coz it's fashionable. Also, just because I like to wear (what I think are) nice clothes, I would NEVER EVER criticise or make fun of someone just because of the way they look or the way they dress. Everyone has their own personal styles, and it makes no difference to the how nice they are...also I don't care about my weight one little don't need to like every part of your body, just don't care too much about it...its not going to get you anywhere anyway.closing quote
Jenna, 14, London

opening quoteI don't really care what other people think about me. Who cares? If they are your friends, they wouldn't say that kinda stuff.closing quote
Hyeree, Malmo, Sweeden

opening quoteI think that it doesn't matter what you look like, what is inside matters. I think that sometimes models are too thin and people take them far too seriously. I rather be comfortable, and unfashionable than too thin and fashionable.closing quote

opening quoteSometimes I look thin and sometimes I look fat; it bothers me when people come up to you and say things like: 'god haven't you put weight on'; at my age I am still growing and if we were all the same height and weight it would be a boring world. Love your body because you're stuck with it for the rest of your life. What's on the inside that counts and if people like you that much then they will look past the looks, and see you for what you really are.closing quote
Gemma, 15, Southampton

opening quoteI know loads of people who are on strict diets at ten years old. My best friend (who's 12) is also on a diet, but shes REALLY skinny. I've told her this but she still thinks shes fat. closing quote
Emily, 10, Armley

opening quoteNow that I'm in year 10 it's really hard to go down the corridors at school without seeing someone being bullied about their looks. And its not like I want to look like some of the cheerleaders, my school is made up of girls who are the same size as me but they have highlighted hair, perfect skin, perfect nails, perfect makeup and they ALL LOOK THE SAME! And us different ones never get the attention!! It does get rather annoying when I want to hang out with a certain group of people and I'm "not allowed" because I'm not dyed, plucked, tanned, and made over to look like what "girls are suppose to look like". I think it's horrible and I wish I wasn't treated like scum because I don't highlight my blonde hair or wear as much makeup or because I happen to be from Irish decent and have pasty white skin. I wouldn't care if everyone else looked like me, but I am different, and I wish sometimes I could be popular, but then again real friends like you for what you are, and not for your style and image.closing quote
Trisha, 14, Surrey

opening quoteI try not to care about what other people think; but people, particularly teenagers, can be so cruel about image stuff that it's sometimes hard not to want to conform.closing quote
Frances, 14, Tiverton

opening quoteI think there is WAY too much pressure on us. I think we should be proud of whom we are and anyway. We don't have to be flawless, or have perfect skin or teeth, or always look totally fit. Would your best friend tell you that you are fat and ugly? NO! So why are you telling yourself that!!??!!closing quote
Felicity, 14, Kent

opening quoteI couldn't say that I am not bothered about my image because I would be lying. It seems to some people that you have to be really beautiful to be somebody. You should like some one for what's on the inside. I hate it when they always show pictures of people in magazines that are spotless, flawless and beautiful!closing quote
Phoebe, 12, Hartford

opening quoteIt matters to me, but that is because I don't look good, and I find it hard to look the way other people think is the right way to look. They buy the right clothes, they go on sun-beds, they go to the gym, and I just can't afford a lot of that!!! So then I feel that I don't look good, my face is spotty, I'm not as skinny and beautiful as everyone else is, and that there is nothing I can do about it! I think it is not just celebrities that people want to look like, but there are many people around us, at school who look really good, perfect even. It's very hard to see how beautiful you are yourself when other people look far better and let you know it.closing quote
Julia, 15, Ashotn-U-Lyne

opening quoteI think teasing people about their image is really low. A friend of mine gets teased a lot about her weight, even though she's not any bigger than the rest of us but sometimes she seems very paranoid about her image! I don't go to great lengths to make myself look as people WANT me to look, and I'm not bothered what anyone says about me and/or my image!closing quote
Verity, 13, Cornwall

opening quoteI don't care what I look like. If I'm fat, I'm fat, and if I'm thin, I'm thin. I'm not going to change for anyone or anything. If they don't like it then it's their problem, not mine.closing quote
John, 14, Sidcup

opening quoteI think it is silly the way all the girls are obsessed with their appearance. It doesn't help with the media going on about it either. The latest slogan is "They say there are more important things in life than fashion, Yeah right!" This is just stupid! Dieting when you're my age is just as bad. There is way too much pressure on kids to look good these days. closing quote
Emily, 14, Kent

opening quoteSome people in my class are always telling me I am thin and I am not gonna say that I'm not. But their always going on about how they need to loose weight but they don't. I'm around 7 stone and quite tall. I like the way I look but my hairs a annoying. Every one should be happy with the way they look, that's what counts.closing quote
Ema, 12, Prestwood

opening quoteThe constant pressure put on young people to look good is elevated by the portrayal of the "perfect image" throughout the media. Having suffered from an eating disorder myself I know just how difficult this kind of pressure can be to deal with.closing quote
Nathalie, 16, Winchester

opening quoteI've had bulimia and anorexia, and although I don't starve myself now, I still feel pressured to stay a certain shape.closing quote
Jo, 16, Hednesford

opening quoteI am really skinny no matter how much I eat. I would love to gain some fat but I have inherited it you see from my dad; being skinny isn't all that good, I've been skinny all my life it's not that much fun, it's also hard to find clothes being skinny because everything is big for you and you sometimes get named; at school I have even been asked if I was anorexic.
Sally, 14, London

opening quoteSometimes I care what I look like coz I get worried what people will think of me and I know it's wrong but it's true! Especially boys - at school; it is such a competition!closing quote
Natalie, 13, Ipswich

opening quoteLoads of the girls at my school can be really mean and rude about what other people are wearing or what they look like! I don't follow a style and I wear what I feel like and my friends don't care about that. The people who do take the mic. aren't worth bothering with!! It doesn't matter what they think as long as you're happy and I'll never please them coz I'm not stick thin and I don't buy all designer clothes!! But who cares??? If I have a bad day then I have a bad day and know that the next one will be better!! closing quote
Maddy, 14, Dorset

opening quoteI tend to be quite paranoid about how I look. All my friends try to tell me that my ears don't stick out but I know that they do, I won't wear my hair high up only in a lose pony tale or two French plaits coz else I just look silly! All the popular lads seem to like making less popular girls feel unhappy, one lad just a couple of weeks ago made me feel unhappy when he told me that I had a big chin, that I got a flat chest and looked like an elf; it really hurt my feelings, why can't people just care about other things rather than how other people look. I do wish I was prettier but that is my problem not theirs. I won't let them get to me, and other people shouldn't let it get to them either! closing quote
Laura, 13, Wigan

opening quoteThere is a lot of attention on over-weight people trying to lose weight but for me and many other people, its the other way round, I'd love to be able to put on a bit of weight because I'm underweight, not because of an eating disorder, its just me naturally and I hate it.closing quote
Laura, 14, Scotland

opening quoteI actually am quite selfish. I admit that I am quite vain and try my very best to look good. But I don't take fun out of other people's looks or clothes.closing quote
Hemel Hempstead

opening quoteI don't really care about my image. If people can't accept me for who I am, then they are not worth the time of day.closing quote
Sophie, 15, Newcastle

opening quoteI don't care what I look like and don't give in to others nasty remarks and people should accept you for what you are and NOT for what you look like! If they can't do that, then don't bother wasting your time with them!closing quote
Kirsty, 13, Manchester

opening quoteI know what it's like to be overweight, but it's not the image that matters, it's what's inside someone. I have many friends who like me for who I am as a person, not for wearing trendy clothes, or being a size 8. Size doesn't matter!!!closing quote
Lizzi, 17, Hadleigh

opening quoteSome of my classmates are obviously worried about their weight, but I really don't see why. Most of them don't even need to loose weight. I'm not really worried about it, because I am not too heavy, and most of them are less heavy than I am. And why should you do it then? You can't become perfect, nobody is perfect.closing quote
Yenne, 14, Netherlands

opening quoteI reckon that image isn't that important. I don't care what other people think about me and the clothes I wear. I have my own style and if other people don't like it, then that's their problem.closing quote
Stephen, 17, Ormskirk

opening quoteI'm a bit overweight, and have been bullied about it in the past, but to be honest, I don't really care. I've assumed a fairly healthy lifestyle, and I'm happy about myself, so I don't see the need to obsess about it. After all, aren't there more important things to worry about? closing quote
Zoe, 13, Playmouth

opening quoteI used to get bullied because I didn't wear really cool clothes, and had funny teeth; but I have learnt to be glad for whom I am and that everyone is different in their own way. People pick on you because you're different.closing quote
Maddie, 15, Sussex

opening quoteMost people I know aren't completely happy with their image - but cost really affects how you look. The problem is, if you are poor you can't get as good clothes, or at least brand names, and some people criticise you for that. Another thing I hate is when people say "real girls" are being used in magazines, because they're not stick thin. Skinny girls are real too!closing quote
Caitlyn, 13, Sydney

opening quoteI admit sometimes I feel self-conscious about my image but I don't go along with fashion and the idea of a bunch of girl from 10-15 feeling they have to wear make up or for some reason think they look any better with it on is ridiculous to me. When I see girls of about my age or younger wearing make up I just think they look stupid. I dislike it and never wear it myself. closing quote
Caroline, 14

opening quoteI think people should take no notice of what other people think and just wear what you feel comfortable in and if they don't like that that's their tuff luck.closing quote
Gemma, 15, Southampton

opening quoteI care and I don't care. I like looking good, but if I happen to have a bad hair day, I just tie it up in a pony tail. Make-up is a must for me, but I don't like drastic make-up, just a little bit is nice. My clothes don't have to be in fashion or something. My parents can't afford that.closing quote
Arna, 14, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

opening quoteSome of the girls in my school are nasty about other people's clothes and hairstyles. It makes me a bit paranoid. closing quote
Jasmine, 14, Birmingham

closing quote

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